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For most people, including a lot of ebay sellers, cordovan is a color, i.e. burgundy. A seller who knows that it's a type of leather will use the word "shell."
The engraving seems odd. If it's genuine, maybe it's a specialty item, for instance something made for AE employees?
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff im not sure what the logic is behind this is , but why dont you lace them up and try them for size prior to purchasing something? why is it so many people here will buy something and then question size or style after the fact? A reasonable question, I suppose. But not relevant to this thread, since the OP "was given" the shoes. Why is it so many people here comment without reading carefully?
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan ... My understanding is that there is no shaping you can get from a split yoke that you can't get from a single-piece yoke. For practical purposes, this may be true. But if we consider all theoretical possibilities, then I bet Quasimodo's tailor would use a split yoke.
Three pages and no mention yet of Vincent P. Falk? Sample: Roger Ebert: "I can believe he buys his own suits. What I can hardly believe is that they are sold."
And does that fake, glued-on stitching mimic such things as the change in stitch length that you get on a true welt (longer stitches down the straightaway, shorter around the curves)? Or is it so uniform that it was obviously done before the welt was attached? I'm saying it'll be the latter.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain If someone wants to post a method for being 100% sure of a type of construction from looking alone, please POAST I will try again, this time in declarative mode: on fake welting the stitches will be perfectly regular, whereas on real welting they won't. This seems only logical, but I looked a couple of my shoes to confirm it.
Wouldn't one expect that on fake welting the stitches--whether molded rubber or real thread--will be perfectly regular, whereas on real welting they'll be less regular, due to the difficulty of sewing evenly around the perimeter of a nearly finished shoe?
Quote: Originally Posted by mtf I avoid using any colored creams, conditioners or waxes on your belt. Too worried about it staining my trousers or my shirts. Sounds like you borrow his belt now and then--?
Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn ... They're clunky and seem somewhat feminine. ... Several posters tried to tell you they were chunky/non-sleek, but you were skeptical! How do clunky boots manage to seem somewhat feminine? Maybe in black they're reminiscent of those Doc Martens girls used to wear with short dresses. I always thought that was a weird look, and thank goodness it seems to be out or on the way, but in the meantime it casts a...
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