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Vintage chestnut... sorry, not cedar.
I'm a US 7. My Somervilles are UK 6E (and I wear the same size in all of my C&J); however, C&J does run a little long for me though.
Do it. I'm not the best influence as I have numerous shoes in the same color... vis a vis, I similar shoes in various colors.
Depends if the zombies come from Romania or the UK.
Not really G&G related but I'm trying to see if anyone is interested in ordering a pair of dark oak Shannons VIII via Skoak. If so, feel free to contact me or check out the Skoak webpage. Thanks! Here's something G&G related:
You'll need a pair for the zombie apocalpse! Zombies won't touch you while you're wearing Shannons.
As said earlier, the Shannons have a flat welt, GYW, and real toe cap. Here are pictures of a couple of my Shannons:Note the side detailing is different on mine (and obviously the color); the Shannon VIII also has blind eyelets/speedhook comboHeh, that would take away from my Galway funds. hoodog is a shrewed negotiator!End of the month is fine for me.Personally, I'm more motivated to get the Shannon VIII going because they are a rarer style; Galways are more common and...
Come on ShannonVIII... 2 more! ANY SIZE ANY WIDTH, that's to you JS!!!
Come on! 2 more people for the Dark Oak Shannons! I know everyone is start going to want one after the first shipment comes in though...
Hallak & Madame Paulette
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