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Based on the feedback here, ended up getting a 40L. This is unaltered pic with the sides pinned in about 1/4 inch on both sides.
jtorres, thanks for the feedback. I actually prefer a fitted look. This is a 38L and 40L gets too wide in the shoulders and doesn't contour well with the body. The pants have the same issue too- if i size up, the waist is too big while the thighs fit a bit better.
Here's Mine.Unaltered so far but will be getting the pants hemmed and maybe sleeves lengthened a bit. There is a small collar gap but doens't seem too obvious.Quite possibly my favorite purchase from Susu so far. Pretty versatile as a suit, jacket, with a button up or just with a white tee.
Can you post the suitsupply model#?
Can you post the suitsupply model #?
The Cashmere/cotton are actually great! Looks a bit like pure cotton with a slight sheen on it. Almost seem a bit to nice for everyday wear. I wouldn't wear them without a sportcoat
New SUSU Ensemble (everything off the rack) Jacket is from the outlet sale so no longer on the website
I am actually traveling for a few days and don't have the suit with me at the time. Since the suit is unaltered, I am sure you will be able to find the exact lengths from SuitSupply itself or from another 38L SOHO posting. Thanks
Very interested! Do you have more pics or the model# so i can look it up? Selling a Brand New 38L Soho Grey suit for $310 (50% off MSRP) Also, a Brand New portfolio bag for $165 (Retail is $299)
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