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The oxblood used to be offered some time ago. Nice comparison to G&G vintage Rioja.
I think they have medication for that... America, we have pharmaceutical companies to treat any symptom. I don't think zug is as contagious as the shell cordovan/crup outbreak.
I believe veldt does a better job keeping water out... Could be wrong though
The joy of autofill when sending e-mails... if not, Gabriel would have less communication from me.
If I don't see Crat-inspired pictures I'm going to be greatly disappointment gentlemen!Now that is great work right there...
Those are a good price... interesting I haven't seen that style x shell combo from AS before.
Unless he was waiting for a specific leather. Ilcea did not get their leathers out until just a few months ago; other tanneries were being used during the brief hiatus.
Good point with the black finish. AS beats C&J even for me. I wish they just did more 724 lasted stuff! Really only last if get since it fits the best.
Interestingly, those are already a half size down than the usual. I think the P2 has just more casual last feel than say, the F or U. For me, length was good; I have a low instep so they didn't work well for me as well. Hope it works out with the insole! I'll get your PM about sizes by tomorrow @ironist!
That's just crazy... I'm out of the shell game. No more. After the preorders come in, I'm done. @NAMOR you with me? Ready to Move past Step 1?
New Posts  All Forums: