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I'd use neutral of a polish similar or lighter than the shade you want your Inverness. Be careful of rubbing away the burnish as that may come off too.
East Lansing count as a large city? Yeah, I'll fly within CONUS if a trunk show occurs. Maybe I'll be back in NYC or LA by then!
Trying to change up my Shannons since I wanted a change towards darker shades: Before: Now: Brand New:
So jealous... but I still have the Falkirks coming in so that should be good!
Id say look at any of my previous posts in numerous threads. Worn in that way >98% of the time.
Fancy None of my cap toes will top the history of that shoe.
Yup! They're pretty similar in shape to my E82 from the top down but it has a higher toe box that makes it more casual. I think the will work better for me than the E202.I think they're the "old" chestnut. I am flirting with the idea of adding some red polish to warm them up.
How is the Bemer sizing relative to EG? Is there a link to the "outlet shop?"
After the "red" love there is always "yellow"
Thanks for the excellent buying experience! These are what I am looking for!
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