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It's good EG is more flexible with combinations as they had numerous restrictions in the past. I tried wild combinations in the past... couldn't pull it off. Even spectators in the same colorway were nice (had a navy smooth/suede) Frome but I just didn't get much wear out of them. I'm boring, what can I say...
Not implying it was a defect. Just a different feel of the leather compared to older ones. I don't know which name of StC leather it is but the creasing has the similar properties (the softer/comfortable one).
Overall the uppers are excellent. I do have to say the uppers felt firmer (maybe thicker is not the proper term) in my older EGs (>5 years) compared to those I've obtained the past few years. I think finishing on new shoes have more variability. These are a recent pair taken from the medial heel (caudal? posterior?@mw313 help me out here with the localization). This is the left with noticeable creasing maybe from more distal parts of leather: And a more expected...
I'd second Trickers if you want hardy country boots. Cheaney is a fine brand, which I felt had better uppers than Barker and close to Trickers. Skye is a fine boot and will provide a nice upper and sharper last. The higher price will yield these factors...but also a higher factory resole price.
Thanks!I'd just pay the extra couple of bucks and send to B Nelson/VIP in NYC. They do excellent work.
I have a variety of colors... but nothing too crazy.
Here are a couple: brand new & worn about 50-75 times [[SPOILER]]
AE vs JM?
I think twilight? It's close to my Shannon in midnight/twilight. I assume 'midnight' is darker if we're going by the name
X post from G&G: Just saw those RR. @razl, Which last did you end up sizing up on?
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