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Quote: Originally Posted by meister What does hal-lined mean in BB talk? Is that half canvassed? As stated above, it would refer to the lining. Mine, last years model, was fully lined. It was also half canvassed. As far as I know all BB suits are half canvassed, except for the Golden Fleece models. The descriptions for the suits will tell you if they are half or full.
My vote is for Tons of fabric choices, and an easy upgrade to thick MOP buttons. I always get the "soft collar and cuffs". Not a fan of fused C&Cs. I will, however agree that there wait times can get a little ridiculous.
I have this one LINK from BB and am very happy with it. Although mine has side vents, which I prefer (got it last year) Before purchasing it, I ordered one from Tyrwhitt made of a silk/linen blend. While the coat was fine, the trousers were terrible. Extremely baggy, to the point where any alterations would not have worked very well. They were also very high waisted, maybe like a 12-13 inch rise. Not to my liking.
I am trying to find a tailor in West Central PA, or even as far as Pittsburgh that does quality suit alterations. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Everyone in my area (the barren wasteland of Altoona) is incompetent. I'd even be open to recommendations in the DC area.
Cool, but it's not a real Smersh watch unless the crown pulls out and is a garrote
I too just got a shirt from mytailor that was ordered toward the end of December. Other than the wait, I am very pleased with the shirt. I need to tweak the shoulder width, but everything else seems pretty good. You can request just about anything you want in the comments box. I went with a split yoke, thick MOP buttons (extra $10.00), button-less sleeve plackets, high arm holes, and soft collar (#4 wide English spread, 1.75" high and 3.5" points) and cuffs (French). I...
Run!! she doesn't know what she is doing. You should never have the coat taken in down the center, as it will raise the back of the coat. She is full of crap about not being able to take it in from the rear side seams.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe I've seen some makers (Pal Zileri Sartoriale IIRC) that have a strip of fabric on the inside of the jacket that attaches from one vent to the other to keep the vents from flaring out. This is something you might consider. Brooks Bros. jackets have that system as well.
thanks southbound35. Not sure what to do. Are you sure that the CT shoes you got were Loake? I believe the only Loake shoes CT re-brand are the "calf leather" ones. And other than the color of the CT versions, they are a dead ringer for the Loake Oban model (Last 1639). I've heard that the other shoes run big. I guess I could send back what I have for an exchange with these shoes and if they don't work out, send them back for a refund.? Or just get something like...
Sorry, I wear a US 9D, so a medium width.
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