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I think it was XII, right? It was a special order from Skoak when they used to carry EG. Nice make-up.For a bal boot, I'm actually considering the EG St. James... although I'm curious how well I'd pull off the side-tie. Anyone have the St. James?
I know, right? You should just move them... I think I have space in my shoe rack...
I have to say Carlos Santos EXPLODED into the scene. Curious how this brand will hold up in time. Carmina did well on SF got on the wagon.
I have a pair of flannels with full lining. Oh yeah, they're toasty. Brisk walking in heavy fabrics also help.
I echo the sentiment of the ESB. I went once when I visited NYC and now that I live here, haven't been back inside. I agree the Statue/Ellis Island is worth the trip, especially if you have interests in history or various cultures. Been to Japan once and it also amazed me how clean it was when I was there. At the hotel, staff with white gloves were using tongs to pick up dirt off the floor. Unfortunately I was with family on a tour so I couldn't really check out the...
BBBF typically do 2 buttons with a fair amount of distance between them. I had 2 placed on a seersucker suit to change it up; however, all my other jackets have 4.
WOOLRICH JRB Dark Gold Arctic Parka MADE IN USA: Style: 8243IT; Color: Dark Gold;Size: Small; Water-resistant Teflon DWR Shell: 60% cotton/40% nylon; Lining: 100% nylon; Insulation: 550 fill - 80% duck down, 20% feathers; Durable YKK two-way zipper with button flap;Coyote fur ruff permanently attached; Adjustable drawstring at the waist; Fleece-lined pockets. $SOLD [[SPOILER]] SOLDWOOLRICH JRB Teton Cordura Stretch Parka Small; Style #WO1230; Retail: $950; Shell:...
I down't own any of the shirts as they're too casual/out there for me. The pants are nice and made well. The rise is longer which is a nice contrast to my low rise suit pants (i.e., RLBL).
Sad they don't have BBBF at Madison anymore... the suit section got totally gutted... not sure if I'm liking the new set-up.
Anyone know quickly what's the difference? The American I believe is obviously made in USA; however, the DF costs $170 more. Insight on the difference would be appreciated!
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