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Likely UK 8.
i guess you can have your thoughts... @Dddrees soles do look new, sole guard and heel taps obviously were added. Good price for one of Steven's line (Leffot).
With C&J and EG, yes. AS' "normal" width is F.
The conversion is not always US D = UK F for their footwear. I have spoken to poeple from AS that confirmed that some were UK E width is my old Peal shoes.
Yeah, it's pretty bad, isn't it? No more! Okay, maybe in the new year... The winters are crappy here in MI so I have to wear overshoes with all the salt here so I'm less inclined to wear the nicer shoes.Well, I do have nice shoes/boots in Dainite...
Being a good boy and waiting for my Shannons and Galways. Sorry I can't join the FUN (wait, that's StC leather). Funny with watches, I didn't get any with my Beaulieu... just keys to a Lambo...
Smaller than what I wear... @ironist will be all over this with @tifosi's help!
I'm happy I have the Galway in almond CC else this casual Nevis talk would not be good for my soul.
Lucky all the shoes too the right are too small and all the shoes to the left are too big.The only that that'll fit is what's inside the Green box... but I already have it in a different last. Next time... you're mine!
Sounds like a UK 6/6.5 US7 trade thread is in order!
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