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My first real plunge into suede: JL Chambord II: I have a pair of PS/GMP sand suede but they were a steal so I consider these Chambords as the first significant pick-up.
Chambord II
Good to see movement! Xpost from JL:
First time out (Xpost from JL): JL Chambord II
Wore my EGs, JL, G&G regularly in the subway/bus/etc. when I lived in NYC. Personally I've never had anyone step on them in the 9 years I lived in the city.
Pembrokes are great country/casual shoes. When I see consolidated collections like these I'm more tempted to get rid of most of my shoes. Now that I started driving everywhere, I don't get enough wear to justify all my shoes...
The Inverness in the 888 is pretty much a stock model too so many should carry it.
My Westminsters fit well and I have a low instep. Be aware the straps for the buckle is leather and not elastic so margin for error is pretty low.
C, you're holding out on me! Hmmm, any HG boots in 6E?Since you're there and so close to EG too... I'm jealous.
Oxblood would be my preference now.
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