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@rydenfan Good combination! It's looks like the offspring between Crat's and my Galways!
Galways today because I thought it was going to be slushier... should have worn my Shannons
If I had your skills, I'd just have 5 pairs of shoes and just have different colors posted on the threads... who needs shell LWBs in 5 different colors?
Been contemplating of thinning out some of my EG but it looks like the secondary market isn't yeilding as much as it used to recently... I wonder if it's because of the strong $...
Good luck on the sale and they are great! Still holding on to my pair for a bit. Didn't know you're in MI (I'm in the middle). Not much usage with our weather recently...
So jealous...
Might work better for Namor... Those buckles will likely be around my calves. I should clarify as I think those boots were designed for artillery personnel (specifically tanks) during the war?
Great boot... jsut don't know where to wear it... my life is not too rustic... or hipster-ish. I don't think they'd fit in next to my Shannons. But maybe now is the time for change...
Good to see more pics of the 890 from Justin's blog. I do like the look but it reminds me of Vass' U last. I assume the gross fit is comparable to their other lasts.
What's everyone so excited about?
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