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Just received the 3piece blue Lazio. What do you guys think? I am 6'2" and got the suit in 38L (last one they had). The sleeves will need to be lengthened, pants shortened, and jacket taken in from the back. Still deciding whether to keep it or check try another blue/navy suit.
Is the solid black selvedge going to be an overdye black? basically i am looking for a pair of overdye black jeans that fit like weird guy/ skinny guy. any suggestions?? Quote: Originally Posted by NFDENIM Let me handle this one: Weird Guy Lightweight Selvedge - This jean makes a comeback. 10oz raw RHT denim, dark indigo tone on tone stitch. The summer raw denim jean. Weird Guy Red Weft Selvedge - This also makes a come back. We've received...
Hey Kiya, kind of an off topic question.. What are those black oxfords that the model is wearing in the SE05BSP pics?
I have been searching for the longest time to find the perfect black leather oxford/chukka/boot to be worn with jeans. Since i am kinda tall (6'2"), i would prefer something with a thin sole. What i want is minimalistic design with high quality leather. What i recently came across was Chronicles of Never shoes which kinda fit the bill but i am wondering if there are more brands that make such footwear....
people here are soo sarcastic... it feels like if they dont have anything to contribute, they'll leave a mean/sarcastic comment anyways making the thread starter feel like shit. ahaha
I never said that i don't have any idea of what to dress like. I do know the kind of style i want to go for, but just struggle to find clothes that fit my bill. Like for shirts, everyone i know goes to Express to get their solid/military button ups and u can tell from a mile away that its a express shirt. They fit good too, but just too common. I am yet to find another brand that makes affordable good quality shirts that can be worn untucked with jeans. Zara shirts fit...
One of the things i always struggle with is how to dress up when going out clubbing or to bars. 90% of the people i see wear douchey looking striped shirts/ some high end jeans like true religion/ rock/republic. What i normally wear is a pair of APC NS/ Diesel Larkees 88z with preferably solid white or colored shirt and sometimes a slim tie. For shoes wear my high top chucks or JV brogues if sneakers are not allowed. My only problem is that most of the times, my...
what kind of tie is that? Quote: Originally Posted by seany The Cadet and Sun-washed Red Chambray.
I am just introduced to the concept of boutique shopping and the collection of clothes is so much selective and better than shopping at macys/nordstroms. I have been to a few boutiques here in sf namely villains vault, azalea. What other places in SF bay area do you guys like to shop at?
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert ahah i get that... but i refuse to buy clothing (especially shirts) online without being able to try them on at a store first.
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