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^ Uh-oh. I dare not even look right now. But thanks for alerting me to that site, and also ADVRider (which I hadn't seen). For now I'm signing off, so as to try to get some work done today.
Quote: Originally Posted by lambchop I've ridden from San Francisco to Orange County on the coast (Highway 1) and back. That was painful...but fun. Exactly the trip I took--except in reverse!
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbjorn Twin-cam Harleys are equally as reliable as Japanese bikes, more durable than most Japanese bikes, and have a service/shop presence in America Japanese bikes can only dream of. 2009+ touring bikes are the best land barges on the planet, with their only serious competition coming from the GL1800. Look, I'm not a huge fan of HDs, but they're pretty good bikes. I'm certainly not opposed to the idea that an...
Yeah, I wondered about that myself after I posted. Why did I think a bigger bike might be better for a really long trip? I suppose it isn't strictly necessary, but here are some "soft" reasons in the sense that they're open to challenge but worth thinking about: (1) Certain comforts that one can do without for a few days might become more important over a longer haul. Reading material, for instance. Or one's own pillow instead of making do with motel pillows. (2) A...
OK, you're serious and also being serious about it. But with apologies to fans of Harley and/or older bikes, I would not take off cross-country on a bike where there was any doubt about reliability. I guess Harleys are more reliable than they used to be, but it would be news to me if even now they're competitive with Japanese bikes in that department. I haven't done a cross-country trip, but I did a trip up and down the CA coast, 950 mi round-trip, on a 2004 Suzuki 650...
I'm still debating whether the OP is serious. But David L. Hough's Street Strategies is worth a look. It's a book-length collection of 2-page safety tips on everything from railroad crossings to interpreting other drivers' signals.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLay87 I'm looking to rebuild a motorcycle in the next couple of months for long term travel across North America .... I seriously know nothing about bikes - working on them or riding them - ...
The most expensive designer in the world wears a watch that looks like a pretend diving watch for kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin Is that what they call a teddy?
This conversation moved right along, didn't it? I got hung up trying to visualize this part. Quote: Originally Posted by epa ... I remember one where you could watch free live striptease while enjoying your afternoon bear.
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