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Favorite weekends of the year are Memorial Day and Labor Day when the city seems half empty.
And that is exactly why I propose starting a Fight Club.
Are you sure he was still of this world?
Are these $20 polo shirts any good? Lots of colors, but how's the quality, fit?
Just tried on the cordlane jacket. It's pretty dope. That is all.
Thinking about plucking this: Citizen Eco Drive about $180 to $225 I just like the minimalist white dial chrono with Arabic numbers. Any better alternatives in the same price range?
^one of my faves.
Koch made you want to live in NYC again even if the problems of the 70s got worse in the 80s (murder rate, welfare rolls, unemployment, etc). He believed that NYC was still the greatest city in the world and his personality - part carnival barker, part old timey politcal ward leader - made that infectious. He also spoke his mind to a fault, was less than sympathetic to the plight of minorities and ignored the AIDs crisis for too long. Potholes got filled, budgets were...
I've actually opened a $200 savings account at TD just so I can use the coin machine free.
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