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Hm. I still feel inferior when I see words like "braces" and "waistcoat" or even just "whilst" instead of "while." Greetings, fellow Irvine-ite JamesX.
I believe you wrote elsewhere that you're on your third white blazer in four years. Since you're the resident white blazer specialist, shouldn't you be the one dispensing guidance, rather than asking for it?
Quote: Originally Posted by CYstyle the alterations will help, but for the most part it'll still look "off" Heh? It all depends on how ill-fitting the clothes are to start with. Cheap clothes (T-shirts or anything thrifted), are great for experimenting. Start with an item you wouldn't be too sorry to lose, and have a go at it. Save the blazer for later. Shortening jacket sleeves isn't terribly difficult, but it's more involved than hemming...
Quote: Originally Posted by TRA8324 Do you think it would be possible to get these shoulders built up some so it would reduce the fabric under the armpits. Sound like a major job to me, not just a routine alteration. But if you do it, definitely lengthen the sleeves. To me they already look a bit on the short side, even allowing for the fact that some of that shirt cuff reveal is due to the fit of the shirt.
Great tip! This whole shoe tying thing seems to be a challenge for some people. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSjGj...eature=related
Reading the most recent posts, I feel a little bad about the tone of my earlier one. They put a lot of work into the site, and it shows. I'm sure it's informative to a lot of readers/viewers, and I have to keep in mind that the target audience is guys just getting the hang of adult attire. I still think the jeans video is crazy. $500 for jeans with stitching that "isn't supposed to be perfect"? But the second video, on shoes, is non-crazy and useful at a basic level.
The site says it's "A Web Series About Dressing Like a Grownup," but their first video is basically about blue jeans as a fetish object. Selvedge, blah, blah, hand wash in your tub and only when they really stink, blah, blah. Guys: GROWNUPS WASH THEIR JEANS IN A MACHINE ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER DARKS. Their logo prominently features the words "Put On," so maybe it's an elaborate joke.
Quote: Originally Posted by BlackShoes Why are you asking for advice if you are going to ignore it? The better question is, why are people giving him advice he didn't ask for and not giving him advice he did ask for? He didn't ask whether he should ditch his friend or whether he should insist on all-wool. He specifically asked about the possibility of getting a fabric with some polyester while still looking like all-wool. What's the upper...
^ Done subtly and to the right scale, it would be like windowpane, except leather instead of tweed!
Just for the sake of variety, let me say two things on the groomsman's side: (1) I believe people have been getting away from having all groomsmen match perfectly, and that's one trend that's not so bad. To the extent that the conflict is driven by a requirement for perfect matchy-matchy, this was an argument that didn't need to happen. (2) The groomsman may (I am only speculating) not have deep pockets, so he sees this as his one chance to get a custom-tailored suit...
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