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I'd put it the other way around with a gray base with a hint of beige (I guess the mix would be pretty similar). IRL:Today: Inverness
I definitely prefer the smaller strap and sweep further up... Then again, I just described the Oundle...
JS, you have MTO from G&G so you totally have creds! I know you've been working hard to join a GMTO so I hope this works for you!Shoes are costing too much. I think I'm going to focus on socks for my "hobby" for the next few years... much cheaper!
Standard one: dark oak/CC via SkoAB. I initially wanted to try to suede but it really won't be too much of a difference. Slowly consolidating my stuff but I still have way too many shoes.So jealous that you were able to go to the factory store. No more buying until after the first quarter of next year... I don't wear soles down enough anymore here in MI.
E width slim? Hope this works out for your guys.
Wonder what line that is... haven't seen an FX lasted shoe since AS had their revamp. Their Exclusive line is one of the most competitively priced footwear, at least in my experience.Regardless, sorry it didn't work out.
Not as relevant to the GMTO but are the loafers on the far left in vintage pine, chestnut, or maple?
I don't think it's new since I had mine for a few years; they are EG not G&G. Just sold it actually recently since the straps are held down by elastics and it was not the best conbination with a double leather sole. I actually like the design and would have kept it save for the elastic issue. It's much better than the chukka buckle boot version though. Here's a pic: [[SPOILER]]
You might have to clarify which line the boots came from because AS does have a variety. Curious as I've actually had very good experiences with AS' leather.
I was added after purchases shoes from Jermyn St. I'm sure you can call or e-mail them and ask to be included.@dddrees Thanks for asking about the watch for the mrs. Been busy with work but I'll be looking into it. Winter is rough for me. Our anniversary, Christmas, New Years (which is a big holiday in her culture), and her birthday are within a couple of months so budgeting rough.For better or worse, I think my Shannons and Galways from SkoAB are also due around then!
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