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My opinion is the instep of EG is not that high. If Vass fits close to perfect in the instep area for you, EG might leave a large 'V' when you wear oxfords.
For reference, here are my pair of Galways in Almond CC. I really like the Nevis but it would be 4th in line for my preferred EGs.
Bespoke? I'm a 38S 28W. the pants are not much of an issue if the rise is not too high. RLBL and some Canali and Corneliani suits work for me. HF Burgundy C also fit really nicely when I tried one and their pant rise was not too high.
Skoak has all the shoes on my wish list. Care to give a multi-purchase discount? EG Shannon VIII EG Galway EG Beaulieu All in or should I pace myself... hmmm... I do want to go on vacation this year though, lol
I did not know this. So for such a shoe repair, which factory would those be sent to BS? I ask because I still have a handful of JL shoes probably from around that time (notably, the dovetail heel not the new "JL" toplift).Cleav: Thanks for the info. All I need now is a 2 day reason to consult with someone in Northampton. Sadly, my line of work is the furthest point of where shoes are used.
I thought about that. How long does it take to make reservations with EG? They only open up a specific day, right? For JL you don't need an appointment if I have heard correctly.
I don't have Crat's action shots but here are my Somervilles: Actually on the fence about selling these since I plan to pick up some Shannons in dark oak. I'm trying to rationalize that the Shannons are a punch cap and it should be a lighter shade of brown so as to hold on to both boots. It doesn't help that I have a pair of cognac shell cordovan/pebble grain bal boots by AS in the same color scheme...
That's a great lining to the Nevis.
Argh, do I need a Vintage Rioja balmoral boot when I already have a Vintage Rioja Wigmore? Maybe a St. James II... Man, it's really a nice sale since shoe trees are included in the price.
SoS, the fit around the is the same. Length is just a hair longer on my 7000. The the shape is different, obviously (7000 rounds vis a vis 8000 chiseled). The heel cup is shallower in my experience with the 8000; I get a fair amount of heel slippage with the aforementioned last and little to none on the 7000. I wear the same size (6E) on both lasts.
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