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Easiest way to get back to school. It's late September, afterall.
This season's tweed jackets are crap. 40/60 wool to synth, compared to 70/30 in last year's batch. Look and feel is extremely cheap.
For all 21 oz owners, is the tappered fit noticeably roomier in the seat rather than the straight fit?
Are all youth basketball programs in NYC and NJ funded by young men selling candy on the subway?
Does natural chromexcel tend to show scuffs more than regular horween calf or darker cxl? Thinking of picking up these split toes.
My monitor may be off, but does the SC have a tint of peach to it or is it straight up beige?A very nice combo regardless.
I think it has something to do with the duration between semi-large purchases. A few years back, I charged $10,000 to a restaurant on Amex (downpayment for wedding) with no second look. In December I bought $200 worth of contact lenses and 15 minutes later tried to buy a pair of Aldens from Shoemart over the phone and Amex blocked the purchase. And they were seconds, goddamit!
Yeah, but he's not an ideologue by any stretch.If he were as socially conservative as his Fox News audience and allowed that to influence his business, half of the sitcoms and dramas on Fox affiliates would never make it to air. He just saw a hole in the broadcasting marketplace and went after it.
I believe PB was referring to the New York Times (as too liberal), since everyone in NY refers to it as The Times.
It's NYC. I'm surprised he/she only got away with $2k in 90 minutes.
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