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The red lettering.......
The one thing I really loved about Rogue One... [[SPOILER]]
SMH at "Be careful not to choke on your aspirations." VADER DON'T MAKE PUNS.
Jesus... her mother, Debbie Reynolds, just died.
The United Terminal at EWR is actually not awful.
The Empire still wasn't nearly as powerful at the start of Star Wars as it was.... in the middle of it. Remember, that officer talking to Vader was worried about a PR disaster: "Holding her is dangerous. What if word gets out? It could generate sympathy for the rebellion in the senate." And even Vader is trying to cover his trail: "Send out a distress signal. And then inform the Senate that all aboard were killed." Then a few days later, Palpatine dissolves the Senate,...
On second thought, he was a bit of a pussy entering Leia's ship after his storm troopers did all the dirty work.
Then how is he going to kill the last remaining members of Rogue One when he boards their ship just as they beam the plans to Leia's ship? They're brutal.
Nah.All the good guys are gonna die.The last ones by Vadar entering their getaway ship at the end. Killing Jyn just moments after she gets in range to transmit the plans to Leia's ship.
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