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Can you get that solid charcoal in a 52 eu?
Quote: Originally Posted by CaymanS Last one, I promise - and then I'm banishing myself from this threak. This one has nothing to do with Pitti, I just love it. Note the two dudes with frozen glances, loving everything about this incredible bird, down to the eyeliner and neck tat. OK I'm out... Stunning. She is probably very accustomed to that kind of reaction.
Are the front pockets on the jacket functional?
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how the Isaia base X fits?
Whats the width on that tie?
Are the exterior pockets on the Cucinelli suit functional?
Looking for a pair of Wrangler Marc Jacobs 32!
Interest Check here on a 52 R Sartorio Partenopea jacket in charcoal gray. This is a suit jacket that I lost the pants to. I'm trying to see if my tailor can make some new pants to go with it but in the meantime, I thought I'd see if any of yall could use it. I will post measurements soon but basically I wear 50 or 52 in Neapolitan jackets and this one fits like a generous 50/ snug 52. It has been gently worn. I'd do...
Cant see pictures. Can you do an external link?
Looking for a recent Sartorio size 50/40. Looking for a staple in navy or grey but let me know what you have!
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