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Quote: Originally Posted by Napoli Su Misura Other details Mina Hi Mina, That Blue/Brown one looks familiar Not sure from the pictures if it is tiny enough to be mine. It looks awesome and I can't wait! peace, Mark
I would like to relate my Carl experience so far.... I ordered my first trial shirt to get the measurements correct. Carl told me take it home and wash and wear/wash and wear then bring it back for a fitting. On the label it says wash and tumble dry. Having had very little experience washing clothes I took this to mean dry on low/med. Of course the shirt shrank to the point it was unusable. Carl shook his head and gave me the "You're a putz look". Anybody...
Anyone have the list for 7/7.5?
Dude..... These are my exact measurements and I started 5 months ago building a brand new wardrobe. I will share my journey with you so that it might help you. Started with a Hugo Boss suit bought on sale- mistake. Will now be my funeral suit! Bought a 50% Prada suit (34S) from the boutique- Love the cut and look! Bought on B&S- a Kiton and Brioni 90-95% off- Tailoring was very very expensive but they look great now. The Kiton is probably my favorite piece. Bought...
Alicjia from Euro Tailoring in Hamilton NJ is so good at what she does it is almost scary!
I just broke down and bought 2 pairs of the damn prada sneakers this weekend. (Beige and Grey suede) My wife was so happy cause she loved them. I have to admit- I kinda like them also. They are very European looking. We tried the Addidas main store in NYC and found nothing that was really sleek and thin soled so I caved. Thank you for everybody's opinions. I checked out online or in person everybody's suggestions. I could really tell that the people that...
Bounder- Would you walk 3O blocks in NYC in Boat Shoes? Maybe "Dress sneakers" is a bad word for it about just really nice looking sneakers that don't look like you ready to make a layup or run track in them.
I like the ones from the link above- http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/ca...0550cat3260731
I guess some people get offended by dress sneakers and some people don't. I think that below Zegna really gets it that they serve the purpose of an in-between shoe. I personally feel there is a place for them. Quote: Originally Posted by zenga Even though I do not really fancy the Neiman Marcus Prada sneakers, I have previously bought and worn Prada sneakers which perfectly served the purpose of an in-between shoe, i.e. more dressy than a normal...
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