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Anybody try on the Premium grained leather CP's? have winter premiums from a few years back and love them, but the sole looks thicker on these new ones. are they much higher than normal? is fit the same?
what is the actual waist measurement? outlier sizes can be a bit off iteration to iteration
bit late, but I found the peacoat was true to size, tried both the large and medium on while at the showroom.I'm usually a Medium, although I tend to be a Large in more tailored jackets, and to my surprise ended up with a M - fits snug but stretch still allows for thicker sweaters. I'm 5'10, 175lbs.I find Outlier's button stitching a bit shoddy in general, but no other complaints after my first winter with it.
I just measured my AS IS workwears it. 2's labelled as size 32 for a potential buyer and they are actually more like a size 31. (probably why they were AS IS) but I compared the measurements against the the New Works (31) while I was at it and the only difference is the New Works have a higher rear rise by a couple of inches.
They put some 'As Is' online mid July last year Got the 32 Workwears 'as is' in slate grey (probably put FS soon as too small for me) were $94 US I ordered the OG's in 32 slate too- but since they sold out they gave me a choice of any pant. So I grabbed full price 60/40's in tan for the As Is price ($94 again) Was my lucky day + they have great customer service in general. (ex. After mentioning my issues with crazy UPS brokerage fee's they started shipping to Canada...
I should note The Workwear's I've tried on and own are Iteration 2, and they don't seem high/larger waisted like the OG Iteration 3's & OG Winter's I own. They are similar to the 60/40's.What iteration are your 28's?The New Works I have never seen, nor looked into - just thought they might be close in size to the Workwears because of the name alone. Would have to compare the measurements, if anyone needs that info.
I've had some PM's about Outlier sizing so here's my updated opinion of what I own and have tried on: I'm usually a 33 (35" waist) Shorts: The Three Way shorts are true to size... I got them in 32 and they're a little snugger than I'd like (was going by my OG sizing at time). I'd size up to the 34's if bought again -wish they did 33's. Pants: In OG's (own winters/4seasons) I'm a 32 , tried the 33's but I believe because of the curved waistband they run a bit big. The...
Are these the version with the suede front/toe?
The vest also in a small?
How much for the 42's shipped to toronto?
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