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Quote: Originally Posted by Mark Seitelman 1. A second trouser; This. Quote: Originally Posted by stylomilo Agreed. A good jacket hanger helps too And this.
Quote: Originally Posted by as_ I have one of these Weekenders from Fossil: http://www.fossil.com/en_US/shop/men/bags/duffle_bags/weekender_jesse-mbg5903p.html?departmentCategoryId=30001&N=0&Ns=p_msc2|0||p_weight|0&rec=3&pn=c&imagePath=MBG5903201 I really like it. Any reason why nobody buys Fossil products around here? From time to time they make a nice looking bag, but the knock(s) on them is cheap material, poor construction and...
Forget the fit, the new Gap slims are awful - cheap, thin material that wrinkles when you look at them wrong. Their new "vintage khakis" are much better, but not as slim and not made for office wear.
Perhaps I'm late on this one, but Clarks Desert Oxfords? http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse...scid=771029002
Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets I prefer this. +1 except it's typical of J Crew jackets on me. The medum is too billowy. The small is too tight in the shoulders. I've also tried on the fatigue jacket, and it looked like it had just been trampled by a stampede of elephants.
To brave a Northeast winter, should I buy: A) a Red Wing GT for around $200-$225 or B) a Chippewa 25290 for around $140
How do GT's handle in snow? I'm deciding between them and the Chippewa 25290 to brave a Northeast winter.
In you're in NY, check the Levis store on lower Broadway. I think I saw one of these jackets there last week.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kensington I don't think they are made solely to accentuate a mans behind. I think they are made to have a superior fit in general. First line on their pants section: "Our pants make your butt look great with our signature fit through the waist, hips, and thighs." http://www.bonobos.com/store/cat/pants/fabric
Quote: Originally Posted by scb this forum loves to hate bonobos because they used to be bootcut only. my straight leg bonobos have an awesome fit, though Nah, it's because they're designed solely to accentuate your ass.
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