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I believe only 1 person in an E width is needed to get the order going: Details: Order via SkoAB Sandringham Last: 202 Chestnut antique Double leather sole ETA is approximately 4 months Price is 7700SEK (which is just under $900 today) @dddrees, are you in?
Here are my Shannons and I think they are fairly consistent with my other dark oak EGs:Compared to my other dark oak:
To balance out some of the negative EG feelings right now, how about when they do something right:
Yeah, those are dark. Mine are lighter. I'll post pics later tonight. I'll show you pics and if you prefer them, maybe we can figure something out. Darkness isn't a deal breaker for me. Trade?
Oak Room has the Woburn in chestnut in GG06. Nutcracker can provide more details.
I MIGHT edge you on cap toes... I'm not as confident though. Yeah, I wanted a NST boot in cigar but those don't pop up too often. I might have to settle for NATCXL NST boots.@wurger would still win though if it was solely black balmoral cap toes.
No NST boots? Impressive... I can challenge when it comes to wingtips.
I personally think the EG Westminster is the best looking DM out there.
Thanks! I really like the "museum" finish on them; it's a bonus over a uniform gray. You'll be number one on the list!Now I need to figure out if they're too close to my EG Shannon in black/cloud.
Thanks for the clarification. Confirmations yay or nay?
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