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Heads up, stopped by today, MA-1 released in GREEN, Green with a little bit of sheen, same cut, same price. IMO the best color outta the collection. Didn't buy due the roomy arm hole.
ohhhh, went to return the A2, and bought this too! Tighter chest fitting, plus, nicer leather than the grainy A2, however, like you said, Black are smoother and softer than Brown, guys, if you hv a choice, go to store to pick up, carefully select the one with better texture, even with the same color, texture are far different too.
This is straight up nice. I got it today, it is warm, stiff enough to stand, however sleeve are bit long, XS fits me perfectly for my 34 Chest, 27 Waist, 5'6 120lbs.
====================================================================================== ======================================8/21/2013 SOLD=================================== ====================================================================================== Up for Sale is a pair of A.P.C. Petit Standard Tagged 29'' Waist, Hemmed to 30'' inseam. Purchased in June 2013, worn 3 times, and I lost 48Lbs. This pair of nice jeans is RAW, Never Been washed or ever touched...
sorry to say , APCs are totally nothing slim like T000, not even the current version of T000, APC PS is still way wider and looser.
for the record, PetiteStandard. 2012/Feb bought sz30 from, too tight and couldn't button 2 button. 2013/April bought sz31 from, too loose and could swag down the crouch to rapper style, returned exchange for sz 30 pending. as conclusion, apc changed their sizing.
anybody bought both PNS and PS? how would you compare them if I lean towards skinnier look?
For a $100-200ish budget, who make the slimmest single breast long top coat similar to this? US NYC Area,
not anymore, so i went with rirawin when UK onlinestore was doing sale (sorry now they are gone too) , turns out i copped it $150ish USD.... thank god this thing is just sweet!!
colabear wt is your coat? sleeves look so slim.
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