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Good to see some action in the AS thread!
Anyone purchase shoes in the S last yet? I'm curious to hear the feedback if the instep is indeed lower.
I agree Ridgeway is a better comparison now that you mentioned it. It's a sturdy sole but it's too casual for my work environment.
Okay, I think I'll check out Tino's and Cornell's for suiting and Sapatero for shoes. Do you know if they are receptive to visits to check out their wares? I also found Signet (I think previously Lost+Found) and it looks like a shop worth checking out? Are all these 4 shops close by where I can see them within a half day? I know traffic can be notorious so I want to be efficient.
By 2016 we'll be talking about "The Enabler" and not Andrew.
Glad to have helped. I think the brogues on these are really nice as my other Shannons only have them on the cap.Yes, I get the "nice shoes" compliments here... I guess it's a change from Timberlands and camo boots. There's a "fine men's" store in Lansing but I dread to go in although at least they have Canali suits from what I hear. I remember you mentioned the fella before and at least you have someone to conversation with there. I'm actually curious if the shop's shoe...
Looks like the catalogue, not the box, right? I'm lucky my wife accepts (not encourage) my shoes.
It's JL's answer to commando; however I know my commando soles are stitched through. It's a bit thick as I wanted to pick up a pair of pebble Chambord II boots but these soles just moved me away from them.
Neuro rehab psychology. I'm not house staff anymore but I make visits enough they're a MRSA patient away. Here is my pair. Don't feel too bad, I have 3 Shannon's and a 4th (dark oak) in the production line.add, I can relate as I lived in Midtown NY for almost 10 years before I moved to MI. I was at Leffot enough Steven knew me... Now the best shoe brand I can see in person is J&M...
Ah, I guess my advantage is unlimited access to hospital booties.
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