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any experience with totokaelo and customs? i want to order to germany for 400 usd and its shipped via fedex. i would get raped if it have to pay customs.
Selling Saint Laurent Paris Wool Shirt with silk trims in sz 43. I had it professionally tailored to fit just a tad slimmer in the body as it is an oversized fit. Washed delicate washing cycle, little fading on the silk trims. retail was over 600$. fit pics to get the idea. any questions pm me:) can add measurements if wanted.
no, here also.
Acne Ace Stretch Vintage in size 32X34. Great condition, worn a handful of times. More details from: http://www.acnestudios.com/shop/men/jeans/ace-stretch-vint.html Acne Studios Ace Stretch Vintage jeans comes super slim with a comfortable normal waist. RETAILS FOR 270USD! Classic five pocket styling Zip fly Belt loops Black and grey wash with bleach detailing 98% Cotton 2% Elastane
Hey, i want to buy these exact jeans in a sz 32. paypal ready! http://www.google.de/imgres?imgurl=http://www.boombayeh.nl/eBay/SaintLaurentParis/2014AW/357815-Y879F/1.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/203249/saint-laurent-paris-last-pair-ripped-blue-stretch-denim-jeans-32-nwt-mij&h=2500&w=3763&tbnid=2cvOP11Jl6vcFM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=135&usg=__awgggSneQqMdZ5GCE3I8C_EoYso=&docid=6jxnRMm6JrVjdM&client=safari&sa=X&ved=0CEkQ9QEwAmoVChMI3vT9qrr5yAIVSt0sCh3grALs
yea i will send them back, anyways they are tight on me:) they already hug my thighs and calves and i have athletic legs with muscles and form and not straight stick legs.. i do like the fit itself it just think the distressing is not in the right place so i try to find another pair, from another season or wait for new ones... any suggestions? i dont try to pull of the super tall super skinny model type as i dont won't look like iam starving... im actually a bodybuilder...
which are the nicest distressed slps in your opinion?
thanks for the feedback.. but to guys saying i should size down.. you can see in the pictures it is skin tight haha if i size down rise would be too low, calves too tight and waist also
keep or not? i know im not the SLP model body type im athletic and built. do you think the holes are right? im not that tall. is this fw 2015 destroyed a good choice for you guys or should i wait for next season, or get an older pair, lets say regular destroyed?
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