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^ Two questions. 1. Carding and combing leads to worsted, and without this step the result is tweed, yes? So if flannel is traditionally not worsted, does that mean the typical (or at least the traditional) flannel is a tweed? 2. I thought the production of flannel typically ended with a heavy brushing of the fabric to raise and align the nap for a furry/silky texture. Am I wrong?
Quote: Originally Posted by gilwood I guess just general opinions on the outfits above. This is styleforum after all Not sure if I like Chinos with Suede shoes. A bit too much tan for me. I like a little contrast. Especially that wed outfit - He looks like the Tan man. I think suede with chinos can be fine, esp. with well-chosen socks. But yeah, too much tan in some of those. Friday is nicely balanced, though unexciting. Since...
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent No suit. Those just wouldn't right with anything but the most casual of suitings. Think seersucker or cotton/linen. That's going a little far. They would work with any appropriately colored flannel, including light gray, or with a worsted in a casual pattern such as windowpane.
^ Now, now. Don't dump on the poor woman just because she let her man talk her into this dumb stunt. Anyway, I think she probably looks fine; it's just a bad photo.
Maybe a pad under the tongue? That would tighten the arch fit and push the foot back against the heel, while relieving pressure on the toes.
Well it's a step up from Kohl's, anyway!
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 There have been and are presently several levels of Alan Flusser-label goods. The lowest is a licensed line sold at Kohl's. The highest is sold at his atelier. Not sure wha/where the middle is anymore. He's got a line at SteinMart. Is that the middle you mean?
A tricky question. White is for summer, but somehow the construction of the shoe suggests (to me) cool or damp weather. Tan corduroys, maybe?
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