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Shannon > Galway Give me a few days and if I'm lucky, I'll be able to show a sample burgundy Shannon (II though, not the XIV).
And this is why I I have a stable full of Alden when it comes to shell. Like ddd said, I do have a pair of Derwents in dark brown crup:
Are you replacing the whole sole or just the heel? If you walk a lot, it's not unnatural to have to replace the toplift; however, if you are wearing through the sole to the point that a hole develops in the ball area of the sole, then you're putting on some miles there.
Hopefully you have at least a couple other shoes in your rotation as the tan will be memorable to people and you want to at least have a decent rotation. The former is "dressier" since it has less broguing. The Strand is an AE favorite so they will likely get the popular vote. Both are fine shoes; I like the last of the Clifton better though (never a fan of the 5 when I wore AE).
don't do it... we've all been there. I refuse to do it anymore.
Wow, a few more you should change your name to Andrew! Nice selection you have there!
did this happen to your vass?
We should just post more pictures of EG.
J Crew carries them.
I use the same measurements; however, note that EG will have an overall "snugger" feel compared to the Barrie.
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