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Were you referring to BE stock? Yeah, that's a good point. Can't beat that. The only thing in my size were a pair of SJII in dark brown... I have TONS of dark brown shoes and a pair of SJII; would have been redundant.
Thanks all! Thought to take advantage of the sunny week!The TG73 is "snug" compared to the E82; however, I wear the same size on all of them. G&G just has a "streamlined" look.
Curious about the 500GBP shoes. I guess they're just odd stock? There's just probably not enough showroom to have them around...
LUCKY! Quick gander in the 6.5E?
So how much do Deco trees cost? I assume the new "standard" trees don't fit them?
I notice this when oxford vs. blucher or shoes vs. boots; however, I've been lucky to have general consistency.
BEAUTIFUL! I still prefer the design of the Nevis but I can appreciate the look of the Thorpe!
Thanks! Heh, my wallet might think it redundant. Taxes really aren't my friend...
Thanks! Alden Whiskey Shell Cordovan
Boot week! Getting the most use before it gets TOO warm. Yeah, like THAT'S going to happen... Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
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