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No expert here but see no issues here
Excellent! LOL. Anyone here whose dressing assistant also wears Cervelt socks
So the matter is settled?
Very nice shoes ^
Not pricey if you think it as a bespoke furniture project with a long standing English master - top quality wood, involving several intricate joining parts, waxed polished, fitting to exact measurements in a specific custom shape, with margin of error in mm's or less, and risk of breakage/error/rework in manufacturing process. And you need just one quantity.
Even if the trees look like these?And shoe bags look like these?
Looks bespoke, the trees also seem bespokeDoes not look like Philips, Philips have brogueing on quarters as well similar to that on toe cap
Wow. Very nice
There are so many modern shoe makers out there. But there is just one John Lobb. Can't they leave it like that. Perhaps their sales are declining and facing tough competition so trying hard to remain in business. It's sad if it is like that.
New Posts  All Forums: