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A watch with a black face and brown band should not be welcome in any office.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrBassie Thanks! Exactly what I'm looking for. Not surprising I couldn't find them as they're only available there. JL, chukka might be the best term, but I've seen them used interchangeably so I figured people would know what I was talking about. Thanks for the clarification. In that case, you can find pics of Red Wing Gentleman Traveler chukkas in their black cherry color (which resembles burgundy) in the GT...
Light cotton or cotton/linen blend > 100% linen. Just picked up a lightweight pair of CK khakis at Marshall's for $25. Should do the job for a summer or two.
Quote: Originally Posted by cotton Funny. I think Jansports have a clean, classic look that's infinitely more stylish than any of the monstrosities suggested here. The leather, the bulky pockets, the trim, the straps, the buckles....it's all a bit much. +1 Jansport may be boring, but they're still cool.
^French Vanilla DB's?
^First thing you should remember is that DB's are the ultimate beater boots. You look at them the wrong way and they'll scuff up. Creases and stains are pretty normal. Haters say its lousy leather. Devotees say it gives the boots character. You could apply some mink oil or leather conditioner, which will restore the original dark color. But don't expect it to last long.
Took my new Floto duffel over to Italy for a couple of weeks. It held a pair of khakis, four dress shirts, a polo shirt, five pairs of boxers, five pairs of socks and still was only 3/4 full. And to dispel myths, it's not made of vinyl.
You actually can go wrong at any price. So instead of buying something that may not last long or fit well, pass on this and put the $50 or $60 towards a rain coat of more substance.
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty What's your guys' opinions on these? http://www.amazon.com/Clarks-Mens-Ro...=pd_sbs_shoe_6 I like them because they're a little bit chunkier than DB's, but i'm not sure I've had a pair for about 18 months. They were a replacement for a favorite pair of Havana Joe chukkas that I had for a decade. The main sticking point is the bulky toe box. Otherwise they're decent beater boots - a small step up in...
Not much of a difference, considering the taupe looks like a beeswax that's been worn a dozen or so times. Beeswax does not keep its dark color long.
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