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I think this is what happens when we start talking instead of posting pics (KIDDING) Great news (at least for me) that my Falkirks are IN! Edwardian is just in time for the sunny days!
@wengxiah, could be the tone is lost in translation but @sacafotos was nice enough to warn you of SF rules. Bravado doesn't typically go well in this community. Regardless, the PSA was helpful and I hope they sell the last of the stock. I would pick up one of them but I want to hold off until the next few months of life settles down.
Are they sneakers? JL has a model to compete.
Is Mr. Hasegawa still involved in the firm? I have to admit, when I first heard of G&G (and with ignorance), I associated Tony's last name with Italian origins. Not sure if the ethnic origin of the name is the reason.Very true.
While waiting for Mrs. DpprDr at Sephora... she's a Dr. too so does that make it Dr. DpprDr? I'm confused... anyway, Edward Green crup.
Yeah, not really a fancy denim guy but it's nice to break the "rules" here and there.
Balmoral and jeans again this casual Friday: This past weekend's toe polish outcomes. I typically go for a slight subtle bull not a BAM reflector look.
In addition to width, height of the vamp/toe box might also come into play?The overall fit of the S sounds promising to me (lower instep) but the toe box looks too "square" from pictures. It looks wider than G&G's TG73. I was planning to pick up an S lasted shoe in the future but I might have to wait for there "other" lasts to show up and identify their fit/shape.Interesting that there is now a Vass and Spring Line connection!
Nice! This is exciting...like watching the lottery balls drop...except you actually have a ticket!
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