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Thanks! I really like the "museum" finish on them; it's a bonus over a uniform gray. You'll be number one on the list!Now I need to figure out if they're too close to my EG Shannon in black/cloud.
Thanks for the clarification. Confirmations yay or nay?
I think it's like 4 months for EG? I may be wrong though. Price will likely be around $900 (at least that's how much the conversion to USD is going for right now).
Smart man. Yeah, good deals are hard to pass up. Still waiting to get lucky from the seconds list! There a NST suede but I have a JL Chambord boot in basically the same colorway so I passed.
What is the damage on the Sandringham? Any shipping questions should likely be directed to Patrik/Gabriel/Alexander at SkoAB. I think the interested parties are: E width: @UnnamedPlayer @Flimsychicken @justinkapur F width: @jerrybrowne SkoAB can also confirm if the F width is available after the first 3 basic orders. Ironically I'm on the fence now we have enough. I guess the final details will push me through. Anyone else interested?
@laufer: Thanks! It actually helped as I thought a design was slightly plain but I noticed the subtle single-punch around the throat.DUDE! So torn now between the Woburn and the Sandringham! I really prefer the shape of the wingtip and the thistle of the Sandringham but the Woburn is on sale. Argh! Here are my Canterbury boots. Gray/gray suede. Really don't plan to wear them with jeans but it's casual Friday so I take advantage (Fridays are typically Alden days):
G! Restrain much? Great color on the cap toes. If I knew you were ordering, I would have asked AFPoS to add a couple of laces for me. Next time!
Anyone have Woburns in the wild? For some reason I'm now picky off the proportions...maybe real life pics will help.
Great boots! Self-burnishing my new Canterbury to darken the fray up a little. I am selling my blue Shannon's but I think with the darker Gray, the Black/cloud Shannon's might move and the blue stay! Happy to get interest with the EG Sandringham. The Woburn would have been nice and sleek but EG does work better for me with as casual shoes.
@Leaves/@Skoaktiebolaget: I believe we have the minimum 3:Myself (DpprDr)@Flimsychicken@justinkapurPlease advise the timeline and order process. Thanks again!
New Posts  All Forums: