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Quote: Originally Posted by A.L.Z. Before you read any further, I would like to say I have nothing but admiration and respect for the poster who created the sizing chart above. See lower left corner of graphic. Those are two Alden vendors, FWIW.
This was linked to on AAAC. It may have been linked to here, as well, but anyway this is apparently what Shoemart and Epaulet have to say about sizing.
Maybe the cap toe makes it more formal, but I would say the medallion makes it less so, and more like a wingtip.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye I recommend pants too large hanging down to the crotch with one leg rolled up and a bandanna to tie it off. Go with a plain white Hanes t-shirt and pack heat if you've got it. Alternately, you could wear a khakis, and an apple logo t-shirt and talk to people about how you drive a Prius because you're more responsible than all the idiots in the middle states. Because down here in So Cal we're snide and...
Not sure the Weybridge was ever sold in Mocha, but in any case you're more likely to get the right answer by calling their cust. svc. and giving them the code inside the shoe. Or else ask a store sales associate.
Quote: Originally Posted by Will More interesting would be the story of how you came to be perusing romantic comic books for wardrobe hints. I knew that looked familiar.... Nice to see another fan out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bentley I don't understand all of the love for these shoes. They look like you shot yourself in the foot. +1. First reaction: Ah, that's different! Considered reaction: Not in a good way.
Shirts are within the realm of the doable, apparently, if you're prepared to make the effort:
For logic, there are heaps of them. If your budget allows, I guess Copi & Cohen's Introduction to Logic warrants a look. It's pretty comprehensive. If you want just the modern stuff, browse around for any text will do that covers Boolean logic (the logic of not, and, or, and if-then, also called sentence logic or propositional logic) and then covers predicate logic with quantifiers (the logic of all, some, and none). I know less about rhetoric and the relevant literature....
#2 - Ah, that's Corbett. Definitely one of the more traditionally-minded texts; in fact, probably the standard-bearer for the old-school approach to argument and rhetoric. Forget recent developments in logic, forget postmodern thought, etc. We take our cue from Aristotle!
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