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Oh wow. I haven't checked in here for a long time. Found out about the fiasco through reddit. I guess I'll add myself to the list. masshi ($1680)178 friyaz ($1640)179 ricesuit ($145)180 OnehitWonder ($870)181 jabster410 ($1200)182 guayabera ($835)183 etz ($380)184 bones86 ($780)185 ahshadow ($780)186 Exileon ($380)187 Altho ($780)188 Pouchling ($380)189 duhduhduh ($525)190 hipster ($145)191 jordan_head23 ($2410)192 js0930 ($870)193...
Quote on Walnut Strand 10.0D please. Thanks!
I picked up some of the Dockers Alpha based on the recommendations in this thread and I'm really liking how they fit. Is there a cut of denim that fits similarly?
do you have measurements on the shawl cardigan?
Quote: Originally Posted by Chip_H_Style Mine did the same thing on the Pinstripe Denim. I email N&F to see if I could get a replacement button. I didn't see one on the shirt? I didn't see one on the shirt either. It's been a week since I've e-mailed them and they still haven't responded to me
wow those came out great. Have any CCPs left? Thinking about getting that and a #2
would definitely be in for a double coil in black
Quote: Originally Posted by Dj5h1fT Was it hard for you to button it as well? It felt like I was putting on a pair of jeans. definitely more difficult than any other shirt, but only the collar button was really a pain Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland ^^Still waiting for mine. What size did you get and what's your usual size? I got it in a size small which is what I usually wear
just got my black chambray shirt in the mail today. One of the buttons literally broke in half when I buttoned it! Other than that, the fabric is really thick but I'm liking the fit
I have a pair of N&F Slim Guy Chinos and N&F Slim Guy Black Gold in size 29. They're brand new with tags. I ordered them online but it seems i have pretty bulky thighs compared to my body size
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