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It is a great color. I really like the crust leather that EG uses. It holds color much better than leathers from other makers (i.e., AS)Sir, you have to admit the Westminster tops the Lowndes Also, I recently tried to contact EG via e-mail (sales@edwardgreen.com) but my messages have been bouncing back. Anyone else have information?
I do not believe EoM is a present stockist of EG (or has been the last few months) so I am not sure if you'll get a lot of responses.
It could easily be the Malvern but also something from Carmina... I'm sure EG can replicate it thought for a price.
When I write, it might as well be calligraphy (or hieroglyphics) First time I've seen that... hmmm, might try that out if I ever go bespoke.
My old cobbler placed a piece of leather (smooth or felt were my options) and stitched it in place.
Here are all my antique burgundy footwear. I would say the Shannons have the most "untouched" shade; my Inverness have been polished with black cream & paste while the Beaulieus were polished once before I wore them with mahogany cream & paste.There are subtle differences but the colors are still fairly close (obviously the Shannons are new and the Beauliues just had a day's worth of wear)
Many thanks again!JS, I believe my lighting makes them look more red. I also have the Inverness and they are still pretty close (my Inverness is a couple years old ordered from another shop though). I also slapped on some mahogany cream and polish so that may have made the Beaulieu look lighter.Yeah, for me, ordering from Jermyn St. makes it worth it only if you have more than one pair.I thought they are back? I received an e-mail from them that Jermyn St. is open.
Thanks! I plan to make them more red as they age (cherry?) in hopes they turn out like the picture below (from LeatherSoul):
Just got them and selling them already? Did the fit not work?
Yeah, I've ordered a few times from Jermyn St. and shipping is expensive because I believe it includes full insurance. Imagine what it was when I bought 2 Shannons (plus trees)!I believe we're in the same batch so I don't expect them until the end of the year/early next year. I've waited a couple of years for Alden make-ups so I can definitely be patient.Arrived yesterday and getting worn today:
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