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JL has nice classics but they do have "modern" styles that maybe the trads here on SF don't align with. The price-point (Prestige) is a few hundred dollars more than EG, and a couple over G&G. The price is comparable to St.C and many would go with the Romanians for the price I think.Personally, the nice styles are on the 7000 & 8000 and the lasts just don't work as well for me. I do like the William and Chambord lasts (which I own both). I still hope to pick up a pair of...
Nice! Assume those are the ones I would have bought? I think it would be "the" formal black shoe for me, but I do cheat with my EG Chelseas so I hessitate. Those look great!
All this Chelsea talk... here's mine today (E888):
Now if only the G&G Sinatras were odd stock...
Back to basics:
Thanks! Not bad... I might just have to consider... hmmm...
Do you have pics of them recently by chance?J, those have aged nicely... Might be worth a try. Thanks.
So I'm still on the fence if I should spend more (G&G range) or a moderately priced shoe for a black wholecut. It will probably not be worn as much as my brown/burgundy shoes so I'm hesitating to go close to $1K. Any wear pics of their Widsmiths? I really would like to see how the leather uppers are doing... Thanks!
No 6.5/7 which may have been a good thing. Nice prices!
Argh, you're making me think about G&Gs...
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