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Gianni what does it actually mean when you say hand printed? Love your work
I can't imagine this forum has no post since 2 days.
Beautiful shoes, perhaps its light playing tricks but shoe on right appears very very slightly reddish than the left one. Anyways, I'd use light brown to keep them close to existing color. Medium brown in saphir is bit strong perhaps once in 3 months to prevent shoes getting too dull. But dark brown is too dark for them.If you wipe them now with a little conditioner on a piece of cloth you will see the color of polish put by the factory on the clothEnjoy your shoes!
Wonderful! I wonder how skilled the artisans must be to make this long time ago. Truly beautiful
Looking very nice, what color are these. Interesting laces
Fit looks great, unique shoes, enjoy!
Fake JL on ebay - my god what's wrong with these people. 0 feedback
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