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Luke is her father, from a certain point of view.Rey was cloned from his severed hand.
Looks like a Ridley Scott movie with Storm Troopers and Walkers.
Cuz it goes against everything we know about Poe.He's the best damn pilot in the Resistance! He won't cough up secrets under torture! And he destroyed the Starkiller base almost singlehandedly!Surely he likes to put his hoo-hoo dilly in a woman's cha-cha.
I've watched the movie a few times now and I've forgiven some things that irked me after the first viewing. But one thing I can't let go of is the ho-hum reveal that Han is Kylo's father. "Hey you know that droid everyone's after? It's on the Falcon with YOUR DAD!" You had a chance to make a dramatic reveal later in the movie and blew it on unnecessary exposition between Kylo and the Giant. Could have easily alluded to some sort of relationship without saying it...
It's the consistency that really irks me. For instance, when Rey's first opens her mouth she's speaking Jakkunian. But it's clear to anyone with ears that she had a heavy Tatooinian accent like she grew up in the goddamn Mos Eisley suburbs. Fail JJ.
Didn't have a problem with it.After all Luke had about a 1/2 hour of training in the Falcon from Tatooine to the Death Star and all he did was shoot his torpedoes into a ski ball pit sans computer and later was pulling his light saber out of the snow with his barely conscious mind.
I love this photo.Any info about, when? where? etc.
So I saw a blurb that Episode 8 comes out in May 2017 - an 18-month turnaround seems rather quick.
So Rey was a little padawan at Luke's Jedi camp and witnessed her older cousin and his buddies wipe out all the good kids. Luke is able to save her, wipe her mind and dump her on Jakku (sic?) along with the Millennium Falcon because one day she'll need it.
A few others: Pros: -The "Triumph of the Will" speech. -Rey's introduction and continued mystery of who she really is. -Sequence where Poe shoots down a bunch of Ties as Finn watches. -C3PO's funny, perfectly-in-character entrance. -Kylo failing to probe Rey. -A lightsaber can do more than chop off limbs. -Luke looks like hell. Cons: -Emperor Part Deux... except BIGGER. -The ridiculous CGI monsters Han was hauling. -The Scottish and Asian bounty hunters.
New Posts  All Forums: