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Sorry for not responding sooner but it's mink suede.Another pic:
Decided to post and brag about this vest purchase. I've had the seersucker suit for a while but while I was walking around yesterday, the vest caught my eye and I picked it up. Behold the materials match almost perfectly! Not bad for matching it from memory! Different brands too! The practicality of a 3 piece seersucker doesn't make too much sense but it's too cool to pass up.
I'm extremely happy with the 1966 range. One of the best bang when you're looking at the $500 price range. Personally I'd put them close to C&J HG line.
For those that own AS for Herring, I'm curious there is a difference in the quality of the uppers for those from the 1966 line compared to the "regular (e.g., stitch aloft soles). I really don't mind the soles but I prefer the quality of the 1966 leather, which is pretty much similar to their Exclusive range (or close to it) from my experience. The non-Exclusive shoes made by AS (e.g., Bowen, J. Crew, etc.) do not have as nice uppers and do not age as well from my...
Yes, I specifically requested it to compliment the black wholecut upper. It's probably easier and less time consuming than the 'V' one so I'm sure they'll accomodate.
Sorry for the late response. It feels roomier from my experience as it has that "bump" to add more volume.Hope this helps with those curious about the SP.
Just realized Dynasty Tailors closed down. Joseph was always a pleasure to work with. Anyone know by chance if he closed for good or moved to a different location?
I will try to upload more pics when they were unworn but these are my SP lasted wholecuts: Definitely chiseled and elongated but the instep is lower (maybe because I took a half size smaller vs. the U) and actually fits best. The standard S will be the next purchase.
Been a while since I've posted but here are some new puppies: Unfortunately, this pair developed the dreaded "below the cap crease." I've learned to accept it and the bull toe does minimize it.
Sorry for the delayed response. Total inseam, if undone, would be just over 36". Please let me know if you have any further questions.
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