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1. Educate yourself--about styles, brands, terminology, conventions, history, color theory, tailoring. Read Flusser's "Dressing the Man," this forum and also Ask Andy, and the style blogs (A Suitable Wardrobe, An Affordable Wardrobe, Men's Flair, etc.). 2. Decide what you want/need functionally (for instance, do you need jacket and shirt pockets for stuff), and what appeals to you stylistically (e.g., clothes with a British country flavor). 3. Until you know exactly what...
Quote: Originally Posted by poissa I'll say this again... I used a neutral kiwi product in a tin can. Most likely a wax. There is residual wax buildup. That's poor shining, not necessarily indicative of abuse. "Most likely a wax," ... meaning you no longer have the can to look at, meaning you threw it away, meaning it was empty. Is it possible that whatever product was in that can was really, really old and therefore behaved differently from...
Quote: Originally Posted by NukeMeSlowly Actually, the area that is too loose (baggy) is the front (pleat area). Eh? When a waistband is too big, its looseness is all around, not in one location, right? Are you saying the waistband fits but the pleated area below it is too full? In that case the only solution would be to take in more fabric at the pleats themselves (seems to me).
Yeah, true enough, it's a real bird. Nonetheless, in the Boy Scouts a snipe hunt is a traditional prank played on hapless initiates. As the article notes, the armed forces actually have their own variations on the same theme, but "comfy boots while going to fetch a box of grid squares" didn't have quite the same ring to it. (And yes, a grid square a real thing, too .)
^ Sounds like the sort of thing the older guys recommend to the newbies. "That way your boots will be all soft and comfy during the snipe hunt, see?"
I don't think a walnut belt would be too matchy. But if you're worried about it, do you have a surcingle belt that's heavy-looking enough for fall wear? If not, another shade of brown would be better than black or burgundy. For the future, a cool-weather sports jacket is a pretty basic wardrobe item and can easily be found at a thrift shop or on eBay.
Uncuffed navy or charcoal gabardines are fairly substantial and, to my way of thinking, dressy trousers. I would wear lace-ups. Even if you go with loafers, I think the styling on these is a little too casual.
Need more info on trousers. Cuffed or uncuffed? Any pattern?
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn You sure they wouldn't work with a suit if they were in black? ... perhaps it would just give off an old-timey grapes of wrath/suited farmer type look? Seems like pretty much the definition of "doesn't work."
I've seen 'em around, but OK, OK, I give! Flip-flops is clearly the right answer on footwear.
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