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Vanity Fair + Star Wars = bad memories
It's Darth Maul. He survived.
Have to keep myself in check considering The Phantom Menace teaser was just about the best thing I had ever seen when it was released 16 years ago. But damn JJ, I nearly lost it watching that.
From the cop's point of view: -It's an easy arrest. -It shows proactive policing, which is pleasing to the brass. -It's used positively in the precinct's weekly CompStat results, which is pleasing to the brass. -If arrest is made close to end of shift, you're talking minimum two hours of OT for paperwork and processing. -If charges are dropped, it will be weeks, months from now - an eternity in cop time - and no one in the brass pays attention anyway.
Really only works if you pronounce it as "sammich."
Really digging the 21 oz tapered - my first heavyweight denim. Was tough the first few days, but after a week of wearing they're starting to break-in nicely.
You make that sound like it's a bad thing.
They make the best cookies I've ever had.
How're the cord blazers this year?
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