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Is Mr. Hasegawa still involved in the firm? I have to admit, when I first heard of G&G (and with ignorance), I associated Tony's last name with Italian origins. Not sure if the ethnic origin of the name is the reason.Very true.
While waiting for Mrs. DpprDr at Sephora... she's a Dr. too so does that make it Dr. DpprDr? I'm confused... anyway, Edward Green crup.
Yeah, not really a fancy denim guy but it's nice to break the "rules" here and there.
Balmoral and jeans again this casual Friday: This past weekend's toe polish outcomes. I typically go for a slight subtle bull not a BAM reflector look.
In addition to width, height of the vamp/toe box might also come into play?The overall fit of the S sounds promising to me (lower instep) but the toe box looks too "square" from pictures. It looks wider than G&G's TG73. I was planning to pick up an S lasted shoe in the future but I might have to wait for there "other" lasts to show up and identify their fit/shape.Interesting that there is now a Vass and Spring Line connection!
Nice! This is exciting...like watching the lottery balls drop...except you actually have a ticket!
Would the Falkirks come in the next shipment then? Ms. Freeman is being a tease with them.
Hopefully they continue with the lower instep trend
I am a fan of the thistle although once I really started wearing G&G, it just fits better for me compared to EG because of the tighter heel. Great shoe and I probably will grab a Sandringham in a future but now in a different color.
Poor man's Sandringham? Just a tad of red polish on the toes and counter (barely noticeable). Went casual today to break them in:Great service from @nutcracker! Thanks again!
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