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Interesting that the heel nail pattern is similar to C&J; however, the 87 last is definitely AS. Regardless, the sale price is good for either brands.
Have a pair of Antibes but I was able to pick up RL's version... too similar to keep? The major difference is the apron and leather (RL is less finished, thus lighter like Doak vs. burnt pine). Thoughts?
Haven't posted a pair in a while but cigar LWB today: I think I should be done with my shell collection in 12 to 18 months. LWB in whiskey, cigar, ravello, and #8; #8 WTB, ravello Day Trippers, cigar straight tip boots (on order), and whiskey Indy (on order).
Thanks! I had the wrong spelling which is probably why nothing came up when I previously searched. i appreciate it!
Anyone know what the Borden looks like?
I might be the minority but I have probably 20 balmorals (5 boots), about 15 bluchers (half boots), and about 6 monks. I wear suits so I tend to favor balmorals. I'm probably one of the few Shannons > Galways. I need to take inventory of my stuff if I don't know what I exactly have.
I have a pair of Hoves... and Oakhams on the way. Now about that Jodhpur boot...
6.5 in the shadows sadness...
I would guess there are lots of variables when it comes to making each shoe. It could be how thinly the puffer is made, how far up it is placed, how thick the uppers are, etc.I also see this sometimes and I can see how a retailer may not consider this substantial enough to warrant a discount. I'm sure there are many customers who would not even notice it and pick it up from the rack.
I think there's an app for that. Spray away; however, if you're still concerned you can just cover the calf with a couple of cardboard pieces, masking tape, etc.
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