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Is this what they call a seamless wholecut
Just reading this is so pleasurable
Awesome man. Many thanks for sharing! Great
This.And to further confuse you misty feels more living, tight and polishes well than museum (deep). But that's just my feeling. In plum or any non-black color I'd choose museum cause its perfectly mottled. However in black, misty any day over all other calf leathers including museum and oxford calf just because misty feels more luxurious and better quality somehow.
A loooong request to have your thoughts on my first pair of boots. Please read and respond/ direct me to the right way if you have time:) Having lived all my life in cities where there's hardly any rain and no snow at all, got moved to this new city recently with lots of rain and some light snow. Hence thinking about having a pair of boots for office wear. I have never worn boots in office before, and don't exactly know why leather boots are even needed at/to office. I...
Excellent photography, as if we are looking at the shoe in person. And its really delicious.
Wow wonderful!!!!!!
Thanks,,, and its still a semi bespoke! I guess excellent value for money. Do you think it would be the standard way of dealing with the issue by makers.
Nice looking Bestettis, but what's that
The wholecuts scream we are hand made
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