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Well, since I have the LWB in every rare color, a Ravello boot, and whiskey and cigar boots on the way, I can hold on to them for a few years and sell them for $10K! This is getting like ivory style... this will be black market territory soon!
Sorry to hear they feel roomy. Hopefully an insole will do the trick.Hmmm, they might look familiar... shell... hmmm...
AS Exclusive is a nice comparison for me too. EG and G&G make a tighter fit on the last so the shape is more contoured. For me (maybe EG and G&G lasts just maybe fit better), this provides a nice supported fit. The finishing of EG and G&G are also done much better. The color holds better and the finish is more even. Is it worth double the price? That's up to the buyer to decide. Getting EG and G&G on sale does make it easier to own though.
Speaking of October soles... Chambord II in suedeThe width on these soles is about 2/3 of Dainite from my gross estimates which may explain the flexibility.
Church's look nice!
We do agree on many things don't we?
Nice selection. I assume those balmorals are in the 7000 last? I wish JL fit me as well as EG/G&G because they do have nice sleek lines.
Maybe Justin's line has wider lasts? I know it's a different level of work but AS' 724 last is quite generous in their F and maybe something you'd consider.I wonder what the inventory of small sizes looks... 6.5E isn't the most common size also...
Man, I hate this time of the year... Just before I always seem to be financially responsible then... BAM! A week later... BAM! The weekend... BAM! BAM!! BAM!!!
I understand your point. I find blues harder to work; blue suit and blue shoes appear too much for me. Grays on the other hand works better for my suit/trouser combinations.
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