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Even more so in the photos.
The one the only.......Jimmy "The Rent Is Too Damn High" McMillan.
Come November, there is only one candidate we can all rally around.....
I was one of the last persons at my company who became vested in the pension before they cut it.I am due $200 a month when I retire 27 years from now.
Yep.http://hookedonhouses.net/2010/06/02/the-truth-about-house-hunters-on-hgtv/Still doesn't take away its entertainment value.
+1Although watching someone, particularly from Texas, downsize from a 5 bedroom ranch to a studio in Rome, Paris, Tokyo, etc. on HH Intl is pure joy.
Good night sweet prince. Even at the end, yours was the campaign that kept giving....
My father is more red than blue.But because he has lived his whole life in NYC, he is a registered Democrat because citywide office was almost always determined in the Democratic primary.
Hope everyone voted!
New Posts  All Forums: