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+1He was an example, that expensive brands don't make a good outfit. His blog was only about showing off with his expensive clothes, but his outfits didn't look well and fitted bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by neonline If the problem is only about the vans, you made me feel happy, I thought it'd be worst,xD Why does everyone hate the Vans? No one in other forums said something positive about them, only negative... Bad choice I guess,xD The Vans are all right. But the shirt could be better, the pattern ist not nice and it would look better without these frontpockets. Quote: I say you don't think too much...
The nicest Hiking Boots are from "Trabert." Stunning leather ("Russia Leather") , and the best quality you can get for hiking boots: Modell is named "Andechs"
Quote: Originally Posted by einfallsloserName123 This is my first fit, please give me feedback, what you think about it. I think I should have put the camera higher, the angle of the pics is a little bit bad. I think normally the peacoat looks more straight. Gloves look a bit big, but I need warm gloves when I ride on my bike. And my hair looks weird, but I made the pics after getting up, so ignore it please. And my room is untidy, but thats OK I...
Quote: Originally Posted by xCrunchx do you not think that by the sheer number of posts kitonbrioni has and that he joined in 2004 that he knows what he is doing It still superficial to post only the brands. . The Outfits in his blofg aren't very good. It shows to me, that big names alone do not make a great outfit, I'm afraid. OK, when he likes to show off, he should do it, but it has no value, when he posts brands in this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal It's not bad for what it is. Not? The shirt doesn't fit, and the outfit looks very boring.
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix This was posted in WAYWRN. Maybe he doesn't want discussion, but i'm bringing it here anyway. Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Love the pants. Wow, I like not only the great pants, everything fits perfectly together. The Shoes, the pants, the belt and the shirt. Really great.
I like your Jacket. Fits good on you.
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