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Need to see it again, but some initial thoughts. Pros: -The new cast is fantastic especially Daisy Ridley. -The dialogue was very funny between Han and Finn. -Highlight scene: Lightsaber rattling in the snow (hello ESB) and then bypassing Kylo to Rey. Have to admit I started applauding. -Kylo kicks Finn's ass; Rey kicks Kylo's ass. -Chewie going ape shit on Ben Solo and storm troopers. -Flashback when Rey picks up Luke's lightsaber. (but could be a con because that...
Vader taunting "Sissssster! So you have a twin sister!" followed by Luke going batshit crazy remains one of the best scenes in all of Star Wars and the culmination of everything awesome an 8-year-old had waited three goddamn years for.
Big reveal to me: Will New Order flunkies pronounce "operational" as menacingly as their Empire counterparts?
I love that Luke got a pretty good shot on Vader's shoulder right b4 his hand was hacked off.
Very similar to A New Hope in that history gets wiped away in a generation - Luke having little knowledge of the Jedi, the Clone Wars, etc.
"There were stories about what happened." "They're true. All of it." I goddman lost it here.
Tempted but haven't looked at it yet. http://io9.com/secrets-are-revealed-and-worlds-collide-in-the-final-st-1737418196
I kinda like this rumor: [[SPOILER]]
Oh I think I'm a much more casual fan than you guys. For me, Jedi = good guy who uses the force. Sith = bad guy who uses the force. Whatever the case, I'm putting up a Star Wars shield from now until Christmas to avoid spoilers. Feel like I've seen/read too much already. Regards.
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