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Any suggestions on a decent work boot <$250 with a lug sole that handles well in moderate snow?
Desert boots are not made for Calgary winters. This is one of those products where the name actually means something. But for dark denim, I would choose a darker suede.
Quote: Originally Posted by a-rock The gavin chinos recut. I tried on a pair the other day. I don't see much of a difference from ones I've had in the past. They've always seemed cut pretty well. I still think they're the best run-of-the-mill khaki over Dockers, RL, Crew, other mall brands, etc. Also disagree about their shirts. Tried on a few dress and casual ones. Still too bulky even in "slim fit" and I'm 5'9" 160. Same with...
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya What's the point of a makeover when they're already producing part of their line in England and they've been doing the same look for 50 years? The thing is with lines like Wolverine is that they went to crap and disappeared a bit, DM has never gone anywhere and has stuck to the same style since it started. The point of a makeover is to make a better product that work boot enthusiasts such as myself will buy....
A brand in need of a makeover or at least a return to higher standards a la Wolverine and the 1000 mile boot.
Note to LE folk: Please look at how your competitors present photos of shoes, bags and accessories. If some dude on EBay can give me an idea at how his used Bostonians look from different angles, you should be able to do the same.
Quote: Originally Posted by Liberty Ship That looks like it might be quite a good value. Anyone had any experience with this? They're made in the US specifically for cops and other public service workers. The could be crap, but they look decent in the pics and this model claims to be Goodyear welted.... http://www.usmadeshoes.com/military/...-brown-leather
Had a pair of nubuck chukkas that lasted the better part of a decade through three different soles. Probably my favorite casual shoe. FWIW, read somewhere on EBay that they're no longer being marketed in the U.S., hence the inflated prices.
Unless you plan to march through a snow bank or assault a Taliban compound near Kandahar, don't tuck you pants into boots.
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