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Would totally be down for a pair of Sandringhams in chestnut or G&G Woburn, also in chestnut. The Edwardian Falkirk will fill my lighter-colored gap for balmorals. Um, either ones upcoming stock models @mw313, interestingly, our ethical standards allow us to "barter" goods for services... I guess the APA is more flexible than the AMA when it comes to this!
LOL, had to double-take when I saw that; I thought fritzy is back at SF! You can compete with me when it comes to Shannons! Are those black pair the one with cloud and you darkened the shaft?
Heh, early on I did specialized in addictive behaviors Getting a bigger closet will help you...and paying for treatment may help me (and eventually @Leaves).Great pick up though! I have remorse for unloading a couple of G&G but now I can search for something I want: chestnutnderby wingtip! G&G Woburn in DG70 comes to mind!
Funny the exact pair of shoes sold for $30 a couple months ago. It has the same damage in the toe area. $30 to $339...seller is looking for a big upcharge lol
These are the shoes I've been eyeing. I like the look but I actually saw a previous pair, same size and all, just sell for $30 a couple months ago. Big difference in price!http://www.ebay.com/itm/171748422694?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AITAs we all know, just because it looks good doesn't mean that the value is similar.
Received offers that I couldn't refuse for my Rothschilds and Hughes so I'm in the market for a sleek full brogue Derby in an orange-tone. I think chestnut is G&G's orang-ish tone?
EG and G&G (semi-formal) vis a vis Alden (casuals) are my standards. Others provide variations. Unloading shoes and a Nevis is looking more realistic!
Thanks for the feedback on Von Bummel. That's consistent with what I've read.Is the leather used decent on the Noble Blue line? I know it's not EG but I hope it's not plasticky. The pair I'm looking at appears to be Norwegian constructed.
Anyone familiar with Van Bummel Noble Blue? Reviews weren't too flattering although it looks like AE/Loake uquivent. Any experience?
@Nick A, maybe a wish list design for next month? It would be a great casual spring shoe! The chestnut color is great...maybe on the DG70
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