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Public sector unions will fight to the death over this...
It's a "nose frida."Sucks the snot out of sick infants. Effective, but the kid hates it more than shots.
The fact that I've had to use this device for the past four days.
Not too far off.http://www.empirecenter.org/AboutUS/news_releases/2009/06/mta2008payroll062309.cfm
Clearly an insanity defense is in order:"I just love everything about it," he said in a July 9 interview at Rikers Island jail. "I love the atmosphere, I love the lights, I love the signals. I love the fact that it's moving all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There's nothing negative I can say about the transit system."
Small timer?Not even close.
Didn't realize until now that the zombie apocalypse is a reason NY sucks.
7 train
We're gonna lose money when we sell our 1 bedroom co-op (my wife bought it at the top of the market when she was single). But we need more space with the little one here.
As long as you have a dedicated spot you should be fine. On-street parking has become a tough get with the population boom. It's a typical Queens layout: narrow side streets with a few narrow old commercial boulevards: Vernon, Jackson etc. Used to be a lot of chop shops in the area, but I son't know if its a hotbed for car theft.Crime stats for 108th here: http://www.nyc.gov/html/nypd/downloads/pdf/crime_statistics/cs108pct.pdfThe newest areas are south of the 59th Street...
New Posts  All Forums: