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Yeah, but it's a fair opportunity to try the new last. It's just I also hesitate buying black with EG since their burnishing is what I like.
Running out of room already! Trying to make sure they don't have a fresh pair of shoes to be used on so I'm trying to stay away from the Thorpe and Newbury. I do have my Galways en route and my Shannon and Falkirk likely in the next few months.
Yeah, I saw your B&S... maybe because it's a blucher? I want the Thorpe but it's too similar to my Acorn CC Galway... rationalization baby! Now the EG Wholecut in the other hand...
6.5E... so you can pass it on to me when you're done with them.
Okay Tifosi number 2
I like the Thorpe but I think it's too late... might be best for me and my wallet!
Any recommendation for a tailor in the Lansing area? I picked up some wool pants and realized they did not have thigh lining and would like a tailor that is familiar with men's clothing. Thanks!
All this talk is tempting... but I'm controlling myself! I'm rationalizing that I can get a wholecut from Vass for much less than EG's Newbury... but EG just fits so MUCH better! And I don't even want to get started on G&G's Thorpe...
Vass! G&G! Shooooes!
The wholecut in the new last is calling my name since someone snag the Sinatra in 6.5E already...Would have jumped on the Nevis/Thorpe group too but I'm controlling myself
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