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Anyone know if the Corneliani Leader/Leader USA suit is full or half canvassed? Thanks!
I actually don't want to know... well, I think I do, but my wallet doesn't want to know.
Yup, self-control is much stronger when I don't frequent these threads... I already have 3 shell boots coming (albeit from Alden) so I think I'm inoculated.
I may have posted the last 5 Hannover pics; AFPoS was my source. I've made over 10 AS purchases from them over the years. Great people.
God if Sinatras ever make it to the last pair group... I don't think I can hold back.
I think the next development is the Shannon and Beaulieu group... which I am more of although I have my share of Galways and Dovers. I'm pretty balanced since I have those in addition to the Derwent, Plymouth (RL Clayton actually), Chelsea, Westminster, Inverness, and Flakirk (en route).I'm equal opportunity man!
Hannovers for the Michigan winters:
ddd, with the material from your Zug I can make a pair of Galways for me, a breifcase, billfold, watch strap, second skin for the deer running around here in Michigan...
Oh Zug where art thou? These aren't EG but I thought my comment was a tad funny.
That's called a 'harm reduction' approach.
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