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Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Mr. Mafoo, you missed the left front being about 1/2" shorter than the right front. If the jacket were unbuttoned the difference would be greater. Is it possible the left side is riding a touch higher than the right side, all the way from top to bottom? That's how it looks to me--lapel notches, pockets, buttons.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder ... The text says "1/2-2 inches" but this seems ridiculous... The listing says the gadget can be used on collars and also on the waistband of children's trousers. 2 inches probably refers to the latter application.
Farther down the page, they actually mention 3 complaints, one of which was resolved, one unresolved, and one unpursuable. But agreed, in any case this is a pretty slender basis for an F rating. Plus there's been some criticism of the BBBs for basing their ratings partly on whether a company has paid an accreditation fee (http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/la-bus...y?id=12458713).
I have not actually recolored shoes. But if I were to give it a go, I'd order some Fiebings in the color I wanted (http://www.fiebing.com/Dyes.aspx)--or slightly lighter, and then go a bit darker with cream over the dye and polish over the cream. You need your base color to really get into the leather. You can't get there once you've put down a layer of white, liquid-repelling polish.
I think you're going at it wrong. To get to brown from where you are, you're going to need leather dye, not lots of polish.
White on red? You might end up with something like the one on the left. http://www.style.com/stylefile/2010/...-pinkguys-too/
Quote: Originally Posted by David Reeves Unfortunatly I already walk 12 miles a day usually with a suit carrier with two suits in it and cloth books. yes really. My days are a bit like Jack Bauer.....if he was a gentlemans outfitter. Its all the drinking and eating with clients that does it I think. Actually, Bauer WAS an gentleman's outfitter for a while. But he couldn't make a go of it, for three reasons: (1) Constantly having to train new...
Quote: Originally Posted by dlvh And how exactly did you achieve this? ... Pictures? Also, I believe there is a thread in this forum, where someone took some black boots and was able to strip them down and refinish them Ina medium todarker brown. Doesanyone know what/where that thread is? A member named Sysdoc described his method and it was much discussed, but the thread was I guess lost in a system crash. However, others tried the method and...
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII Then too, I was always taught, and my experience verifies, that the harder the material the faster it will wear...esp. when coming into contact with hard, or harder, abrasive materials. Obviously steel or iron is harder than concrete but a resilient rubber will yield and then spring back rather than be abraded when it comes into contact with rock or tarmac. Yup. Lettering on headstones is often sand-blasted,...
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII Of course......this assumes that the gemming has not shifted and/or rotted. What took you so long?!
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