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Ah, a fresh new year!
Cheaney makes great shoes although I think they're still suffering from their previous associates it's Church's Prada. I'd wear them more but they run big. The conversion with US currency also isn't as competitive with some other brands like AS, which have a few good stockings.
Heel nail pattern and waist looks like ASEx
I doubt even sales associates would know if the coat is >10 years old. Funny I have a gut feeling that Burberry tag was sewn after the fact. From the tag, it looks like the jacket was made by Henry White? Maybe if they're still around they can confirm a collaboration?
Welt finishing could be better? Yes. Defective? Absolutely not. These are country boots not JLP. They'll be just fine.
Can you comment on fit? What is the jacket size relative to what you wear for suits/jackets?
Are the wales of the curdoroy thinner? Also, are the buttons on the back vents hidden? Ashby is supposed to fit slimmer. The missing pocket tag is suspicious. I have a Bedale but I assume Ashbys should also have a tag
You should know that some of the make-ups are unique to BB so there may not be a corresponding "exact" model.
Thanks for the notice! The one I saw was a size smaller than my suit size... I don't plan to use it as an overcoat but it might still be a tight fit. I appreciate the information.
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