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I have the ability to buy a brand new Burberry Trench but it is a Copper Pink color. No pics of said trench but it is a nice color and despite the name not really pink in color. Thing is i'm not sure when i'll wear it seeing as the color is non traditional. Things going for it is that it is $249 New with Tags and Made in England. Should I take the plung?
Might get a better response in the men's clothing forum, but you might want to try their extra slim dress shirts. They are 3 inch slimmer in the chest and 1 inch slimmer waist than the slim fit.
Red Wings are quality shoes and the service at their store is great as well. I've owned the 875 for a while and wear them to work everyday. They are super comfortable and take a beating and with a little care still look good. Just bought a pair of 9011 on ebay and went into the store looking to see if they sell replacement laces for the shoes. He offers me a free pair of laces. I ask him how to care for the shoes and he tells me to use mink oil. He proceeds to give...
Just got the 9011 in Black Cherry and I am disappointed to find they are Made in USA with imported materials. When did Red Wing start doing this? I mean I didn't pay retail but i'm kinda bummed about this.
Just bought a nice black with blue pinstriped Hart Schaffner Marx. I know not really SF approved but could not beat the $160 something price after 20%. Well everything looked good in the store and I get it home and the jacket is the correct size 38r but the pants are that of a 40s size 35 pants:censored: To top it off there is a snag on towards the bottom of 1 sleeve. Pretty noticeable. Guess it's my own damn fault for not trying it on before I took it home. I had...
It made me sick too. I think the thing is at this particular Marshalls they don't know the different between the good stuff and the crap they usually get. The one Marshalls in Houston that gets the higher end stuff never does stuff like this. They actually take the time and care to senor there stuff competently and is a discrete place.
Went back to take pictures and all that was left was a Theory tie that had a sensor right in the front. Still a sad sight though.
Had not bought ties in a while so I figured it was time to buy some. Bought a RL knit and Canali ties from Marshalls. Today went to my local outlet mall and picked up 2 Brooks Brothers Knit ties. These are not the outlet junk but ones sold in the mainline stores. They were $18 each. Then went over to the Off 5th outlet and picked up a Robert Talbott Carmel 7 Fold for $15.98. This was one of my greatest steal ever. Retails for $245:slayer: Pics to come soon.
Counted all my ties in my collection that are not crap China pieces. Bought a few crappy stuff before I knew any better. 15 RL Blue Label 9 Ted Baker, 4 Zenga, and RLPL, 3 Valentino 2 each of Canali, RLBL Hickey Freeman, Givenchy, Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss, 1 each of Stefano Ricci, Isaia 7 Fold, Brioni, Robert Tallbott Carmel 7 Fold, Vercsace, John Varvatos, Cole Haan, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, Fabio Ferretti, Joseph Abboud
I might have to go back just to take pictures.
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