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Tan is a great color. I know it's pretty casual but it's great.Wearing my new EG Shannons today:
My turn! Nice colorways!I've rotated a couple of bal boots but these will likely be the stable for years to come.
Agreed! Was brushing them so I figure to post my EG boots. Pretty representative of my work. Good to be a shrink as I get to wear stuff without too much worry of contamination:
I don't meant o break the StC party. But was able to walk around with my Shannons (but weather didn't agree so they'll get the elements tomorrow) Back to StC, I assume we can order designs (not currently in your selection) through you? I still want their double monk boot...
Put these on but then I walked out the door and found freezing temps and SNOW! Since the soles were new I didn't want to slide around so I changed (also wore a heavier suit): Shannons will get their chance tomorrow (I hope). Galways out today:
Yeah, sadly they didn't have my size on the blue suede sweeping monks.
I thought that classic wingtip was mine until I saw G width. This might the one to have me take the StC plunge!
I did, just wanted to help out on the Sandringham I started.
If the top row of stitching was a different color it might be more interesting. With the dark welt, it just looks like a reverse from afar.Non G&G related, and most of those on the EG thread have likely seen it, but 1 more is needed for a chestnut blucher re-order. Details are "spoiled" below: [[SPOILER]]
I believe only 1 person in an E width is needed to get the order going: Details: Order via SkoAB Sandringham Last: 202 Chestnut antique Double leather sole ETA is approximately 4 months Price is 7700SEK (which is just under $900 today) Anyone else interested? This is almost ready to go.
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