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Thanks for the info. I'm surprised a 39.5's outsole proportions are still quite generous... The instep is definitely what hurts me with Vass... hopefully the new last will be better.
The seller is also a SF member... might be worth contacting him if you're interested. Unfortunately, I don't recall his handle at this point. He did start a line of shoes for Kent Wang's handgrade line though I believe.Conservative Monday:
I know Madison has stocked the whiskey chukka so if try them.Zug? But no Veldt? Ill stick to my Columbia synthetic boots when the show here in MI reach my knees.
@ironist, what size did you take in the F last? Would you mind providing the outsole L x W?
I am amazed that the crepe leather combination sole was used then! Still used now by Alden but blokes in the Alden thread have a love-hate relationship with it!
Can't reach EG via email... Anyone know if they still have the 33 last for factory resole?
I know this is not really a major point, but it's interesting how the Marlows, due to the regular discounts (er, glitches, even), the secondary market is pretty much in the $500-$600 level for new ones (of course if you can find them); less for used.Of course, the Lindricks have a different value since they are not as common...
The former, when they still used dovetail heels. Oldie but goodie.It is amazing how much better the welt stitching is on this pair compared to newer models.
How come I didn't get this? I really dislike these variable coupons BB sends out... not that it matters since they don't carry EGs in 6.5/7... argh!
Adelaide (not rubber sole):
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