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thanks! Trying to get awake item though... oh well, might have to bite the bullet...
@TtownMD, I size half down from EG/G&G. The 109 last is quite traditional like the 82.
Anyone know of any free shipping or other discount code(s)?
I agree with Chow and JK; the monks have issues, primarily with the leather around the welt. I'm thinking the leather split during the lasting. Up to you to decide if you'd prefer a new pair or accept (if and) any compromise with Julian/Sarah. I've worked with them for years and stand by their fairness.
BARBOUR KELLEN Navy Jacket & Matching Quilted Liner SMALLBest Offer?Take this opportunity to own an amazingly versatile and contemporary coat made by the traditionalist company: BARBOUR. The Great Coat line combines up-to-date styles with classic military styles and this 3-in-1 jacket is an excellent example!Jacket Details (with approximate measurements):Brand: BarbourSize: SmallColor: NavyShell: 100% waxed cottonChest: 23"Shoulders: 20.5"Length: 37"Sleeves: 24"Drawstring...
EDWARD GREEN Galway 7/7.5 E82 Dark Brown UtahWhat's your best offer?This boot does not need any introduction if you are familiar with EDWARD GREEN. These are brand new; I purchased a half size up my normal but decided my regular size would likely be better in the long run. Take this opportunity to own this amazing boot!Details:Brand: Edward GreenSize: 7/7.5 (Please be familiar with EG sizing)Last: E82Dark brown Utah calfSingle Dainite solesGoodyear weltedMade in...
Maybe you should try TG73 or the DG70 in 6F? They should be longer and provoke the volume?If you do this let me know and I can pick up your 6.5E shoes. The type of sox you wear also matters. I really don't like very thin hoses so the ones I wear add some volume to shoes.
For those that have been to the EG factory, do you just show up or you have to contact them ahead of time? I remember before you had to reach out first, right? Thanks!
I was at the last one earlier in the week... was mostly their Milbourn II suits and other stuff. I wasn't too wowed.
Ah! That explains it... maybe I should review that page! Good luck and I hope the lining replacement works out
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