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Very nice
EG although the sole has been resolved 3rd party it seems
Anyone been to the C&J factory store lately? How is their inventory typically? I might be flying in redeye to London Friday morning and I want to find out if it's worth the risk (and fatigue) to then train it up to Northampton. I am hesitant to come on a Saturday as other stores (e.g., EG) are closed. Thanks for any input!
I had the same issue with the U last; with the SP (half size down from the U) it interestingly was less pronounced. Although I like the U last, I've moved to others for oxfords. I also had the width hypothesis, which makes sense as if you have flat feet it may cause the walls to bow. When I followed the AE thread, this was a common issue for them. Another hypothesis I have is the circumference of the opening. I noticed Vass has a larger opening compared to my other shoes...
AS Kelso: Zug and commando soles ready for the fall weather:
G&G doesn't have a factory shop in Kettering, do they?
Didn't get a response from another post but I'm likely heading to London in a couple of months and I'm going to try to go to the EG factory shop. Anyone been there recently? It looks like they're open daily from 9-4AM and don't need appointments anymore?Thanks for any leads!Wearing my pseudo-looking (but Zug) Galway boots: [[SPOILER]]
I'll (finally and for the first time) be heading to England in mid November!!! Obviously I'm taking time to head to Northampton to see if I can get lucky with some factory seconds. Do G&G or AS have a factory shop? I don't think so but I want to ask those that have been there. It seems like Friday is the day to go as I could hit EG, JL, and C&J (which only opens F & Sa I read). Cheaney and Church's would be further down the list if there's time and if my wife doesn't...
TIMOTHY EVEREST for Marks & Spencer SARTORIAL Suit 38S 3-Piece [[SPOILER]] This is great handsome suit designed by Timothy Everest for Marks & Spencer's Sartorial range. This is a suit made to higher quality such as using Alfred Brown fabric and half-canvas construction. The suit is made in a great gray birds eye fabric. Take this opportunity to a suit with probably the best bang for the buck!DETAILS:Brand: Marks & SpencerLine: SartorialDesigner: Timothy EverestFabric:...
MARMOT x GORE-TEX PRO Shell Small New with Tags! This jacket is perfect for the fall or winter season. It is minimalist in its design coupled with a bright orange color. These shell retails for $450!!!
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