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Nice comparison. I never noticed the heel cup between my Shannons and Galways but I do prefer the more stable fit of the Shannons since the Galways are unlined. I should be getting those dark oak Shannons in the next few months (I was in a latter group). @leaves do you know if it's possible to pick up a couple of extra boot laces from EG? I prefer their newer flat boot laces.
Boxes are in the garage but the shoes are in the guest room:Close up of the Aldens:My whiskey Indy (Madison), cigar straight tip (DC), and NAT CXL wingtip (TSM) boots are confirmed and should arrive within the next few months. That should be it for me.
Definitely an excellent value! Close to C&J HG at a better price point. If not for EG and G&G lasts fitting well, I'd be extremely happy with AS. AFPoS is a good source for them.
I still rock a pair of Gap selvage jeans that I think I picked up for $20. Funny thing is I get asked about them when I post pics of shoes with those jeans... For my work stuff, i do try to step it up, my weekend gear pretty much looks like Goodwill's clearance rack's.
I don't believe EG has any Shannons in all black in stock. It's a tricky boot because they don't regularly carry the same colors. Also, EG tends to contrast the shaft and uppers.
I own a pair of Carmina Jodhpur but I like the leather used by EG better (it has more substance). I also find that the soles used by EG to be harder-wearing.Shannons are great boots... hence the reason I own a number of them.
Awesome Cleav, I do like how the leather has a nice patina. Those are JL right? Prior to their "JL" heel stuff?
My Beaulieu have finally made it to Bethpage so I assume I should get them next week.Until then... for today: Shannon
Late night at the office after being at a conference the whole day: Wigmore
I personally like EG's leather since it feels "tougher" and JL's leather is just too buttery soft for me. Also, the former holds better in inclimate weather whereas the latter developed "spots" after rain drops. Interestingly, my older JL shoes are made with leather similar to EG (models before they used the "JL" heels.The big point for me is EG's heel cup holds my foot better than JL. When I compare both shoes, the cup is made much highers, which for me, provides a better...
New Posts  All Forums: