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So Herring started carring AS shoes at a lower price point. This makes sense as the higher "1966" has oak bark channeled soles while the lower price have exposed stitching and standard soles. My curiosity is the quality of the uppers. Anyone know if the uppers of the cheaper AS are comparable to the 1966 line? I recently purchased a pair of AS, made for Bowen (France) with sole construction like the latter and the leather quality was noticeably poorer. Thoughts?
That's what I figure.I went to the BBBF shop downtown and sadly found it already closed! I assume they're consolidating stock and sending them to 3rd parties (e.g., TJMaxx)? I would have thought there would be a deeper discount past 60% before they did this...
Corporate Card discount doesn't work on BBBF sale items, does it?
Thanks for the PR! $50 off for those interested!
not at all! My corgi-like arms took them.
Enjoying the warm weather outside (well... while at work indoors)
BRIONI Sweater IT 54 XL This is a beautiful sweater by Brioni. It is weaved in an amazingly beautiful design that that makes the texture amazing to the touch. Details: Size: IT 54 V-Neck Chest: 21" Length: 27.5" 100% Wool Made in Italy Retail: $925
RALPH LAUREN Black Label Chocolate Brown Herringbone Suit 38R This is a beautiful suit from Ralph Lauren and take this opportunity to own it! If you are familiar with Black Label, it is made just under the Purple Label line's quality so it is superbly manufactured! This is a classic style suit in a very modern cut! Details: Brand: RALPH LAUREN Line: Black Label 2 button Chocolate Brown Herringbone 100% Wool Made in Italy Size: 38R (Anthony) Chest: 20" Shoulders (measured...
id keep them. Have that happen in a couple of boots; never bothered me much...
I think the JM Weston is a wholecut; is the Burnham? I don't own both so I can't really say. G&G wins for those who prefer sharper lasts. My Shannons and Wigmore/Canterbury boots get regular wear. I do prefer Alden for my casual wear so I have the "shell rainbow" for LWBs and boots. Some of are just idiosyncratic preferences I think with purchases. I like the Thorpe but it's too sleek for me and the Nevis' style of the panel just looks better to me (while many prefer the...
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