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BROOKS BROTHERS BLACK FLEECE WOMENS 100% Cashmere Sweater This is a beautiful and soft Brooks Brothers Black Fleece sweater designed by Thom Browne. The line is not discontinued so take advantage of procuring this great piece. The sweater is made in a NAVY BLUE (almost black but the navy cuff lining suggest blue colorway). Details: Brand: Brooks Brothers Line: Black Fleece Designer: Thom Browne Size: BB0 (XS) Material: 100% Cashmere Cuff: 2 button Please let me know if...
BROOKS BROTHERS Fitzgerald Suit 38S Get ready for summer! This is a nice suit that's perfect for summer. It's 100% cotton in a great Fitzgerald cut. Jacket Chest: 39.5" Length (bottom of collar): 29" Shoulders: 17.5" Sleeves: 24: Pants Waist: 32" Inseam: 29" Let me know if you have any questions!
Depends if patients come back
Thanks for the clarification. The basted sleeves are a nice touch and I forgot about them. I need to check out the RLPL tabs again to see the difference.
I have RLBL And it has side tabs so I don't think the increase is much from the cut/pattern but maybe better fabric and branding. The purple material used to make the label is much pricier than generic black. I own RLBL and have seen the new RLPL Anthony and I honestly don't see TOO much of an improvement in fabric. I say inflation and marketing are the primary factors.
Gentlemanly of you to mention this. I'm sure things will work out all around.
Sadly, the client was probably conditioned by the 3+ years waiting for a ravello/whiskey/cigar shell pair from Alden.
So is the 915 supposed to be the primary round toe last to replace the 82? Funny as didn't EG just spend money to replace the lasts? The 890 was also to supplant the 888? I know the next issue is they won't have the older lasts when I send my shoes in for resoles after a few years...
Would you care to share how the buttonholes made by Jonathan's Embroidery looks like?
Dude, this is ridiculous... I mean make a few bucks flipping, but screwing people over... Good catch guys and I hope no one got screwed with this. Sorry to hear all this shady stuff going on...@OzzyJones, hope you enjoy the suit! One of the better RLBL fabrics in my opinion!
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