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Brand: Carmina Material: Leather Style: Simpson Oxford Punched Captoe Size: 6.5 UK Price: 200 USD shipped anywhere with box and bags
Hi, I'm selling these Grizzly Boots, sz US8. Condition is still pretty good. Thanks for looking!
Info - All brand new, complete with box and bags - Ships from Asia - Free shipping worldwide - Get 10% off on the 2nd pair when you buy 2 pairs - Buyer pays Paypal fees Tricker's Stow in Acorn Antique - 480 USD Available sizes (in UK sizes) - 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10 Tricker's Burford in Espresso - 480 USD Available sizes (in UK sizes) - 8, 9 Tricker's Galosh Long Wing Boot in Black and Grey - 480 USD Available sizes (in UK sizes) - 8, 8.5, 9 Tricker's Bourton in...
Hello Manila friends, Edmond and I are going to start bringing in Alden shoes to the Philippines soon. We are currently doing a pre-order for those that want to get in on the first batch of shipment. The first batch will consist of mostly Indy boots & long wing bluchers. Expect prices to be same as US retail. Let us know if you're interested! Check out our FB page: Thanks!
When things go your way
Hi guys, Selling my Studio D' Artisan SD 103 - Bought raw, cold soaked once - Tag size is 29, more accurate measurements below - Slim fit, low-mid rise. - New arcs - Worn for 5 days indoors only. No fading yet whatsoever. - Measurements: Waist - 14.5 in Rise - 10.5 in Inseam - 32.5 in Thigh - Price: $ 225 shipped Thanks for looking!
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