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Quote on Walnut Strand 10.0D please. Thanks!
I picked up some of the Dockers Alpha based on the recommendations in this thread and I'm really liking how they fit. Is there a cut of denim that fits similarly?
do you have measurements on the shawl cardigan?
Quote: Originally Posted by Chip_H_Style Mine did the same thing on the Pinstripe Denim. I email N&F to see if I could get a replacement button. I didn't see one on the shirt? I didn't see one on the shirt either. It's been a week since I've e-mailed them and they still haven't responded to me
wow those came out great. Have any CCPs left? Thinking about getting that and a #2
would definitely be in for a double coil in black
Quote: Originally Posted by Dj5h1fT Was it hard for you to button it as well? It felt like I was putting on a pair of jeans. definitely more difficult than any other shirt, but only the collar button was really a pain Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland ^^Still waiting for mine. What size did you get and what's your usual size? I got it in a size small which is what I usually wear
just got my black chambray shirt in the mail today. One of the buttons literally broke in half when I buttoned it! Other than that, the fabric is really thick but I'm liking the fit
I have a pair of N&F Slim Guy Chinos and N&F Slim Guy Black Gold in size 29. They're brand new with tags. I ordered them online but it seems i have pretty bulky thighs compared to my body size
anyone know if the slim guy chinos stretch very much? Sized down two because that was the recommendation for slim guys but forgot to factor in that the material may be different.
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