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Awesome color combination my friend! Looking forward to seeing more of you on this side of the street (EG)!
Classic William:
EG has certain "levels" when it comes to MTO and I believe Patrik attached a link to the MTO options for the listing. I needed to unload a couple more shoes to have a horse in this race...
Well there is the MTO fundraiser for RMDH, right?
Congrats on the Willow gentlemen! To be honest the print never really peaked my interest (although the rarity was interesting) but the styles and colors should be pretty classic!
Fit is pretty good actually!
That is pretty impressive. I know a few of the guys on Alden that can do that. I can name probably more for EG since they're just names though... Hell, I can easily name 12: Shannon I, II, III, IV...XII!
I really like antique pine. It's be a nice comparison to my (soon to arrive) EG Edwardian Falkirks
Chelsea boots should be snug by the instep but they're not going to feel like lace-ups due to the constructions. Comfortable should be good. If you want to fill in the gaps an insole should be fine. Nick V has a variety at his shop (VIP Shoes) and you can walk there to break in your new shoes!
Eh, I'd go more with a fling. Definitely a paradox of my typical EG boots!
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