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With all the skyrocketing prices I've slowly lost my desire to keep up with the cool shoe kids. I'm surprised G&G's refurb is around 400 GBP. Typically refurb/resole prices are 1/3 of the retail. I might have to try to see how AS does their resole as their price-point is much friendlier. In regards to Lobb, I'm glad that boat has since left for me. I tried a variety of their lasts but eventually gave up on them. I only have a pair of Ashley loafers and the only other...
Totally well aware of the Alden shell demand... hence why I've still kept most of my whiskey, cigar, and ravello shoes and boots. In regards to the Derwents... I did get them at discount MANY moons ago. Discounted EG... remember when those happened?
@lucci, sincerely, good luck with the sale. I think many of us eventually decide to move shoes and hope to (at least) break even, or close to it. If you find a buyer, that's great and both parties will be happy. Many I believe are just trying to give a realistic view of the market (and not specifically giving you a hard time). In trust, unless you have Alden whiskey, Ravello, or cigar, resale will incur a loss, even when the shoes are brand new. I think I can pull a...
@dddrees, have your Zug Galways shrunk yet? All the foul wear must lead to some shrinking? Speaking of being cheap, I had a pair of Alfred Sargent Kelsos in Zug made for me. It's 1/3 of the price of the Galways so I can't complain. I tried to get C&J to make a Snowdon Zug but they are hesitant to have another run due to the faux toe.
For a cheaper option, I think Vass executes a chukka well too. What always holds me back with the Arran is the unlined ankle.
Personally I don't find the Milanos too low. Rise isn't too bad with my suit. I could use braces on them for sure. I think the old BBBF pants work well with braces.Now RLBL is low rise... Definitely sits at the hips.
Well, the only 6.5E EG I already have (black Chelsea). Surprised to see some small (e.g., 5F) StC shoes.
Depends how bad it is: Drizzle or light snow? My shoes can handle them without melting. Regular rain or snow? I have overshoes or I wear my bluchers (yes, I have Veldt) with Dainite/lub/commando. Thunderstorm? Wellies. Snowstorm? I have no-frill snow boots for that (Columbia). I'm in NYC so there's much more walking. If you're driving to work, I'm sure overshoes will get you through most foul weather. Although I have nice shoes/boots, I tend to go the cheaper route when...
Anyone swing by the Hickey Freeman/Soiffer Haskin sale yet? Curious if they have any of their mahogany suit lines on sale. Speaking of which, is the new yellow tagged HF suits comparable to their mahogany suits?
I need to wear my Shanklins... I think I've only taken them out twice since I purchased them. Call me non-trad but I'd totally be down with dark jeans. One minor thing I miss about my old job was "casual" Friday.
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