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How did you size? Did you get the fit right? HOVES LOOK GREAT!
nope, don't own the 405... no Indy in my rotation... until I get my WHISKEY Indy in a few months.
always so kind!Great cleaning kit! I'm sure that'll motivate more regular cleaning routines. I'm a simple man... a plastic container holds my polishes and brushes. I'm happy that my wife doesn't complain a out the brushing noises.
I didn't know they discontinued the dark brown color. The dark brown leather is very nice and soft and does age well. C&J lasts just fits me long and EG fits me better which is why I pre-ordered a Shannon similar to what you wanted (kept the brogue cap though) and moving my Somervilles. I also prefer the slightly stiffer leather EG uses. After the discussion of the refurbishing costs of EG, C&J are more reasonable options.
I might be the minority but I only use 2 (one for black and another for tans). Have thought about having an exclusive brush for my light cordovans (i.e., whiskey, Ravello) but I have not gotten around to it.I just leave them be. I do my normal cleaning routine and they eventually go away (either that or I get used to seeing them). There's no "magic" solution although suggestions such as cold spoon, deer bone, brushing hard, etc. will be recommended by some.
I feel ya; the only bal boots I really wear with jeans (and not habitually) are my midnight/twilight Shannons. God know I have enough Alden shell for dress down boots.Did you say William? Got one of those too. Yeah, a standard pair of Galways would be a nice addition then. Enjoy!
I vote Shannons. Okay, to be helpful, the open lacing would be most appropriate so Galways; however, if you prefer them to look "dressier" then Westminster is also a fine choice. it would come down to boot vs. shoe.Or you can always get a pair (or more) in each style like myself...
It is high but that sounds about right (1/3 the price of retail). In EG's defense, they do a "refurb" not just a "resole" when submitted.Not cheap especially compared to the likes of AS (
EDWARD GREEN for RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL]/b] NEW 7/7.5E Cap Toe Derby Shoes 89 Last (unfortunately no shoe bags; note slight creases on the left vamp) $775$675 $625
10 day trip to LV and SoCal! 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of running shoes, 1 pair of EG, and what pair of LWB? Cigar, whiskey, ravello, #8, or natcxl? Decisions...
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