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Recent Plymouth talk so here's mine (AKA RL Clayton):
Thanks all! Nice coincidence.
The Epic tree might not have sufficient width to fill a EEE. You might find better luck with split toe trees that widen more. In regards to the toe, unless you get lasted trees, you're not going to find generic ones that will fill the toebox (but they should be close though and 1.5 inches does seem quite a fair amount of room unless you have elongated shoes). Personally, I'm more concerned about adequate tension in the flex area/vamp. The toe is typically stiff enough that...
I was closer to 50 but now I think I'm shy of 40 (including those coming in). I've definitely parted with many shoes from makers that are good, but the last weren't just right for me (e.g., AS). If I got rid of all my Aldens I could definitely hit the 20 mark but their shell is more like a "collection" for me (even if I wear the pretty regularly).Maybe after a few years I'll forego wearing suits then I can really cut down my balmorals. I figure that will be the case in...
A reason why we don't have any yet... I need to drop the rotation to under 20...
All these shell lately! What shortage?
Good to know my Shannon is the model holiday shoe for EG! Happy holidays everyone!
Yes, my wife nixed the shoes in the bedroom idea... we just had to get an extra bedroom to store them. Curious how this damage happened... I wonder if it's only with the smaller sizes while larger sizes work out better. Sorry @Ironist Sadly, if the damage on on the facing/vamp and quite noticeable, such seconds will likely not be worth the slight discount.
Speaking of Galways (Post SnoSeal): [[SPOILER]] Pre-SnoSeal (for those curious about how much darker they get)
I'm actually curious how EG would manage the uppers should treated shoes be returned to the factory for refurb. I'm sure if a request was made to leave the uppers they will respect though.
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