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Quote: Originally Posted by artishard116 can anyone tell me what measurement would cause this pulling? (please ignore undershirt) In future, tailor recommends the buttons can be placed higher and farther away from the placket. Please specify the position of buttons in future orders - ie - x # of inches away from each other and x # of inches closer to base of collar E
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeSalvino Emma, Will Moderntailor be dealing in any flannel fabrics soon? Tks. We just bought a bunch of flannel fabrics! We're having the fabrics photographed now. I think all photos will be up by Friday! E Dress Shirts
Quote: Originally Posted by artishard116 can anyone tell me what measurement would cause this pulling? (please ignore undershirt) Trying to coordinate with production manager on this one. Please follow up with us at sales@moderntailor.com - I already created a ticket for this E
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny123 My order # is 51268. I sent an email last night at around 6PM eastern. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! You'll get a reply on email in a couple of hours. Just waiting for production's reply. Ticket has been escalated yesterday. Regards E
Quote: Originally Posted by pglover19 Emma, I have a local tailor that makes shirts for me from a pattern that they have created based on my measurements. If the local tailor duplicated the pattern, could I send Moderntailor.com the pattern to be used for the making of my shirts. Please advise.... Absolutely. This is actually a good way to get perfect fit. Please send me email at sales@moderntailor.com I'll send you our address E
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny123 Thanks for the reply. I actually had an issue with the monogram. I emailed customer service last night but haven't heard back. Do you know when I can expect a reply? Thanks. We reply within 24 hours over email. Unless the email needs to be escalated to others, wherein we wait for reply, we will have to wait a little, but we do acknowledge receipt within 24 hours. What's the order # so I can check E
Quote: Originally Posted by poissa Emma, Are we doing anything to address the inconsistent measurements or tolerances that are plaguing many of us? We'll be updating our tolerances. Actually got a word from production manager to update some information on our website. I think there'd be internal training as well - using new internal production software (but still in testing phase). Armhole is quite a difficult part to work on but we're...
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny123 EMMA: About how long after we file a complaint should we expect to hear back with an answer. I looked at the FAQ's on your website and it seems like a pretty tedious process. We investigate cases per context mostly. but it's very easy to make a decision on issues on measurements if the customer: 1. has previous experience in providing measurements 2. has emailed us photos with tape measure along the...
Been reading the comments from critics of moderntailor. critics are good. we learn from it. do we have a perfect product? no. but we are getting better. 2 years ago, we don't offer half of the features we have today. we'll meet more bumps along the way. we really need our customers to give us feedback. we hope to get fair criticism though. tailoring is a difficult business - even local shops run out of fabrics, miss out on deadlines and have issues with delivery. not...
Dec 8 to Dec 15th - Moderntailor is shouldering shipping (EMS) for all orders more than $150. This is just one of the promotions we will launch for our customers this December. Would like to thank everyone for their support and suggestions. Regards, E
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