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Quote: Originally Posted by wttm I don't think I can agree with that at all. I know you are speaking on behalf on your experience from the SOHO store but I don't think there's any hype at all from limiting their supplies. Like you said the turn over rate is extremely high, but they are also extremely efficient at restocking them, I guess you just have to frequent the store enough to catch the "it" items but it's really still not much of a hype. Most...
Get the much-derided Floto Venezia duffle. Not only will you have a cool-looking bag that works, but you'll also be a celebrated contrarian on SF.
Quote: Originally Posted by slappy Just received some indy boots from J.Crew purchased from their 15% off free shipping sale. The quality control on this pair is really pretty low. I have some pictures but its almost impossible to capture what Im talking about. You didn't receive Indy boots from J. Crew. You received Indy seconds from J. Crew
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonfoote303 I'm not a big fan of it either. But people love Redwings! I love me some GTs and to an extent Iron Rangers, but when I see other RWs I often run for the hills.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Am I the only one who thinks that giant white/off-white sole is ugly? Nope. But then again, I think the upper is fugly too in a geriatric sort of way. Although it seems to work for me in the shoe version. Strange.
There t'aint nuthin that gets my bloods boilin more than a noobie. I hates 'em ma! Hates 'em!
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 Just about any cool summer shirt, polo, sweater, or tee will do. The only thing I'd avoid is wearing a linen shirt with linen pants. Too much linen can be a bad thing. Better to mix textures. +1 A linen shirt goes well with some light poplin chinos. I prefer a darker linen shirt - harder to see all the wrinkles.
Suggestions on a waxed-cotton jacket without the Belstaff prices....
Quote: Originally Posted by mbrokerny the alden crepe has a grey tint to begin with, its not like pure white crepe... Like everything here, it's a matter of personal taste. My disdain for everything crepe is legendary.
Quote: Originally Posted by mbrokerny Why? I have a friend with the All Weather Walkers and he loves them A high-quality leather upper welted to a spongy white and often disgustingly dirty sole looks terrible.
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