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If the original owner is in NYC, I can see there to be more wear than average. JR soles are fairly durable though. When I lived in NYC, I covered 4-6 miles daily in my smart shoes (literally).Is that the current price for shell? I thought it was higher. The last time I had something made (albeit it was a boot in whiskey shell) it was well >$1K and that was some time ago.I'd prefer not to comment on an "appropriate" price for another SF's listing (I respect that listers can...
Those are not just a pair of boots... they are a pair of boots with green lining in an attempted juxtoposition... oh hell, I really don't know what I'm talking about... Thanks uncle! Always good to see you browsing through other threadsColors chestnut and dark oak?Today:EGxRL Clayton
Excellent observation with the heel's practicality
besides the shade of the dots, I find Dainite more dense (maybe rigid) than JL's version which appears to be more pliable.
I personally don't although I know others have expressed tightness around the toebox.
Sorry dude, almost missed to respond. These are actually the C&J Somervilles I've had posted. Since I had them around still I figure to include them to compare C&J's HM brown to others.Shannons in a rainy day:
Same last? Some lasts are tighter for me (also older Lobb)
Speaking of Nick, I also believe he carried such a boot, or offered it for sale somehow.
Lovely collection, thank you for sharing![/quote]Thanks! Funny I realized that I still missed a few that were by my front door but I think it shows the colors well.I do! Interestingly they are in other colors (Alden x2, Shannons x3, AS x1 plus the dark oak Shannons and Galways and 2 pairs of Alden in cigar and whiskey waiting to be made).Hence I'm done for the next 30 years... unless I move back to NYC and all the walking will make them last 13 years.
I definitely wear the same size (length). I could get away with a narrower width, although break-in time is a little longer. Also, X-posts on a couple of threads:Changed the laces on a couple of my shoes and I thought I'd take a pictures of my tan and brown shoes. I took one of my red shoes sometime ago so I thought these are in order:Tans:Browns:The browns are still missing their dark oak Shannons and Galways...
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