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Sad they don't have BBBF at Madison anymore... the suit section got totally gutted... not sure if I'm liking the new set-up.
Anyone know quickly what's the difference? The American I believe is obviously made in USA; however, the DF costs $170 more. Insight on the difference would be appreciated!
Too bad you're not my size. I actually have 5 of Alden's LWB. I've tried to talk myself into selling 2-3 of them as I don't get enough wear with all of them, in addition to my other shoes.G&G and EG totally fits my office wear though. EG are definitely more versatile while my G&G tends to work better with my more Italian/slimmer suits.
I didn't know Jermyn St. had the option of using Royal Mail/Parcel Force... I always thought they did DHL. Might have to try this next time.
Ah, I better understand your perspective. I'm sure there's some algorithm about setting prices but it's not my area so I'm ignorant about it. I know some brands, Alden and EG for example, have weight as to how much prices are set. Maybe this is more informally agreed upon with other makers?Pediwear has been good to me and I bought my first few pairs of C&J from them almost a decade ago.
It's a bit insolent to suggest a conspiracy among various retailers colluding to manipulate the prices. There's usually a general market rate and everyone gravitates towards it. Tricker's is a fairly popular brand so there's really no benefit for retailers to put them on sale. Of course a retailer would sell much more but why cut their profit margin unless they have to? The same situation happens with Alden, (most) C&J, EG, etc. Cheaney and AS are very good makers that do...
DOLCE & GABBANA Size 48 (Small/Medium) 100% Cotton Pre-Owned Chest: 17.5" length: 23.5": $75 $65 [[SPOILER]] RALPH LAUREN POLO Small 100% Cashmere New without tag, Chest: 20" Length: 25": $100 $90 [[SPOILER]] BANANA REPUBLIC Heritage 100% Wool Sweater Red Small Chest 18.5" Length 22": $15 [[SPOILER]] SOLDHICKEY by Hickey Freeman 100% Cotton Chest 19.5" Length 24.5": SOLD [[SPOILER]]
YMMV, but I find double-soled shoes to wear this way faster. Maybe it's related to the biomechanics of walking and the thickness of the soles? I find this pretty consistent among my shoes. Hence, I put toe taps on my shoes (especially double leather ones).
Spring cleaning! I generally wear US 7 so these shoes/boots are comparable to that.EDWARD GREEN BRAND NEW FIRST QUALITY (comes with original box and bags) Sandringham; Bauxite; 6.5; E202 last: $775 $725 $700 [[SPOILER]] VASS Ankle Chukka Boots; Dark brown museum (Illcea leather prior to company restructuring); U Last; EU 40: $500 $400 $350 [[SPOILER]] ALFRED SARGENT Hannover; 6F; 87 last; Factory first LASTED TREES Included: $200 $175 [[SPOILER]] SOLD (THANK YOU)!ALFRED...
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