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Oh I think I'm a much more casual fan than you guys. For me, Jedi = good guy who uses the force. Sith = bad guy who uses the force. Whatever the case, I'm putting up a Star Wars shield from now until Christmas to avoid spoilers. Feel like I've seen/read too much already. Regards.
Don't know what those two acronyms mean. But going by the the two trailers, it seemed that Finn was a guy in over his head: first shot, first trailer Finn freaks out in the desert, second trailer he's taking off his helmet hyperventilating and then is seen being picked up/saved by Rey. Small sample size for sure, but it didn't look like he was Jedi material. And who knows, maybe he's not and is just picking up a lightsaber cuz he has to. Thought he was merely a deserting...
Surprised to see Finn wielding Luke's light saber. Equally surprised that Abrams would let that out in a TV spot.
Blue face and medium brown leather is a great combo.
Any mention of the Jedi was erased from the history books at Han's middle school per the Emperor's order.
I have to give VF some credit with their exclusive peaks into all these blockbusters. This issue gave away the alien plot months before the film hit theaters. It was all the warning I needed to lower expectations to nothing. And I didn't come away disappointed at all.
Vanity Fair + Star Wars = bad memories
It's Darth Maul. He survived.
Have to keep myself in check considering The Phantom Menace teaser was just about the best thing I had ever seen when it was released 16 years ago. But damn JJ, I nearly lost it watching that.
From the cop's point of view: -It's an easy arrest. -It shows proactive policing, which is pleasing to the brass. -It's used positively in the precinct's weekly CompStat results, which is pleasing to the brass. -If arrest is made close to end of shift, you're talking minimum two hours of OT for paperwork and processing. -If charges are dropped, it will be weeks, months from now - an eternity in cop time - and no one in the brass pays attention anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: