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Just as I thought, only the certifiable wear chambray.
Just remember that the more expensive a wedding band is, the better chance you have of a happy marriage.
Double up on the wool socks and get a pair of Red Wing GTs.
Has anyone tried to resole their DBs? If so, what kind of sole did you go with and how did it turn out?
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant Banana republic has them online. They usually have a 25% off coupon every few weeks. Like right now. 25 percent off sale ends today.
Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello Nah, just wear them in the rain, rough them up. I tried to baby mine for a while, its futile. And silly, they're boots. It's like when you get a new pair of white shoes, and they look goofy at first, and then you get one mark on them and it looks silly but later once they're all evenly beat, they look good. +1 Guys, these are beater boots. Embrace the scuffs.
Sale on DBs at the Piperlime website for those interested.
Steps for wearing dress shirt sans undershirt in the summer. 1. Wear deodorant 2. Launder shirts regularly Repeat in autumn, winter and spring.
Does anyone else put their bi-fold in their front pocket, or am I just some style-averse clown?
Dropped by Macy's today and found that Dockers' much -balleyhooed "soft khakis" now come in slim fit. Nice selection of colors. Before it was just "classic fit" which resembled Bills-level of bagginess.
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