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Good luck. Interestingly, I found the half-brogue a standard, or at more common style with such a boot. I wonder if there is some historical reference to this.
Thanks for the clarification. Should be good!
I don't know one offhand but Vass should be able to easily make this. StC can make it also, but at a steeper price.
Thank you for your generosity @Leaves. You mentioned no exotic so I assume their crust calf, suede, and pebble grains are acceptable? Also, is this for shoes or also boots (e.g., Shannon, Epsom, Nevis)? Any restrictions for more complex work (i.e., pig-bristle toe)? I assume using the new 890 last would also be okay? I just want to be clear on the options.I'm ready to for a bidding war!
Much appreciated! Although the flush styles look better, I do not trust my hands on single soles, especially with G&G. Maybe in the future I'll play around with old double soles.
The difficulty is the width is determined by the manufacturer, and not a standard metric. Regardless of what letter (D, E, F, etc.), makers typically identify a specific letter (or number in the past like Tricker's) as their standard. From my understanding, EG standard width is E, which is similar to G&G, and JL; makers such as AS uses F, similar to Church's; Tricker's standard is '5' I believe. In the US, most, if not all manufacturers use D as their standard; however,...
Thanks DW, I appreciate the lead. I shall turn to the Germans for resources.In the conversation about toe plates, I put them on all my shoes as something about my biomechanics leave the toes with more wear. I really don't have much issue with noise (or I have just habituated to it) so the utility outweights premature sole wear.Interestingly, I have minimal heel lift wear and more often than not replace soles before I even get through half of the rubber lift. I know many...
More recent trees are not "lasted" so they market them to fit "all", which are based from the 202 last (at least that's what they say). They did have 202/606 and 888/82 before but I don't think that's the case anymore.My information was from EG JS. Others may have other information though that's helpful.
It's not as "pretty" (but I've never been a fancy soles type of guy) so I just put them in myself with brass screws. @DWFII: would you by chance know of a source to obtainEagle size #3 taps (or something similar)? I tried to source them but the distributor I've previously bought from told me they only carried #4 now (which is slightly bigger). I appreciate any leads.
Another Galway... hmmm...
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