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This is one of my favorite places in Hells Kitchen - just a chill cafe, decent comfort food, good drinks, beer.
pre-marathon festivities?
Where is the sick fadez dudes?!?
Sick fadez dude!
What the hell happened to this thread?
Great atmosphere there.
“I don’t think I believe I feel responsible."
Is there really that huge an upgrade in quality of life by putting your food scraps down the drain rather than scrape them into a garbage bag and place said bag down the garbage chute? Just asking is all, since this brother has never had a garbage disposal.
This is comedy, but it really ought to be a PSA.
Enjoyed a lovely day in NYC last weekend. Flew through the Holland Tunnel. Parked on the street for free in the far West Village. Had a nice ear of corn grilled outdoors at a street fair. Spent sometime at a park off Bleeker strolling around the carriage with the 8-month-old. Stopped by Leffot to browse. Weather was so nice that I walked from the West Village to the financial district to meet up with my wife. The three of us ate outdoors at a small restaurant in Tribeca as...
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