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Does anyone have any experience with the Glenfarclas range? I had the 15 recently and really enjoyed it. I'm looking to experiment with the older stuff and it seems that the 17,21, and 25 are all pretty similarly priced. Any recommendations?
Speaking of Gloria... Had this the other night at Berns. Great stuff.
Vajra make great wine. QPR is fantastic as well.
I do agree that the tedium is somewhat ridiculous to read about in cellartracker notes but can be less ridiculous in actual practice. I do think there something can be gained from noticing the evolution of a wine over the course of a few nights. In particular, I happen to love aged chardonnay but its usually not easy to readily find aged chardonnay. So for me, opening a bottle of chard on night one for example and seeing how it fleshes out and finally begins to oxidize...
I have actually popped and poured that particular bottle myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'ts sort of fun to experience the epic tannic level of that wine in all its tongue ripping glory.
I hope thats the Paolo Bea in the decanter... For a very long time as well!
I actually had their Bin 389 Cab/Shiraz blend a couple weeks ago. They call it the "Baby Grange". It was quite good but overpriced in my opinion. You are deff paying for the "Penfolds" name a lot of the time I think. Still a good wine though and a good benchmark for a new world styled blend.
Look in the Friuli region. Movia and Livio Felluga both are producers that treat Pinot Grigio with great respect and all of their wines are multi-dimensional and full of character.The Livio Felluga's are more "classically" styled but much better than 99% of the pinot grigios out there. Very fresh, high acid and great purity of fruit. Movia's wines are a bit more experimental and complex; with extended skin contact giving them more color and often some tannin as well.
I am seeking California Chardonnay recommendations from you gentlemen. My palate tends toward a more old world style but I have plenty of White Burg in my cellar and need to add some Cali sunshine for a change of pace. Any favorites in the $20-$40 range with a strong emphasis on aging potential?
New Posts  All Forums: