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Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard That's a Northern Californian look, not Southern. Generally speaking, you don't see Tech Geek Chic happening anywhere south of the Bay Area. If you live in SoCal, and the people with whom you associate are dressed as described above, you're doing it wrong. Find a better part of SoCal in which to live. For instance, I live in a very swanky and upscale part of LA because I am pretty awesome. You're...
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint ALERT> This is not the real Vox. This is an imposter. Note the lower case L instead of i in the nick. Something's up, it seems. Another thread had a post by a new guy named "mafooifan."
Quote: Originally Posted by faisal.100 Hi, I have a california theme party tomorrow. Would this work out? White chino or khaki shorts that cutoff at the middle of the knee and a white and light blue stripe dress shirt, tucked in, with the sleeves rolled up and top two buttons undone. And boat shoes with matching belt. Clearly you're from a place where they do California theme parties--which is to say, someplace far from California. If you just...
I vote for mismatched set. On the upper right one, the curves and loops in the ribbon are slightly different from those on the two darker buttons.
^ Foo? Noo.
Closed-up is the ideal, but a bit of a gap is common and obviously it's better to err on that side than having slack even with the laces snug. Don't worry about it. The gap will shrink over time as the leather stretches and conforms to your foot.
^^ Meaning, I guess, "The Kabbaz method ain't worth the hassle."
^ You're aware of AE's Fifth Street boot, right? Didn't make the regular lineup this season, due I guess to being a bit short up the ankle for some people's tastes. But it's available as a special order.
Very interesting to compare the Park Av and the Soho. From their description of the lasts you wouldn't necessarily know that the Soho is the sleeker shoe. The Soho has 5 eyelets vs 6 for the PA, and less room for the eyelets means more room for a longer toe cap. I think the PA toe cap looks a tad stubby. So there's that in addition to the last shape.
I picked up a charcoal Alan Flusser cord jacket in that price range at SteinMart a year+ ago. They carry Flusser's lower-price line, but I don't know whether that jacket is still in the lineup.
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