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Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo is there an SF discount? hi Tony, sfoct20 - October discount voucher for SF E
Quote: Originally Posted by detroiter Why was I just charged sales tax? I do not remember my last order being charged sales tax. Hi there, are you based in Canada? Please send me an email at sales@moderntailor.com so I'll have a look at your order. E
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung No, as I inferred in my post, if you view measurements of a past order, it will show you whatever measurements are in that measurement profile. So if you changed the profile, it will not accurately reflect the measurements you actually used for that order. We're looking now. Would be publishing a guide on how to view previously used measurements to make it easier for customers. E
Quote: Originally Posted by echau Emma, How many of the "styleforum20off" codes were used? Hopefully we can all still benefit from this October discount before it runs out... Don't have the exact number right now. But I remember I issued 3 vouchers... so that's about 300 or less.
Hi guys, October's here...so the new voucher code is out: sfoct20 (code) This is 20% up to 20usd maximum discount. This voucher can be used even for items on sale. Only the first 200 customers can use this. E
Quote: Originally Posted by raybert Hi Emma, Is it possible to specify the size for collar stays? I have some metal ones that aren't the same size as the one that comes with your shirts? Sure, if you have your own collar stays, you can inform us in the notes then we can create a special hole for it. E http://moderntailor.com
Quote: Originally Posted by gamma1234 This question interests me as well. Hello! this light blue fabric In real life it is a tad bit lighter but basically what you see on the photo is very representative. E
Quote: Originally Posted by johnteachl I am also intersted in this question. Any feedback? Thanks Got this question, I'll give you more feedback later. E
Quote: Originally Posted by Fatman Hi Emma. How thick is the cotton/lycra compared to the plain cotton? Hello! there's small difference in thickness - though, both fabrics can be used in winter and would be comfortable in summer Lycra cotton would feel a bit thicker though - this is due to the lycra yarn E
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow For me, the test shirt came out pretty well. I'm waiting for another shirt right now. I'm hoping they will match the pattern as they promised, I'm quite a sucker for detail like that. If it fits well, I might post it for reference, if anyone wants fit pics... Emma, could you please elaborate on the deal with the suit? Is this still valid: Hello Acecow: We have already discontinued the promo. However, we...
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