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I agree the biggest difference on the wood/plastic last are on the 82. It does feel more voluminous, but not enough to size up/down. The recommendation for recrafting was to go down a width (from E to D) to address this if it's too big. Haven't tried this but I might on my next pair. I actually owed some spectators like those... pretty nice although definitely just summer wear! Hell (shameless plug), if we're talking about selling, I've had a more practical pair of EG...
This may not be wholely accurate as some lasts (e.g., 99, 109) had been around before. Dean may have had input on the Handgrade lasts like the 19 and 53. Just a hunch with the AS/G&G timeline and I have no personally valid information.
Been a while since I posted, but my old pair of Dovers on the E82
I've always worn 6.5/7E on EG but with all the new plastic lasts, I decided to try 6/6.5 on a pair of Westminsters. They were quite tight initially but loosening up. Still on the fence; the 6.5E are just more generous now.Actually since EG shifted some lasts to plastic, I've generally limited myself to boots (save the experimental Westminsters) and moved to G&G and even back to AS.
Thanks! An you show pics after you've worn them a couple of times? I'm curious as how the uppers crease.
Any input on the practicality of Vachetta leather for a briefcase? I really like the tan quality (reminds of Horween's natural chromexel) but it looks to be untreated and likely stain and scratch easily. I assume they'll patina nicely due to this though. Feedback for those with experience with this leather for briefcases? Thanks!
Both excellent colors. I initially thought they were light Rioja, likely due to the lighting. Wear in good health!
I might eventually do that. I like the olive colour so I might go in that direction. I do like that my Bedale is sage as it's less commonly seen here in NYC.
Rioja is such a successful colour! My Wigmores in rioja get so many compliments.
Anyone have a black Tetbury with Dainite in UK 6E they want to move by chance? Looking for transitional boots. Even lightly worn I'd consider, thanks!
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