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On the Pappy issue: I have only had one version, the 20 year old. I can however say that it was the most profound whisky experience I have ever had. I say that as a true enthusiast who is allergic to hype. I mean I went into the experience half wanting to pan it, but to me this stuff was really just that good. I mean you could smell it jumping out of the glass from like 10 feet away. Incredibly refined, nuanced and expressive. I will not pay +$500 for any bottle of...
MOVED TO eBay!! Lightly worn black Chelsea boots from Sid Mashburn in size 9 UK. Made by Alfred Sargent. Uppers are in fantastic shape conservatively 8/10. Soles and heels 9/10. Always kept in dust bags with cedar trees (not included). A couple small issues I have attempted to show in the below pictures: the heel portion of the insole is...
Yes I think so. Cant seem to find any however. Here is just what I'm after:
Does anyone know if Tricker's or any of their third party collaborators offer a brogued boot in brown zug grain? Essentially an Ilkley in boot height? Or a Malton in brown zug if you will?
New Audley's I picked up at the Burlington Arcade location. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff there.
Does anyone have any experience with the Glenfarclas range? I had the 15 recently and really enjoyed it. I'm looking to experiment with the older stuff and it seems that the 17,21, and 25 are all pretty similarly priced. Any recommendations?
Speaking of Gloria... Had this the other night at Berns. Great stuff.
Vajra make great wine. QPR is fantastic as well.
I do agree that the tedium is somewhat ridiculous to read about in cellartracker notes but can be less ridiculous in actual practice. I do think there something can be gained from noticing the evolution of a wine over the course of a few nights. In particular, I happen to love aged chardonnay but its usually not easy to readily find aged chardonnay. So for me, opening a bottle of chard on night one for example and seeing how it fleshes out and finally begins to oxidize...
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