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Didn't have a problem with it.After all Luke had about a 1/2 hour of training in the Falcon from Tatooine to the Death Star and all he did was shoot his torpedoes into a ski ball pit sans computer and later was pulling his light saber out of the snow with his barely conscious mind.
I love this photo.Any info about, when? where? etc.
So I saw a blurb that Episode 8 comes out in May 2017 - an 18-month turnaround seems rather quick.
So Rey was a little padawan at Luke's Jedi camp and witnessed her older cousin and his buddies wipe out all the good kids. Luke is able to save her, wipe her mind and dump her on Jakku (sic?) along with the Millennium Falcon because one day she'll need it.
A few others: Pros: -The "Triumph of the Will" speech. -Rey's introduction and continued mystery of who she really is. -Sequence where Poe shoots down a bunch of Ties as Finn watches. -C3PO's funny, perfectly-in-character entrance. -Kylo failing to probe Rey. -A lightsaber can do more than chop off limbs. -Luke looks like hell. Cons: -Emperor Part Deux... except BIGGER. -The ridiculous CGI monsters Han was hauling. -The Scottish and Asian bounty hunters.
Need to see it again, but some initial thoughts. Pros: -The new cast is fantastic especially Daisy Ridley. -The dialogue was very funny between Han and Finn. -Highlight scene: Lightsaber rattling in the snow (hello ESB) and then bypassing Kylo to Rey. Have to admit I started applauding. -Kylo kicks Finn's ass; Rey kicks Kylo's ass. -Chewie going ape shit on Ben Solo and storm troopers. -Flashback when Rey picks up Luke's lightsaber. (but could be a con because that...
Vader taunting "Sissssster! So you have a twin sister!" followed by Luke going batshit crazy remains one of the best scenes in all of Star Wars and the culmination of everything awesome an 8-year-old had waited three goddamn years for.
Big reveal to me: Will New Order flunkies pronounce "operational" as menacingly as their Empire counterparts?
I love that Luke got a pretty good shot on Vader's shoulder right b4 his hand was hacked off.
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