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Weird but pretty good wine I had over the weekend. Gamay from the Tourain region made in a biodynamic style. Unfiltered with an aggressively yeasty, funky nose. Very juicy on the palate though.
On Cellar Tracker why do people bother to post reviews of corked wine? If its corked, then obviously its not good. Putting up a 63 point score for a wine and simply telling everyone that the bottle you had was corked doesn't help anyone.
Not strictly a briefcase, but I very often use it s one. An excellent all round bag. Lotuff leather backpack:
This is also worth seeking out:
Start here: http://www.amazon.com/Vino-Italiano-Regional-Wines-Italy/dp/1400097746I wanted to up my Italian wine knowledge so decided to drink my way through all the regions. It helps massively to put everything into context and this book is excellent for that.Its really been an eye opening learning experience. I almost think that I could be happy drinking exclusively Italian wine from now on. The diversity and depth of quality to be found in Italy is staggering.
Hells Kitchen is good and relatively cheap especially if you want to walk to work although I would never want to live east of 9th ave. 8th ave is incredibly crowded and lacking in essential conveniences. 9th ave is the place to be for restaurants, cleaners and groceries etc. Upper west side is good as well but going to be more expensive. Much quieter in UWS than Hells Kitchen especially if you go up into the 90's west of Broadway around West End Ave, which will also be...
Picked up some whisky the other day. Unmistakeably Islay peaty in character but also quite fresh and fruity as well. I get dried pineapples. With just a faint touch of cask character on the finish. Very smooth.
You should have Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Coke, It's much better. It's fizzier. It has a cleaner taste. It mixes better with rum and has a lower sodium content.
I'd say there are quite a few junky areas on the UWS. Everything between 86th and 96th around Columbus is fairly undesirable to me. Lots of hideous subsidized housing projects up there and the avenues full of empty store fronts.The other problem with the UWS is that living on one of those idyllic tree lined streets often means that you are quite a long walk from most stores and conveniences because everything is located on the avenues.I like downtown better because it...
New Posts  All Forums: