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Lucky all the shoes too the right are too small and all the shoes to the left are too big.The only that that'll fit is what's inside the Green box... but I already have it in a different last. Next time... you're mine!
Sounds like a UK 6/6.5 US7 trade thread is in order!
If the French and Canadian go vegan... where we the shell come from? We can't let the French and Canadians go vegan!
Haven't posted here in a while since I've been trolling the @tifosi the Enabler thread. Day Trippers
I believe DW has alluded to construction/material quality but increase in price is also associated with branding (so the higher the price doesn't always mean better quality). There is a wealth of information here and the details may be far more than you thought, or even care to know. The learning curve is steep but the more you read the shoe threads you'll understand why people will favor AE over J&M, hand over Goodyear welt, and natural (I don't know the technical term)...
Unicorn shell cordovan?
Surprised your Inverness aren't getting more love!
I'm immune to enabling, remember?
I think I need @tifosi to convince me.
If Tifosi is the identified "Enabler" who are we holding as the "addict" in this? I'll be a interested BYSTANDER in this as I am immune to any Enabler influence.
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