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I freaked out when I first heard RLBL was being D/C but glad to hear they're keeping the fit for RLPL. Haven't bought a suit under the new brand but maybe in the next year or two.I'm not familiar with Chi-town but I assume there are some good tailors there. I think there is a Chicago thread somewhere on SF...Have you tried Paul Stuart or Brooks Brothers? They have varying cuts although they won't have as much "wow" factor when you talk about where you got your tux. I...
Another alternative is to try a fuller cut suit. You are likely getting the lapel problem because the suits are not the right cut for your frame (Anthony is slim with high arm holes). Go with a more traditional cut suit and forget the trendy labels. In BB language, stop trying to fit into a Milano if the Madison will fit you well. As stated, waist and sleeves can be taken in later. Those alterations will also be minimal in price. For the price of RLPL/RLBL MTM, you can...
Looking to have a pair of wholecuts made. Initially heard the S and SP have lower insteps; however, Mr. Kuti stated that the S & SP's instep is higher compared to the U and F. Can those who own the S or SP comment on this? Since the S & SP is longer/wider, I assume sizing is similar to F? Thanks for any clarification.
Anyone going to the factory anytime soon? I'm interested in a specific shoe style.
So with this recent sale on larger sizes... when are smaller sizes... say 6.5E... on sale?
Thanks for the clarification. What is the "dip" or sideways } technically called? @bengal-stripe, any insight?
It's vintage cherry. Yes, these were the time when G&G didn't burnish shoes too much (they used to be lighter than EG's work). Now, they can custom the amount of burnishing.These are how they look now with a decent amount of wear and polish:
My St. James (original design) newI'm still kicking myself for missing the black wholecut Sinatra when Skoak had them on sale... I NEED a black wholecut
I think it was XII, right? It was a special order from Skoak when they used to carry EG. Nice make-up.For a bal boot, I'm actually considering the EG St. James... although I'm curious how well I'd pull off the side-tie. Anyone have the St. James?
I know, right? You should just move them... I think I have space in my shoe rack...
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