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I picked up the hooded Bedale from Macy's. Really practical although I'm on the fence as the shell is poly/cotton (72%/28% or something like that). It has a very similar feel to their cotton shells, minus the subtle waxy feel. Interestingly it's price way more than the Bedale and the lining is synthetic. It does fit slimmer and has the drawstring so it's nice (I have an 8" drop). As this would be my first Barbour jacket, I kind of wanted the wax cotton shell. The Ashby...
From the sides, in midtown, that's close to what others charge. Taper from the center sometimes is about $20 cheaper. I'm sure there are less expensive places downtown.
Nice! Previously bought from Sartoriale and happy to see the association with SF!
WOOLRICH John Rich & Bros. SUNDANCE Jacket XSThis is a great and stylish jacket by WOOLRICH John Rich & Bros. It is lightweight and packable (comes with a bag for packing). I typically wear size 38 in suits and this XS size provides a nice snug fit, which is important for down jackets.Details:•Brand: Woolrich•Line: John Rich & Bros.•100% Nylon•90% Duck Down/10% Feather•Elastic wrist•Hem drawstringPlease let me know if you have any questions as I do not accept returns or...
Looks like even pavement... that's rarity nowadays! I love seeing the asphalt come loose on the roads and you can see the cobblestones underneath. It's not as old as London but the city has it's character!
Interestingly, with all the years I've had the corporate discount, I think I've only availed of it once...
This happens occasionally to my shoes that have closed channels. Could be not enough glue when they placed the thin leather layer or you may have unknowingly stepped on something that made shifted the binding and the foot contact slowly cause it to separate.Really not a major issue in my opinion and you might find a quick purchase of shoe cement, a clothes pin, and a few minutes, will alleviate the problem in less time than reaching out to G&G and everything.Either route ...
I have TNF Credit for $549 and will to part with it for $400. If you have any questions let me know! If validity of the card is a concern, I can always purchase and ship an item(s) of your choice that totals a specific amount and I can have it shipped directly from TNF to you! Please let me know if you have any questions!
Anyone have a Macy's gift card and willing to trade it for cash? Thanks!
These were the seasonal suits though so I think the selection was quite limited.
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