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The wholecuts scream we are hand made
Recently got in love with this drawing by Da Vinci. Anyone knows a source of high resolution image, I am thinking to print for my home in size like 40 inches or so
To me, apart from change in appearance, re-design mainly serves technical purpose of preventing the tongue from deforming, longer facing to fully support tongue rather than supporting just half of the tongue. Just like JL did sometime back.
Very nice to see all the pics and read about your visit. Which store did not welcome you well
Wow looking very nice, Berluti I guess? Looks new
Many thanks, that's good information
Thanks, that's easy to test! Dunno what FUN and VNA mean... any link where the terms are explained
I'll say start with just one, then you can order more through email/ online after you know your size. Fit is most important than anything else. I don't know about Vass, but shop assistants advice on sizing is not always correct even if they analyze closely your foot in person. JL store manager suggested me that am an 8E, however 8E was too loose so I sold a pair on ebay after a couple wearings. Now I wear 7E which when new I couldn't put on for more than a couple of...
How about St. Crispin - the leather looks bit dry in some pics
Nice! The whole combo is very nice, superb!
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