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Hi SF Members! Am sorry, I was just notified that the first voucher has maxed out! Here's a new $20 voucher for SF members for July: sfjuly201 Regards, E www.moderntailor.com
Hello everyone, this is just an update. The website improvement campaign is over but we are still accepting comments. For July, this is the new promo code for SF members: sfjuly20 - worth $20 Can be used by repeat customers Thanks guys! E www.moderntailor.com
Hello, our shipping rates based on $10 per shirt are based on flat rate per shirt to make it easier to administer shipping costs. Customers may work with us several shipping options like if they have their own fedex account, we can ship directly to that account. We use EMS and you may check the rates: http://www.ems.com.cn (perhaps coordinate with their representatives). However, we are now evaluating several other shipping solutions for our repeat customers since...
Dear Upnorth, please email me at moderntailor1@gmail.com and we will resolve the issue asap. We would like to know the order #. Regards, Emma
Hi Everyone, We would just like to get in touch with all the people who have pm'd Emma and posted on SF regarding their options if they are new customers of ModernTailor... We have just launched a $19.95 per custom tailored shirt program... details are in this link. This will enable first time customers to order custom shirts from moderntailor very very easily! We hope this program is helpful. Thank you! Moderntailor team
Quote: Originally Posted by ThisFlyGuy Emma, are there any June or coming July coupons? Hello! we have a fabric swatch promo going on now. IF you buy our fabric swatches, worth $25 usd (free delivery), you get 3 FREE $10 vouchers. We're also looking to improve our website so we give away $10 voucher for website improvement survey: Click here for the link.
Hi! ModernTailor doesn't give out $5 store credits anymore for product surveys. This campaign has already ended late last year. Right now we have a new $10 voucher given to every completed survey for our website improvement campaign. Click here for the link. If you are a new customer, we can give $20 voucher to test our services. But we are coming with different promos almost every month and there are different promo rules each time. Right now, we have a Fabric swatch...
Quote: Originally Posted by nycwallst Hi! Has anyone by now had a moderntailor.com custom suit made? I'm considering doing one, as they're 1/5 the cost of my current bespoke tailor! Now that I have a suit that fits perfectly, I figured I could just forward them the measurements and... I'd be curious to know the quality of the fabrics, quality of workmanship, the small details, shape, how they lay, etc. Anyone?? Re: Moderntailor Suits,...
To All Styleforum members, we would like to offer our fabric swatches at $25 usd free delivery anywhere in the world. If you buy 1 fabric swatch catalogue, you will get 3 FREE $10 vouchers for you to use in your purchases with moderntailor. Our website is www.moderntailor.com - custom tailored shirts for men and women Our services are heavily reviewed on Styleforum and we are known for service integrity and quality. We hope you'd try our services soon! thanks! Emma
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 Awesome about the buttons. If it is Thomas Mason Silverline, I don't understand the pricing. $169.99 + $5 for split yoke + $2 for MOP buttons + $10 for shipping = $186.99. Most Silverline at mytailor will end up being about $136 shipped. $50 more expensive? I'll pass. On the other hand, I don't recognize much of it from any Silverline book I've seen. Will be interesting to see what they say. Our...
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