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I don't mean to be a buzzkill but with damage to the toe pattern, the OP might have difficulty 'breaking even' even if it's a highly desired boot. Hopefully all works out in the end though. I'd be curious as to the seller. Were these purchased through the C&J factory? They sell seconds of the shell make-ups for RL.
That's a lot of work. Personally I think that looks just right. I don't go for a full reflection but I'm sure I don't even get past 5-6 coats... that's dedication!Horween's CXL is pretty saturated already so it would likely take a LONG time for them to dry, no? How do you know they have been in storage for a while? On the flip side, I don't think conditioning them will do any harm.
I should also be getting a new pair. A basic "standard" model but always a fan favorite!
This thread's been slower recently... I think EG has been keeping everyone excited over there!
I'll keep an eye out for you if I am ever invited to lecture there. When I lived in NYC, I did about 6 miles/day (more during Sandy when all the power was out) and Baker soles definitely impressed me with the way they handled all the mileage.Since my job pretty much is sedentary, I definitely try to walk around as much as I can.
Legolas would rock those
I'm trying to talk myself out of the "hmmm, why not try the 890 on a style I don't have..." Thoughts; your logic isn't helping.
Slate would be a nice change or Bauxite. Edwardian would also be killer! A Shannon in Edwardian would probably be my last one to rule them all.
Out of curiosity, I noticed with my bluchers that the facings are much closer when the shoes are from across the pond (GB, Budapest) compared to brands State-side (e.g., Alden). My observation sample size is pretty small so it could just be sampling error from the maker's template but I wonder if this in an intentional difference? European Examples: US Examples: Is probably just an instep factor?
Wearing them today so here you go:Obtained through the great people at @afinepairofshoes
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