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You might have to clarify which line the boots came from because AS does have a variety. Curious as I've actually had very good experiences with AS' leather.
I was added after purchases shoes from Jermyn St. I'm sure you can call or e-mail them and ask to be included.@dddrees Thanks for asking about the watch for the mrs. Been busy with work but I'll be looking into it. Winter is rough for me. Our anniversary, Christmas, New Years (which is a big holiday in her culture), and her birthday are within a couple of months so budgeting rough.For better or worse, I think my Shannons and Galways from SkoAB are also due around then!
They'll look like black half brogues. If you keep the suede dark they'll be fine.
Good to see you're moving stuff! Best of luck clearing them out!
Sounds like balmoral boots are getting some hype again! Maybe this will increase activity in the balmoral boot thread!
Lighting makes mine look darker: Rothschild
I believe so.
Thanks uncleSadly I am size-less by the time this happens.After a conservative Monday (black Chelsea), midnight/twiligh Shannons today:
I really like the 104 last... unfortunately there's not much made on it.
Full brogue is a wingtip while half is a captoe
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