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DUDE!!! So do we have enough for the Bronze/Black CC?
So do we have enough for the bronze/black CC 82? What sole?
I claim leftovers for the 6.5E (I think one was ordered) after all the hype is over.
Do you mind sharing how you obtained a 10% discount? Actually, maybe you shouldn't tell me so I can save the other 90%.
Yeah, my problem with Skoak's dark oak Shannon. We only need ONE MORE PERSON!!! ARGH!!!
@NAMOR, you can get yours too... Jump on the Galway madness. I guess if I can't get my dark oak one this cloud/black cc will suffice.
I'm in if this flies!
Well, if this has more traction, I'd consider cloud/black instead of dark oak/walnut.
Awesome, thanks for the information. I'm still trying to see if BB can get me EG in 6.5/7E. So far no luck
I believe we need ONE more for the Shannon VIII make-up!I might be in on the Galway on the 82 with walnut CC. I'd prefer the suede upper but anyone else into the 82 Galway?
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