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Saw those. GLWS and I'm sure they're all well cared for.As a teaser: These are EXACTLY what you want (size and everything).
Same size on all last. I can actually even pull off D in Galways.
Not St. James but how about a Pearl look-a-like
Most recent purchases worn the past week. Falkirks Shanklin
I was on the fence for shearling Galways and decided not to buy.
Typically full size down from US for most lasts. FYI 7WK is more generous than that. The reason I haven't picked any up as they don't go small enough
I did a few months ago. I had them in black and wore them infrequently because of my black Chelseas. I let the Westminsters go when they still had enough wear for a flip. Not a DM, but I picked up a pair of AS sweeping monkstrap in a dark brown color. I've been "downgrading" a bit as I also picked up a pair of blue suede Player's shoes from AE (it was $100 and something I can wear on beater days). However, I just put in a request for a pair of Bauxite Sandringhams so the...
I'm cheap... I'd just get the natural wood and lacquer it myself.
Dan... you're just not getting good luck with getting shoes recently, eh?
I want to say I used mahogany; Hermes red was too light.
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