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Brand new in box with dust bag and tags, never worn. too big for me. pm for any questions.
selling brand new acne johna sweatpants in sz S. with tags.
i still got the denim shirt! hit me up with offers.
rise is higher, hips are little wider, leg is skinny, but slight flare at ankle( i got that tapered) best fitting apcs imo
the price above is just random, because you had to fill in a price. i sell every piece on their on or multiple items if you wish. prices are best offer.
my order arrived, i don't fit most because of bodybuilding.. im selling all brand new with tags and plastic: 1.marine blue hoodie first collection sz M 2. hip hop tshirt white sz M 3. work shirt faded indigo sz L 4. 2. collection stone washed denim sz 30 if you interested please pm me, located in germany but ship worldwide. i put this here first if it doesn't sell quick its going on ebay and stuff. thanks
this!!! how is that possible?
Great condition sold out Elephant 3 Skinny Guy 19oz , dark blue beige weft sz 32. never washed, rarely worn. very very minimal fading see pics. length is 35. email me for questions!
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