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A few places I would recommend: Paul Stuart, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren (Mansion in the UES), and Leffot. Some are for the selection but others are for the ambiance (e.g., the Mansion). Enjoy your trip. I argue 2nd Avenue Deli has better pastrami.
Unfortunately I asked about the SHOEGAZING code and they said they would not honor it anymore. The brand was doing so well when Chay was involved (as when he aided in AS' revival) and Wildsmith seems to have really stalled since his departure.Oh well, my Covents (xpost from AS Thread):
The counter's not the cleanest leather but honestly that will blend in as you add wear and crease your shoes. The finishing will eventually even out so that's also not an issue for me. Personally, I think the crust leather AS uses is great, as it soaks up polish quite well.I haven't posted pics in a while as I've been extremely busy but here's my AS for today, Wildsmith's Covent vis AFPoS:
GMTO ZUG SNOWDON UPDATE UPDATE: I have not heard of anyone interested in taking the lead on the Snowdon (without faux cap) so I am suspending it. Sorry for these who expressed interest. List of interested parties: @DavidLane @jitkie @McBear @Tamyom @kczsilence @fayia
That was my original preference but no one has a 6FX...
Yes. If I don't hear from any member interested in coordinating the run by Monday, I am going to tell C&J the lack of faux cap pulled out interested parties. I guess Cheaney Perrine it is for Veldt!
Sad to see the "cracking" counter finish has not been corrected. I thought Ms. Freeman was informed of this and was corrected.
GMTO ZUG SNOWDON UPDATE UPDATE: I spoke with C&J and the difficulty they had was the faux cap toe. The factory's recommendation is to make the boot without it. For me, this is a deal breaker. If there are still others interested, and one is willing to coordinate, please let me know and I will get you in touch with C&J. List of interested parties: @DavidLane @jitkie @McBear @Tamyom @kczsilence @fayia
GMTO Zug Snowdon UPDATE: I spoke with C&J and they are inquiring if the factory will accept a similar run due to difficulties from the first run (details were not communicated to me although I inquired). Once I get more information/confirmation I will relay them to everyone in the thread. Once I get the green light, I will provide details and see who are interested parties and set GMTO spot details. List of interested...
cost-effective way of services the masses. You capture those with 32 & 33 inch sleeves with one shirt. From the rumors I've read, that's what the 2 button stances are for on the cuffs.
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