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Drop 7 according to internal tag.
Major staple item here. Very nice 3 season 100% wool suit from Caruso. Just received from Yoox. Item is brand new with tags. Suit has never been altered. Basting remains on top shoulder. Sleeve buttons are non-functional. 3 roll 2 jacket Flat front pants (unfinished) Split sartorial waistband 29.5" from BOC 18.5" across shoulder 26" sleeve length
These are sweet. I have another version from this collaboration. I would cop these but they are not my size.
Ran on the treadmill yesterday for the first time in months. I found it surprisingly enjoyable. You can really appreciate the lower impact on the knees but the best part was being able to really concentrate on improving my stride efficiency. It seems a lot easier to practice a good stride on the treadmill than when pounding the pavement. Anyway I did 4 miles at a 7:30 pace. Looking forward to pushing my long run today. I hoping to get 7.5 in an hour or so.
What is so wrong with this? I know his collar is undone and you can't see any sleeves, but honestly, that is a very nice suit. Looks like Kiton or Brioni.
For sale. Gift card to Unionmade San Francisco in the amount of $520.18 Good for any item/items in the store or on the website. $495 via paypal and its yours. Size 10.5 Brand new never worn.
These are so awesome. Shoes that will truly last a lifetime.
What is the material?
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