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Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII If the maker himself falls prey to the corporate/factory mentality he will inevitably promise what he cannot deliver. It is a hard lesson to learn. .... I don't see immediate blame on either side of this issue...maybe it's unrealistic expectations on all sides. Based on the OP's version of events (big caveat), it does seem like the maker incurred blame early on: when asked for a status update, he lied and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick V. You can find a new version at: There's an Alden video there--also interesting, goofball choice of music notwithstanding. But I couldn't find an Allen-Edmonds one.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 There is nothing really wrong with them. I just find it strange that they have so many loafers that I and a large percentage of SF would never wear. Errr, so to you "crappy" means "my crowd doesn't care for it"? What you call stuff that actually has something wrong with it? Or maybe I shouldn't ask.
Anti-perspirant is itself a source of stains over time--but normally those are yellow, not gray. Never heard of gray underarm stains before.
I basically treat chinos as a summerweight (and slightly dressier) equivalent to jeans. I don't cuff jeans and so I don't cuff chinos. I reserve cuffs for dressy odd trousers, or for a casual suit if I should ever get one.
Quote: Originally Posted by oroy38 It's on one of the right-foot shoes too. OP, since you mentioned motorcycling, might it have something to do with how you plant your feet when stopped at a red light? If you're on the short side for the bike you're on, or if you tend to inch foward while keeping your feet in place, either way you might end up with the heels up and the feet resting on the toes.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Is there really a market for the Nashua, Burbank, Winhall, Maxfield, Urbino,... I would only ever wear the Strand, PA, FA, MacNeil, McAllistar, and the Boston. I wouldn't touch the other 95% Apparently you're no fan of loafers, and neither am I--but others are. I see the Maxfield, particularly, out there on a regular basis. Anyway, updating product lineup and taking a few risks with new models is SOP...
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba +1M^1M +1^1M = +1
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade You mean the chainsaw (and firearm) company? Not to mention motorcycles and sewing machines. They do get around.
^ Two questions. 1. Carding and combing leads to worsted, and without this step the result is tweed, yes? So if flannel is traditionally not worsted, does that mean the typical (or at least the traditional) flannel is a tweed? 2. I thought the production of flannel typically ended with a heavy brushing of the fabric to raise and align the nap for a furry/silky texture. Am I wrong?
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