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Casual Friday: I wonder if I should try to get my hands on a pair of Whiskey Indys... too redundant?
Wow, great boot to be selling. G&G sells theirs for 930GBP.
Cheers! Hope all is well with the duchess.
I'm curious to find out how G&G's popularity has grown in the general market. Of course SF and even the EG association brings attention to them in addition to their work with RL. I doubt it's "branding" like Versace or Prada but it appears that their marketing move has been positive, especially for a new company that competes with the "old name" factories. Impressive to say the least.
@Adamjonzey: FYI You are not allowed to post references to sales on non B&S threads. Consequences can be fines and removal from SF. Looks like you're new so just a head's up.
Hmmm, I wonder if there's a redeye to London...
No THAT is a DEAL! Interesting as the soles look pretty worn. My comment is related to how G&G came to possession shoes in that condition. Congrats!In honor of the G&G sale and Nick's joint venture. My first G&G obtained from Nick from BE: Wigmore. Two years with decent wear.Like G said... um, any proxy people?
AWESOME!!! I do have to admit that I dig the side-laced boots. I'm not too hot on how the shaft was designed but I assume it's due to construction limitations (I'm neither a fashion designer nor manufacturer so I wouldn't really know). The more I see the 890 the better I think it looks.
So who's going to the event?!?
Imagine if THOSE were in the sale tomororw...
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