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don't do it... we've all been there. I refuse to do it anymore.
Wow, a few more you should change your name to Andrew! Nice selection you have there!
did this happen to your vass?
We should just post more pictures of EG.
J Crew carries them.
I use the same measurements; however, note that EG will have an overall "snugger" feel compared to the Barrie.
I know... 25 to 30 is reasonable; once you break 50 though, that's bordering frivolousness.
Nice contrasts!Speaking of contrast... I did say Shannon yesterday:
So down with Edwardian. I'm not really a cap toe person, with preference towards wingtips, but the Asquith in Edwardian totally works.
Feel free to disrespect me we're both cool!I go against the grain since I think I have more Shannons (will be 4 after SkoAB's dark oak arrives) than most people have Chelseas. It's my way of compensating for being outnumbered by the Galway group.Hey, I haven't heard anything about Zug in the past few threads!
New Posts  All Forums: