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I need to wear my Shanklins... I think I've only taken them out twice since I purchased them. Call me non-trad but I'd totally be down with dark jeans. One minor thing I miss about my old job was "casual" Friday.
So has anyone tried Vass' S or SP last? The long toe seems to make it odd shaped for small sizes...
I was aware of their sale but unfortunately they didn't have my size. Black Sinatras are boring... especially those in 6.5E... you should move them to me!
Can people quickly post the distance they have on 2-button sleeve styles? This was primarily used for BBBF. Their tailor put the buttons pretty far apart on my jacket and I just want to get ideas from the community. Thanks!
I'm sure if you post your size and ask for a minimal cost or shipping, you'll get interested individuals here on the SF. You won't be able to write them off your taxes but they'll probably end up in good use. White shirts are staples and black suits can be used as work horses in certain industries.
So jealous... still get nightmares that I missed a pair that was on sale at Skoak... BEFORE G&G's price increases... I think 6.5E was the only size left too.Tragedy worthy of a Russian novel.
Haven't ordered from them but I'm wondering if there are any discount codes, promos, sales? Thanks.
A few places I would recommend: Paul Stuart, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren (Mansion in the UES), and Leffot. Some are for the selection but others are for the ambiance (e.g., the Mansion). Enjoy your trip. I argue 2nd Avenue Deli has better pastrami.
Unfortunately I asked about the SHOEGAZING code and they said they would not honor it anymore. The brand was doing so well when Chay was involved (as when he aided in AS' revival) and Wildsmith seems to have really stalled since his departure.Oh well, my Covents (xpost from AS Thread):
The counter's not the cleanest leather but honestly that will blend in as you add wear and crease your shoes. The finishing will eventually even out so that's also not an issue for me. Personally, I think the crust leather AS uses is great, as it soaks up polish quite well.I haven't posted pics in a while as I've been extremely busy but here's my AS for today, Wildsmith's Covent vis AFPoS:
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