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While that fabric above is pretentious, let's not sink into reverse snobbery or resentment.  Personally, I always monogram my shirts with my family coat of arms and other heraldry.  
Not to hijack the thread, but is glen plaid really considered appropriate for a sportcoat? I've been told that it is strictly a suiting fabric (as are pinstripes), but perhaps the proverbial "they" have relaxed the rules a bit?
Thanks for all the advice, everyone. I'm going to go with just one suit first: solid navy, in a "workhorse" fabric, until the fit is nailed. Second and third suits will probably be a dark gray and a chalkstripe. The others will be a wildcard suits with patterns (sharkskin, glen plaid, etc...) or other shades/hues, since I can get away with it. I agree that windowpane can look clownish if not muted. I think I can also achieve the effect of more bulk by going with lighter...
I built a wardrobe once, and ended up in Narnia. You know the rest of the story...
The APC coat is cotton, though. I kind of like the look for spring, though.
My mother was looking for a white peacoat this past winter and couldn't find one and nor could I, as I may have given this as a Christmas present. (She mentioned she's seen winter white coats, though.) If you can pull it off, though, go ahead.
I think my subconcious is trying to squeeze too many objectives into too small a number of suits. (There's just no way around the pigeonhole principle.) So, I've decided to make sure I get the basics first. I believe Flusser mentions the legendary story, but a former colleague is short (but slim) and looked decent in a DB suit. It may have been a 6x1 placement, but I'm not quite sure.
I probably do the chalk stripe in a shade slightly brighter than navy, which I think will work. Someone has cautioned me about double-breasted suits as being out of style. I believe they're classic--I like them, regardless. (There was a whole discussion of this controversy on this forum a while back.) I've even seen short men look good in double-breasted suits.
Wow, you are very slim, too. I assume that medical schools still teach using 70kg man as the model, but I doubt this resembles anyone nowadays. It just shows how much "normal" body size has changed over the last century. There's some silly evolutionary psychological explanation of this increase, so I suppose we're just more adaptable. :-) I've seen a few RTW suits in size 38L by Jones New York (not the highest quality, of course) in a athletic cut with a 10" drop, but not...
What are the opinions of the members on the angle of the seam where the lapel meets the collar on a peak lapel?  Should the imaginary line which continues from the seam cross at the shoulder seam, above or below?  I've seen all three stances, but I think very slightly above the shoulder looks best. I think the same logic would apply to a notched lapel, except one would consider the line bisecting the notch. I've noticed that military jackets tend to have the angle set...
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