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Sad to see the "cracking" counter finish has not been corrected. I thought Ms. Freeman was informed of this and was corrected.
GMTO ZUG SNOWDON UPDATE UPDATE: I spoke with C&J and the difficulty they had was the faux cap toe. The factory's recommendation is to make the boot without it. For me, this is a deal breaker. If there are still others interested, and one is willing to coordinate, please let me know and I will get you in touch with C&J. List of interested parties: @DavidLane @jitkie @McBear @Tamyom @kczsilence @fayia
GMTO Zug Snowdon UPDATE: I spoke with C&J and they are inquiring if the factory will accept a similar run due to difficulties from the first run (details were not communicated to me although I inquired). Once I get more information/confirmation I will relay them to everyone in the thread. Once I get the green light, I will provide details and see who are interested parties and set GMTO spot details. List of interested...
cost-effective way of services the masses. You capture those with 32 & 33 inch sleeves with one shirt. From the rumors I've read, that's what the 2 button stances are for on the cuffs.
@DavidLane@jitkie@McBear@Tamyom@kczsilence@fayiaUpdated 5/1/2016I reached out to C&J so hopefully we'll find out in the next few days if another run will be considered. If they do, I will provide the details in this thread.I actually didn't hear about it until after the run. I've wanted the boot and initially was going to go through Alfred Sargent (cheaper price and I think they make great country boots); however, they doubled the minimum requirement (from 10 to 20) so...
For whomever set up the GMTO, can you PM me the contact information so I can obtain a quote for price, lead time, etc. Thanks!
And this is why we get Veldt...On that note, any interest on doing another run of this great boot?I'm #1 in line if we do!
GMTO INTEREST CHECK: ALFRED SARGENT KELSOI'm trying to see if I can get 9 19 other people interested in the Kelso. The MTO Will be on the stock style. I believe AS makes great country boots and are a reasonable value.Upper: ZugConstruction: VeldtschoenCommando soleLast: 88FXPrice: 395GBP including VATMessage me if you're interested! Pictures of the boots below: [[SPOILER]]
Oh yes, I remember this from a couple years ago I think. Sometimes being across the pond is no fun.
Did someone sale sale?
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