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Why the "fashion" qualifier before the word "disaster"?
Geez, enough already. The OP was happy with his new suit, "wanted to share," was unprepared for the overwhelmingly negative reactions, and got defensive and combative. Not exactly a bizarre reaction, although his tenacity was on the high side of average. Now a real expert has come along and given a detailed and quite dispassionate analysis...and the OP has shown that he can take some constructive criticism. For those who wanted to learn something, they finally got it. (I...
To chime in with what others are saying about Despos, here's a recent blog post about his work by a fellow tailor:
Wow, that thread sure grew fast! Typical Internet slapfest. OP, it’s a shame you’re getting such hate on a suit you mostly like a lot. But your initial post (sorry: poast—or is that the verb form?) contained the seeds of trouble. Yes, people should be able to separate design from execution during critique. But you said you liked both the design and the execution, except for a few specified details. You also declared some of the wrinkling to be due to your stance, not the...
The way the trousers hang pretty much straight in front but have all that wrinkling below your butt in back puzzles me. It's as if the trousers were cut to leave a lot of slack in back, for ease when bending or sitting, rather than to look their best when you're standing--?
Quote: Originally Posted by nmprisons Wonderful! Is it Bordo shell? I'm hoping that's "Bordeaux" misspelled. The alternative is that someone came up with a bordello-inspired variant of burgundy.
Quote: Originally Posted by mktitsworth I've noticed quite alot of navy blazers have brass buttons. Is there any particular reason for that? It's the jacket's nautical heritage. Same reason why navy is called navy.
Quote: Originally Posted by glenjay I do have a pair of AE shoes with guinepig written all over them however. They're seconds, right? Because of the spelling, I mean.
^ Since I am fond of naming inanimate objects, I like the thought of a thrifted valet stand named Jeeves. In the kitchen we have a colander named Marie.
^ Uh-oh. I dare not even look right now. But thanks for alerting me to that site, and also ADVRider (which I hadn't seen). For now I'm signing off, so as to try to get some work done today.
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