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I use EG trees... just because I have them. My Woodlore Epic does an acceptable job too.
From my short history with EG, they only stock specific styles in certain widths, primarily E. There are certain runs each season where they'll expand to other widths (e.g., F). I am fortunate that I can fit well into 6.5E and even 6.5D on certain lasts/styles.
HA! Thanks for the catch NAMOR... I was wondering what kind of name 'Dallas' was... now if they named a pair 49ers!
Sad face for no dark oak Galways = Thanks! I hope 2 other people are interested!
Leaves, can you give the details again for the Shannon VIII? I posted it on the EG thread to see if 2 more people are interested. I believe the only variability is the length and all other details (including width) has to be constant?
Argh! Lucky!
Why not get them from Skoak? I'm sure you'll save a few $ with the exchange rate? I can be 2 out of the 3 needed to get them to run an order!
Crosspost from Skoaktiebolaget's thread:I'm late to the Shannon party but I'm planning on picking this pair up; however, for the order to go through, 2 more interested parties are needed. I believe all orders have to be the same width; I am an E width for reference.Anyone interested?
Thanks for the clarification!Yeah, I'm slowly transitioning to EG and G&G (lasts just fit much better for me); I have the GMTO Millers and C&J Somervilles that I'm probably going to unload once I get the dark oak Shannons.
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