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Inerestingly, my conversations turn out a little differently:Wife: I know you love your shoes; we should go to Northampton.Me: YES! I can book an appointment with the EG factory to see their rejects!Wife: Why do you want the rejects? Why don't you get the good ones? Where do they sell those?Me: Jermyn St.Wife: We should go there instead.Me: Commercial break:
I wear the same size AS 109 as C&J; half down my G&G and Carmina (Alcudia) size. Vass is tricky since it's in EU sizes (and there is a lot of varying opinions) so I'll leave that off so not to add confusion.
@laufer I just noticed you put up the Inverness... too bad with the 888, it's a great looking shoe.
Things are REALLY getting crazy now aren't we? Besides the pattern, is there any particular difference in the leather with Willow?
Some say G&G runs tight so I know some people size up but I wear the same EG and G&G sizes (6.5E).
The boots are 8 1/2 UK and 9 US. For EG, the left of the "/" is UK while to the right is US; E width is their standard. I have a number of EG. G&G also follows a similar sizing measure.
Did someone say boots? Shannon?
Probably not in production. I haven't seen a Tricker's Veldt in years.
It's a different market but I agree that things eventually move. As reluctant I am to put things on the Bay, things do move much faster there, at least for the stuff I typically rotate, which are shoes. Here is a great Jodhpur. I wish EG had a version with the strap pointing down (e.g., JL): EG Jodhpur AND Trees
I wish Tricker's was able to do the curved side, similar to the Galway, it's a much more stylish design.
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