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Nooooo! Someone snatched the steel loden tweed as I was checking out. Picked up the birds-eye and twill instead. Must resist the siren call of the rest...
No 28s left either. :-( Any plans to offer a gray donegal tweed as you did last season? How about lighter-gray flannel?
Some have said that Sanders makes Mark McNairy. You can buy those an both average and wide fittings at
Sweet, you're my "go-to" for trousers now. Would you be able to post the knee measurements for the Walt trousers as you did for the rivet chinos? (Trying to decide if 28 or 30 is best.) Is the linen gingham also short-sleeve or long? (I suppose we'll find out soon anyway. )
You might want to consider, on sale.
If anyone missed out on the club collar oxford, here's your chance. Amazing shirt, just a little big on me. $120 shipped. Size Small Measurements on Epaulet's site. I get about 39" pit-to-pit, tapers to about 36" at waist. Thanks!
Visa or Mastercard themselves charge 1% and usually the credit card issuer itself an additional 2% (except for Capital One as far as I know.) I thought PayPal included the charge in the exchange rate they give, so you don't see it??
^^ Try
I have these on order from Bodiley's in snuff suede. C&J is behind on production apparently, but I'll post again when they arrive (hopefully) in a couple of weeks.
I own both the Hallam and the Lowndes on the 348 last. The Lowndes is a little snugger than the Hallam with a somewhat narrow toe and heel, but still generous in the instep. (I have to tighten the shoes quite a lot and I'm a true C width but with a narrow ankle.) I sized down 1-1.5 sizes from my full US size (around 10 - 10.5).
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