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That's the difficulty sometimes with the collaborations. I wonder if it's from the buyer's perspective ("doesn't matter if it's narrower, just use the 'D' so buyers think it's normal witdh; an 'E' or 'F' would be confusing for them"). For the Hannovers, here they today, for my snowy day: From AFPoS
That's why there are a gazzillion lasts with crazy number/naming systems. Adelaide today [[SPOILER]] Conflicted between the above 2 pairs... thinking of letting one of them go.
Wow, things blew up after a couple days not being on...For the person that asked about the Dover in 82:No fancy watch to show off but I tend to wear my late father's watch. More sentimental value than anything since the last maintenance probably cost more than it's MSRP. Didn't think the guy did it properly though since condensation is happening... [[SPOILER]]
Yup, definitely not on the Alden timeline.
Interestingly, I don't have heel slip issues with the William last (not sure if the II is on a different one); however, I definitely had to rid my 7000 & 8000 shoes because of heel slip with those lasts.
Now that's nice.
JP Paris has been known to use "modern" styles so this move seems like something in-line. They did a collaboration with Paul Smith a few years ago, a colorful designer as well. I personally tend to the more classic styles but I'm sure this will peak others' interest.
I like the patina... how long have you had them? I also have a pair of tan cap toes from EG. IMO, the color works best for wingtips and the cap toe is just too "dressy" in my eyes. I still fit mine into a rotation but I always think tan wingtips work better...
Likely UK 8.
i guess you can have your thoughts... @Dddrees soles do look new, sole guard and heel taps obviously were added. Good price for one of Steven's line (Leffot).
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