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I believe the suede color is just "gray"Casual Friday: Woburn
They carry many designs but sizes can vary. They're pretty responsive when you call; e-mail is less reliable. Sale stock is hit-and-miss. Have worked with an associate named James in the past and he's been good with previous transactions.
Excels for that last photo where the leather cracked by the welt. I can deal with superficial scratches and I don't even worry about the sole as long as it's attached but that last photo of the toe looks bad. I would just emphasise that and forego the others.
Gray...Pearl? Canterbury:
Sure! Here are a couple of pics:Today: Dark Oak Shannon
I appreciate the thought. Oh well, next time
My Do is on the 82 but that last just works well for me. It balances out the look of the 6.5E size.
EG whole cuts went on sale? Totally didn't know... Would have picked a pair up...argh
The side of the toe looks more angled, like Vass' U last, to my eyes. Toe shape looks consistent. I hope they will keep the old lasts. If not, I might see what can be done to keep an 82 & 888 in the 6.5E in the factory.
Been busy lately but Shannons today:
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