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Quote: Originally Posted by garymyman Isn't his entire existence in life based on a ceremonial rank and position? I imagine that starting a few weeks ago at the latest, much of his entire existence was based on what Kate preferred. She may well have said, "You know--dearest--I think you'd look smashing in red." And then someone came up with the unit-in-Afghanistan rationale after the fact. Keeping your bride happy is not exactly the most...
Actually I think that picture proves the point. Brad's good-looking, of course, but he's not looking his best in that rig. The advice about pastel or monochromatic is too extreme, but it is true that guys with low-contrast complexions are better off in slightly muted, low-contrast color combinations--hence charcoal or grayed navy rather than black or midnight navy. Brad would look better in a charcoal jacket.
So some people are unhappy when AE experiments even a little, while others are unhappy that their experiments aren't radical enough. Which I think answers the charge that shoe design is an easy job. If the leather is like chromexcel, polish isn't the thing. Neatsfoot oil or similar would be more the ticket.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 I just don't see this line making it. Maybe in a longwing or blucher, but balmorals??? Given how bluchers outnumber bals these days, even among shoes marketed as dressy, it doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world for AE to bring out some casual bals, thereby keeping that type of construction in play. And it's not like the concept of casual bals is completely unheard of, after all. Saddle shoes are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ataturk Did you see the pattern matching on that madras shirt? The sleeves aren't even the same. What a hack! Er, hard to know if you're kidding. He does say that it was an earlier effort and that some of the matching problems are due to his having not bought enough fabric.
I don't know when I'll have time to sit down and watch the whole thing, but from what I did watch it looks really, really detailed and informative, and I look forward to learning a lot. In the early going, it does seem as though maybe you've fallen into the PowerPoint Trap. The core of what you want to say is on the screen, and your voice narration consists of reading through that and amplifying as you go. Result: the screens get text-heavy, the narration contains too...
If the design truly is defective, that reflects poorly on AE, no two ways about it. But if this is an isolated case--and it's the first complaint I've seen about bad grommets--then they can't be expected to bend over backwards right out of the gate. A blanket policy of "No receipt needed and we'll send you a shipping label" in response to any quality complaint is an open invitation for people to demand repairs or replacements for old shoes they picked up at thrift shops.
All those ... ... ... Is that pick stitching?
You will not regret taking a pass on the tux. That gray 3-piece suit will serve you well, for the wedding and on many occasions thereafter.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Mr. Mafoo, you missed the left front being about 1/2" shorter than the right front. If the jacket were unbuttoned the difference would be greater. Is it possible the left side is riding a touch higher than the right side, all the way from top to bottom? That's how it looks to me--lapel notches, pockets, buttons.
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