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Great condition sold out Elephant 3 Skinny Guy 19oz , dark blue beige weft sz 32. never washed, rarely worn. very very minimal fading see pics. length is 35. email me for questions!
^can you believe this guy haha. of course its legit!
when is the mercer tee comming out in silk fabrics? also, why are the shoulder measuremts so narrow? 18inch for L is a rather slim fit, slightly dropped shoulders looks so much better. im just concerned because i workout alot, and xl will be too wide on the waist. thanks
^ size?
the high tops run about one size bigger. this being compared to your usual sneakers( not high fashion) e.g vans, nike, aciscs. Im a 43-44 in nike, 43 in vans, 41(!) in common projects and sant laurent sl12 high tops fit great in sz 42( still a little space, 41 would be to small though ). hope this helps
Great fit! Finally pulled the trigger on the white hi-tops Same as yours. Decided for a 42 , im a 43 in nike, 41-42 In commen projects. Will let you know
*run as Big as
So 43 for me? They dont ein as Big as Common projects right! Go with my nike Air max size?
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