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Consider the 99 as a traditionally tight smart shoe last while the 87 has a boot last fit. I have the 99 in my 'TTS' and 1/2 up and I prefer the 1/2 size up; 87 is TTS (e.g., 99 = 6.5F & 87 = 6F).
Personlly, the lasts of G&G (and also EG) works extremely well for me whereas Carmina's last (heel to ball) doesn't fit as well. I also prefer the stiffer crust leather G&G uses; I find Carmina's leather to be too 'supple' for me. The soles of G&G are made from Baker (please correct me if I'm wrong) and my experience is that it lasts MUCH longer than my Carminas. Lastly, the overall look of G&G is just more angular/attractive to me. So fit, longevity, and looks are why I...
Brighten things up today: Oakham thanks to @Nick A/BE
Roger, great 3 piece! I do pair my blue shoes with grays and navy, i just feel I have to put more effort into my outfits... I'm very conservative.
I wouldn't classify myself as a tyro and I still don't own a pair of green... just not my thing. I even find blue harder to match compared to gray shades (e.g., slate).Oh wait, are we talking about socks?
Tried a few at JL but it's the instep and heel that doesn't work for me. My feet have a lower instep and the heel cup is not as high (compared to EG, which fits be best), so I get a fair amount of slippage (I'm sure the loose instep doesn't help). Good for your EG business from me!The 8695 is acceptable for me. For casual shoes, I tend to just go with Alden since the Barrie works best for me when it comes to casual shoes/boots.I'm sure JL is not loosing sleep (or money)...
JL has nice classics but they do have "modern" styles that maybe the trads here on SF don't align with. The price-point (Prestige) is a few hundred dollars more than EG, and a couple over G&G. The price is comparable to St.C and many would go with the Romanians for the price I think.Personally, the nice styles are on the 7000 & 8000 and the lasts just don't work as well for me. I do like the William and Chambord lasts (which I own both). I still hope to pick up a pair of...
Nice! Assume those are the ones I would have bought? I think it would be "the" formal black shoe for me, but I do cheat with my EG Chelseas so I hessitate. Those look great!
All this Chelsea talk... here's mine today (E888):
Now if only the G&G Sinatras were odd stock...
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