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American Born ChineseIt's also the name of a decent Cantonese restaurant just off Mott near Transfiguration Church.
Probably the greatest moment in all of comic bookdom for me. I was 11 and worshiped at the altar of Frank Miller.
Considering a Dem hasn't been elected mayor in 23 years in a city where Dems outnumber Repubs 6 to 1, I'd say no.
Anybody else live in NYC through this? 10 years ago today.
Anybody watch the Democratic mayoral debate? That's why.
Brother is swimming around, minding his own, gets caught in a net, one thing leads to another and his corpse ends 50 feet above Ditmars-fucking-Blvd on the filthy floor of an N train.
Am I the only one who feels bad for the shark?
The shortest fight in Marvel history Ultron v. Galactus, Secret Wars #1
[[SPOILER]] Which side does the poison dart come out of?
DC? There are parts of DC I wouldn't want to be in at any hour even with Michelle Rhee holding my hand.
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