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Hope everyone voted!
Saw the GOP debate this morning. My lone takeaway: a self-made billionaires can still be dumber than a bag of bricks.
less talk moar pics
C. Danger vs. ignorant bigot. http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/04/politics/new-york-weiner-married-arab/ It's really become the campaign that keeps on giving....
Her accent. She sounds like Jackie Gleason minus the charm.
Right now, I think Thompson is the best of a bad lot. Am I nuts?
I actually do like the beaches between Atlantic City and Wildwood.And Cape May is particularly beautiful and peaceful in the off-season.
Obviously you went on the day they decided to wall off Philadelphia.
The Mark Green/Ruth Messinger effect:-White liberal gets the Democratic nod.-Blacks and latinos stay home on Election Day.-Republican wins.A little more to that since Messinger was just plain awful and Green couldn't beat Bloomberg post 9/11 with Giuliani's endorsement, but still...
New Posts  All Forums: