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I have a couple POW suits (one similar to that). I stick with solid colors (e.g., white shirt and black tie with a subtle pattern). One has purple tones so I wear a ties in a similar colorway. People might be bolder with stripes and stuff but I'm on the stuffier end.
I miss this thread. Need more G&G!
Try both the 36S and 38S and see which fits better. Also, fit and cut will vary so with some makers you'll fit better with one versus another. It is easier to take in a suit but you need to make sure the shoulders and proportion works. If all else you can always do MTM.
That's pretty good news that Ms. Freeman has addressed it. Maybe it'll be worth a risk on the St. James then...
Part shameless plug, part answer to your question. RLBL is a drop 7 so the waist will be slightly larger. I am actually selling a RLBL in 46R (you can find it in my sig) with approximate measurements. You can probably use them for reference with his regular Caruso suit. I wear a smaller size than 46 but the suit is cut slim. going up a size is tricky sometimes as proportions might be off (e.g., shoulders) which can make things not look right. Hope this helps!
Man, such winners! BB GF and that TF coat...
You have a lot of patience to bull those caps. I'd do them for rainy season but the snow just ruins the shine too quickly. I miss my Islays...
If you can catch items on sale they're not bad. I was at Saks and they had a monk strap for under $700 on the sale rack; that was the only EG that I saw. For anything under $1K, it would like be B&S, eBay, or an EG sale (local or overseas). Stock model you would unfortunately likely have to pay close to retail.
As of today, I dropped the price to $450 and $50 off if you mention this thread = this RLBL suit for $400!Again, also have a chocolate brown suit in 44L with the same terms.
If that was 6.5E I'd be all over it... Probably the only boot I want from EG... well, okay, maybe the St. James.
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