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Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Anyone have a coupon for repeat orders? Yes, I'm that cheap. For return customers, we (moderntailor)actually provide refill credits per order. So every order, you get credits which can be used for the next order.
Thank you all for expressing your opinions. We will be creating brandless, thick MOP buttons within a couple of weeks. We will definitely correct this issue. Soon, we will present different choices, brandless and with brand. But the brandless ones will come in a couple of weeks. But I will certainly recommend that we will just use 1 button with brand per shirt. Emma Moderntailor.com
Hello, 20$ voucher would work only for non sale fabrics... we have 3 fabrics under 49.95 right now but we have 225 fabrics at 59.95 http://moderntailor.com/pub/design.do?action=selectFabric&pt=shirt&popup=&price=$59.95 For sale fabrics, prices are as low as 29.95, 34.95 and 39.95 (26 fabrics on display) Emma
Quote: Originally Posted by Lustre Hey guys, small-timer university student here looking to add some basics to the wardrobe. One basic I am currently missing is a white shirt. I am looking for something versatile, something I can wear casually with jeans as well as to work at the intern/entry level. From what I've read here from lurking, an oxford cloth seems fitting, and as for button-down collars or not, I'm not sure, and help would be appreciated. My...
Quote: Originally Posted by stilts121 I'm glad I stumbled on this! I'm looking to get my first MTM shirt (the orange gingham check like the one posted earlier, only w/ a BD collar) and was looking for reviews of ModernTailor and found this thread. There's some great info in here. I'll definitely be sending in measurements from one of my best fitting off-the-peg shirts. And, to be a beggar, anyone have one of those $20 vouchers they could shoot my...
Hello, I have been tasked to support customers who have issues with ModernTailor products. Please email me at sales@moderntailor.com My name is Emma. This is just our way of helping out and extending our service to customers from this Forum. Thank you...
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