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The side of the toe looks more angled, like Vass' U last, to my eyes. Toe shape looks consistent. I hope they will keep the old lasts. If not, I might see what can be done to keep an 82 & 888 in the 6.5E in the factory.
Been busy lately but Shannons today:
I'm not sure if EG JS has stock models on sale. Typically they're usually the seasonal/rotating stock (at least from my experience with them in the past).The other option is the factory stock but that's also hit and miss... especially with the marginalized sizes.
EG still makes burnt pine right? I thought that was much closer. Oh well, I don't mind the darker shade. @Ironist, you can sell your Shannons to me in a year
if should greatly improve once you crease the soles more...assuming the length is good and you tie the laces tightly.
None of my G&G do that...I forget how many I have but >5.
Wow I missed a lot with the hem talk! It's more obvious since it's a cotton suit. Almost halfway through the year...I wonder if I can hold off not buying anything. lol
I'm sure AFPoS appreciates it. I think they have to pay to be an affiliate so it's best they get their money's worth. I understand getting multiple pairs in the same style if they fit well. I do the same. Wish I could wear loafers easily as you. ALfred Sargent makes nice loafers actually.
@OMEGABETADELTA this is not appropriate to post on this thread as this is not related to AFPoS' business. I recommend other threads to post these and maybe editing your previous posts out of courtesy to AFPoS.
Best hem job Old Navy has to offer What, no one has thought of juxtaposing really bad pants to make shoes look fancier?
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