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My wife is still freaked out the most. Danskos are comfortable though...
It's always hard to tell with the rubber soles but they look more like AS than C&J. The script of the size in the window is very similar to AS'Nothing suggest C&J as you are correct, they would just write on the lining (or likely print) as they don't use a window.
Trying a new brand definitely comes with risks and from my experience, I really don't know how things work out until I get a number of miles of use with the shoes (a number being about >50 miles). Only then can I say "this last works" or not. After a number of brands, I've settled with a handful (EG, G&G, & Alden) which compliment my needs. I do flirt with other brands (e.g., JL, Vass) because of various curiosity but I know my staple. I still plan to try out StC and a...
Guess it's good that no 6.5 pics were posted as to not further tempt me.
Whole it Newbury please!
Thanks!@dalevy: For those that fear black polish (both cream and wax), this is what I use on the Inverness. For my Beaulieu, I use balm and clear polish typically. If I need to add color, I use mahogany cream or wax, depending if I want to add color, or sheen, respectively. No real science...I just go by what I think they need.Now looking at them, the Beaulieu shoes do need some polishing...
Great boots everyone!Edwardian?A couple of EG's this week:I thought it's a nice way to show how versatile burgundy can be depending on how you care for them.
The boot 2nd from the left in the picture has a cloud shaft I believe: How they looked when new: Obviously I darkened them as I thought it added more depth. Hope this helps.
Just recently saw his list of shoes...man I don't feel so bad anymore!
Not directly affiliated but I collaborate with them. I do post-acute and I have some academic affiliation. You at CC?
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