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New Alden on sale for $399!!! [[SPOILER]]
Yeah man, not as much walking so shoes/boots last longer and don't get as beaten up by the elements. I've also settled down to my staples and haven't ventured out more recently. Thought about EB but from what I hear the instep is higher so I might pass. Maybe I'll take a stab on Vass' new S last.
Thanks for taking the time. Can you tell me which one is the S last? The square looked aggressive in pics but it's hard to tell without some adjacent contrast. S vs. U with the toes next to each other would be great. Even PM would be awesome so as not to clutter the thread if others are bothered (as I think we've asked this before).
Has anyone posted a direct top-down toe-to-toe comparison of the S vs. U, or even compared to EG's 888 or G&G's TG73? The S just looks pretty squared off to me, more so than the other aforementioned lasts. The only reason I'm considering is the lower instep.
Oakham in pine:
A break from the tornado/storm weather in MI for my Falkirks:
Great Hannover color! It reminds me of the cap toe boot. I really think wingtips, pebbled, and in a boot looks great!
Thanks dude! Hope all is well.I personally like the EG apron better, since it's more pronounced. As usual, the G&G has a more "refined" look.
Not Isham but here's the pig bristle comparison: G&G (left) vs. EG (right)
I believe the suede color is just "gray"Casual Friday: Woburn
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