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Good night sweet prince. Even at the end, yours was the campaign that kept giving....
My father is more red than blue.But because he has lived his whole life in NYC, he is a registered Democrat because citywide office was almost always determined in the Democratic primary.
Hope everyone voted!
Saw the GOP debate this morning. My lone takeaway: a self-made billionaires can still be dumber than a bag of bricks.
less talk moar pics
C. Danger vs. ignorant bigot. http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/04/politics/new-york-weiner-married-arab/ It's really become the campaign that keeps on giving....
Her accent. She sounds like Jackie Gleason minus the charm.
Right now, I think Thompson is the best of a bad lot. Am I nuts?
I actually do like the beaches between Atlantic City and Wildwood.And Cape May is particularly beautiful and peaceful in the off-season.
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