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Support Advisory May 15th 2011 Dear SF ModernTailor Customers: Some of you have complained about no reply from Moderntailor from May 8th to May 15th. We have just discovered some of the emails have been forwarded to our spam folder - so please double check with us if you noticed we have not replied to your email. It's very important that we fix your concern. Thank you, Leah
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS This linnen fabric shrunk more than they took into account. Well some people actually ordered this fabric - though some of our prints which look outrageous to some are used for collar lining for a bit of style ... especially if they are linen. So in this case, we'll keep this fabric around because people have different preferences and perhaps purposes. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by essej They all seem to go back up to original price once I add them to my cart. White Twill 35 bucks sale price. 70 bucks in my cart at checkout. Hi essej, it works now on all browsers. perhaps you were using chrome. i have attached a sample. i just tested it. please enter the code each time you add a shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by HenryFlower Grr. Email title says "As much as 50% off" but body says "Get 50% off Hundreds of Moderntailor High Quality Fabrics" and search page says "50% OFF HUNDREDS OF FABRICS!" I'm not sure that the first statement is true, but the rest.... Apologies!! We're fixing the issue and will resend the sale code. Regards, E
Quote: Originally Posted by GloStiX Buttons falling off is still common; has happened to me and many others. Not knowing the quality from 3 years ago, I doubt most of us will be able to make that comparison. But in general, as demand and production increases, quality goes down the toilet. It doesn't matter who's doing the work: Ford, Toyota, ModernTailor, Indochino. This is especially true of these online MTM services as of right now, with booming...
Quote: Originally Posted by yimmy Can you guys help me out. I need my first white and blue shirt and just want the classic non-stripe shirt. Looking at the $40-75 range if possible. I'm having trouble finding my best option. MT has some on sale last week but they sold out and now it seems they have very little. Also, is it just me or did there inventory decrease? Hi Yimmy! We have 1717 fabrics online right now:...
Hi Guys, there has been difficultly with Google Apps over the weekend... to continue supporting customers we had to setup support@moderntailor.com as another official email address. Sales@moderntailor.com email is having a technical difficulty. Please use support@moderntailor.com to contact us at ModernTailor. Thank you and sorry for this inconvenience...
@thisflyguy - Just sent you a PM on the sales! /E
A few quick announcements to our customers: 1. MT factory is now fully operating 2. We're working with a few more international couriers, one of which is Fedex, to create a long term agreement.. would take a few more months but we would be able to offer more shipping options to our repeat customers 3. We're also upgrading our backend to monitor customer account activities and automatically provide more options and discounts to repeat customers 4. As mentioned earlier,...
Quote: Originally Posted by najpie Does MT not do suits or pants anymore? I wanted to try some pants. Suits & pants are back! http://www.moderntailor.com/static/mt/pants-men.jsp http://www.moderntailor.com/static/mt/suits-men.jsp
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