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^ ^ Right. Some people like this feature well enough to have it done by a cobbler post-purchase. It's not a mark of low quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by parallelogram The jeans are not totalled, but cannot be worn formally anymore. I fail to see the problem. Get some Rit fabric dye and redye them. Black or midnight blue. Then sew a double satin or grosgrain stripe down each outside seam. All set!
The model number checks out, anyway. If fake, they're pretty good fakes.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Rule of thumb is to cover your butt. I continue to believe this is always a good idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Suggest that you repost in the 'Streetwear and Denim' Forum. users may be more likely to understand how denim works. Here, less likely. I assume that the omission of irony quotes around "works" is accidental. If by chance it is not, I'd really like to hear how denim "works". Even if this isn't the exact right forum for it. I hope my pants haven't been doing it wrong all these years.
Quote: Originally Posted by 12345Michael54321 The 38R is acceptable in length. In my admittedly conservative opinion, it's not ideal. It's an inch or so short of being the ideal length. The 40L is more to my liking. Again, my preferences in such matters tend to the conservative. So, it seems, do your tailor's. But tastes do differ and there are those who prefer shorter length suit jackets. ... I'm in this camp. But if I read the OP correctly,...
Quote: Originally Posted by MadAboutPlaid To me, red pants call for Bucks - white, off-white, or tan. Tan could be fine. White or off-white would be a real eye-catcher with those dark pants, and I think that's a point against them. And now that someone's mentioned navy bucks, that actually sounds promising, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by thesecondprize not Nantucket Red; these: Judging from the photos, the official answer is neither. You wear dirty sneakers, a half-tucked shirt and sweater, and a dopey "Shucks, you mean me?" expression. And you cross your legs like you need to go to the bathroom. Myself, I agree with the chocolate brown idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by indianshaft What is AAAC?
Hm. I still feel inferior when I see words like "braces" and "waistcoat" or even just "whilst" instead of "while." Greetings, fellow Irvine-ite JamesX.
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