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Ah! Those are the original ones by AS. Very nice... I still regret not getting a pair back then. I don't think AS does veldt anymore unfortunately.
@scrwl, nice boots! They look like the Pennine from S&H, made by Cheaney if I'm not mistaken. Veldt construction?
Who wants to come on a road trip to Woodbury?!?!
Interesting as I believe sales vary depending on location. I was at the Mansion this past weekend and RLBL suits were around $700-$800. Interestingly, their PRL markdowns had no additional discounts while the PRL store on 5th had 50% off markdown prices.I wonder if they price match themselves...
Although there are a lot of options, I'd hazard the OP to pick up shoes that he could try on. With EB, Vass, or other European SF-preferred brands, you might be heartbroken when you get them and the fit isn't optimal. There is always the argument to "jump in" but in my case, it took trying a handful of different brands/lasts for me to really understand what fits well. If you're in NYC, Chi-town, LA/OC, or SF, maybe go to shops to see what's appealing. If you're not, how...
I live in NYC and I walk at least 5-6 miles during the weekday and slightly more on weekends.
I have a couple POW suits (one similar to that). I stick with solid colors (e.g., white shirt and black tie with a subtle pattern). One has purple tones so I wear a ties in a similar colorway. People might be bolder with stripes and stuff but I'm on the stuffier end.
I miss this thread. Need more G&G!
Try both the 36S and 38S and see which fits better. Also, fit and cut will vary so with some makers you'll fit better with one versus another. It is easier to take in a suit but you need to make sure the shoulders and proportion works. If all else you can always do MTM.
That's pretty good news that Ms. Freeman has addressed it. Maybe it'll be worth a risk on the St. James then...
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