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Soon I'll have dark oak Shannons to compliment my dark oak Galways. Full circle.
Both do good work. Nick does excellent work, if you decide to try him instead of AE next time. I've been in his shop numerous times in the past and his results were great. Fun conversations too.
Argh! Did I just miss the 20%? Damn headache yesterday came at the wrong time!!!
I'm with you on that. Trying to do some spring cleaning and moving some stuff, a pair of Shannon in midnight/twilight being one of them. That leaves me with my black/cloud, burgundy/rose, and upcoming dark oak Shannons, and 2 G&G bal boots.I'm TRYING to not go overboard with this!
Gosh, that's beautiful. EG does an excellent job with shell as it's finer and feels more refined than Alden... So jealous. That takes the wind out of my dark oak Shannons now...
That'll be great! Saving grace for me is that the 7000/8000 lasts aren't the best fit for me. However, a JL William boot though...
Random request: for those who own both the U and S, in a standard width (F), and same size, can you tell me how much longer the S is compared to U? Thanks!
Are those Falkirks from SkoAB? That's a great color! I hope my Edwardian turns out like that...My spring summer rotation will look great with that, Pine Oakham, and Acorn CC Galway! Your colorway inspires me
Random request: Anyone by chance purchasing from AFPoS? I need to pick up some polish and I want to see if I can piggy-back shipping
Well, I can always sell you my stuff which will help balance out our collection! G&G does feel pretty snug the first couple of wears but they have a really nice fit afterwards. EG has a comfortable fit from the get go so for me, EG SLIGHTLY edges G&G, but I could go either brand when it comes to lasts. For reference, I also wear 6.5E in EG (all lasts).
New Posts  All Forums: