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Thanks for your response. I was worried about that. I think I may have mistaken the material as it's a briefcase by Ralph Lauren (not Polo) and I think they describe the leather as "saddle" but also unfinished. Is this pretty much the same quality? I want something not too dressy but also don't want a tan briefcase to look like Horween's chromexcel.
I would put this more on AS as any distributor will not inspect every single product; that is the manufacturer's job. I would guess that might eventually become flush after some wear.AS' QC is definitely stronger than AE. As much as AE provides options in their price point, their value to many is their MTO flexibility, regular sale/deep discounts, and factory seconds.
Sorry for the random question, can someone provide feedback on the fit of the previous Gloverall x Epaulet duffle coat? It was slim fit if I remember correctly and not as full as Gloverall's version. For those that have it! Did you get your normal suit size or size down? Do you wear it over suits/blazers? Thanks for any insight!
Don't have that but if you're interested in a UK6 E888 pair of BARELY worn Cloud Westminsters let me know!
A small pick-up from last year: BNWT BB tie for $7. Perfect price for seasonal wear.
Moriarty today: I owed the 109 before and the boot fit is pretty consistent. I find the 109 a longer last but the volume and width fit work well. The uppers are not the same quality as the Exclusive range so that was a slight disappointment. I was hoping that the price difference from the 1966 lasted shoes was saved from the sole quality, but it seems the uppers also reflect the difference. for the price the boots are still a bargain and the uppers are better than a pair...
St. James. I heard they're not the most popular boots but I like that's it's a little different. Unfortunately I got the "dreaded" crease below the cap. It bugged me at first but I guess it's probably due to the pattern design. Anyone else have this with their St. James?
@MrVenneri Don't these look familiar?
Back to the factory?
I agree the biggest difference on the wood/plastic last are on the 82. It does feel more voluminous, but not enough to size up/down. The recommendation for recrafting was to go down a width (from E to D) to address this if it's too big. Haven't tried this but I might on my next pair. I actually owed some spectators like those... pretty nice although definitely just summer wear! Hell (shameless plug), if we're talking about selling, I've had a more practical pair of EG...
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