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The classic SJII
Good luck. I foresee a repair offered while a refund might be a reach. People have compared shoes to cars many a times. To repair a fault, sure, to take something back after it has been used...I am cautiously optimistic. This is not on just EG as I don't see other houses being too liberal with this. I hope it will work out for the best.FYI you don't get duties for repair/refurb.
Sorry Dan away at a conference. Renomat for a couple of rounds, condition with Sophir balm/Reno, and finished with wax tan polish. Hope this helps!
Galway was so last week: Falkirk Looks more "Edwardian" after I re-finished them.
I'm definitely impressed with EG's use of Horween. It's really a dressier version of Alden's thicker, more casual bluchers.
The Wolburns next to the Falkirks are chestnut so it's pretty closeThere's burnished quite a bit and I might have to bleach the dyes out. Do it!
Did someone mention something about light color?: The Falkirks compared to my other "tan" shoes: Interestingly they were burnished more than I thought Edwardian would be like but I guess I'll need to work some magic to lighten things up. The leather on these are much better than the leather used on my dark oak Shannons (the latter were much firmer/stiffer...more than my usual EG expectations). Thanks @Leaves
here are mine new: Worn:
If it helps, these are my old pair: For the soles, the lifts likely need replacing but the OP has to judge the wear on the forefoot.
I typically wear bals (oxfords or Shannons) but I wear my Galways with suits on rainly/snowy days.They'll lighten up. Crust is great like that. I just ease on the cleaner on the toes/counter area.
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