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The best substitute would be EG, although they aren't that much cheaper. Honestly I haven't found many with the same support. Cheaney works just like AS for me. I do find them slightly more generous; however, it's been some time since I wore them.
Sad there isn't a GMTO anymore as this probably would have been easy to get going, especially since it would be a great summer shoe!
That definitely does look like slate then. Always have liked the color.
The 890 reminds me of Vass' S last. Same last-designer?
Yeah, I was just starting when the tail end of those perks from pharma started going away. Now we have to listen to how awesome meds are now and their various off-label uses. Sadly, I never interested them as I don't have a script pad. lolShoe discount would definitely work. SkoAB can sponsor a research study and I can be PI (you can be co-PI). We can do an RCT with GYW, HW, and glued as IV! You can do interval assessments for foot health and all. I'm sure the IRB will...
Burnt pine has a brown tint (this is not EG but Grenson MP)While chestnut has an orange tint (From KoC)
Sandringham, 888, Chestnut, H/A/F soles!
Would totally be down for a pair of Sandringhams in chestnut or G&G Woburn, also in chestnut. The Edwardian Falkirk will fill my lighter-colored gap for balmorals. Um, either ones upcoming stock models @mw313, interestingly, our ethical standards allow us to "barter" goods for services... I guess the APA is more flexible than the AMA when it comes to this!
LOL, had to double-take when I saw that; I thought fritzy is back at SF! You can compete with me when it comes to Shannons! Are those black pair the one with cloud and you darkened the shaft?
Heh, early on I did specialized in addictive behaviors Getting a bigger closet will help you...and paying for treatment may help me (and eventually @Leaves).Great pick up though! I have remorse for unloading a couple of G&G but now I can search for something I want: chestnutnderby wingtip! G&G Woburn in DG70 comes to mind!
New Posts  All Forums: