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By chance anyone have any codes for them? Thanks!
I've been contemplating a Barbour hooded jacket. I saw the hooded Bedale today and believe a small should work (38S in suits). Are there other options? My preference is a drawstring waist and handwarmer pockets. color is really not a preference. How waterproof are they? It seems they should be retreated regularly to maintain the properties? Also, what is the most competitive place to get them? I Googled and End seem to be decent. Thanks for any thoughts!
I think it's cool to mention AAAC, LL, and other stuff... as long as we're not hating too much.
Very nice
EG although the sole has been resolved 3rd party it seems
Anyone been to the C&J factory store lately? How is their inventory typically? I might be flying in redeye to London Friday morning and I want to find out if it's worth the risk (and fatigue) to then train it up to Northampton. I am hesitant to come on a Saturday as other stores (e.g., EG) are closed. Thanks for any input!
I had the same issue with the U last; with the SP (half size down from the U) it interestingly was less pronounced. Although I like the U last, I've moved to others for oxfords. I also had the width hypothesis, which makes sense as if you have flat feet it may cause the walls to bow. When I followed the AE thread, this was a common issue for them. Another hypothesis I have is the circumference of the opening. I noticed Vass has a larger opening compared to my other shoes...
AS Kelso: Zug and commando soles ready for the fall weather:
G&G doesn't have a factory shop in Kettering, do they?
Didn't get a response from another post but I'm likely heading to London in a couple of months and I'm going to try to go to the EG factory shop. Anyone been there recently? It looks like they're open daily from 9-4AM and don't need appointments anymore?Thanks for any leads!Wearing my pseudo-looking (but Zug) Galway boots: [[SPOILER]]
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