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Former (mostly) industrial area, lots of enviro cleanups, Newtown Creek Superfund site, etc. But basically a small city of high-rises has been built there in the last 10 years along the river. I think the commercial amenities are still catching up, but they will come.Biggest draw: three minutes to Grand Central, four to 5th Ave, five to Times Square.
Check ebay first. Plenty of new with box at 40-50% off.
Yeah, just what I want to do in the subway, touch more things.
With all due respect gentlemen, Dr. Henry Pym is the world's leading expert in micro- and macro-biology! He can only help Commander Fury in this world's fight against those things that attacked us that I still don't know what they was. Generic Skrulls?
Yes, unlined, fairly thin, floppy material.
The nicest looking NYC subway station is, alas, abandoned. http://www.theatlanticcities.com/commute/2012/07/new-yorks-lovely-abandoned-subway-station/2594/
Favorite weekends of the year are Memorial Day and Labor Day when the city seems half empty.
And that is exactly why I propose starting a Fight Club.
Are you sure he was still of this world?
Are these $20 polo shirts any good? Lots of colors, but how's the quality, fit?
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