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Looking closely at the picture it's also a D width, so narrow. It appears as a sale although I'd be concerned about the longevity... but I guess if it's
I'm a US 7 and tried JL in 6E and they were just a hair voluminous. I've always wanted to try them on 5.5E although I don't think they'll fit well.
I'm expecting an SP wholecut in about 6 weeks. It's been a while but finally worth risking another new last.
The old E82 definitely fit me well while the new E82 requires me to wear thicker sox. As a result, I have to stick with boots should I use the new E82. Unfortunate as the older fit was better for me.
Pebble uppers are great for situations where shoes might get wet. I have a pair of BB/AE PTB that are sleek enough to pass. I have a number of Dainite shoes too that fit the bill. If you wear black or dark brown I'm sure your shoes will be fine after a polish. I actually have a theory (probably not true) that shoes polish better after some rain... kinda like the water mixes with the wax so when you polish it sets in better. Maybe just my rationalization when I'm around...
Thanks for the feedback. I've heard it's not practical to buy but I'm curious as to what the shops are like there. I know Lobb opened a boutique there and I wonder if the new styles are actually selling.
Bringing back an old thread! I'll probably be in Moscow this fall for the first time. From what I've read, window shopping is more realistic than actually buying something?
Would you say the SP is just as wide as the U last?Mr. Kuti explained that the toe is more generous.
I'm actually strongly considering a Vass WC in black for the same type of events. I wear suits often though so I'll get pretty regular wear from them. I used to have C&J Alex but I found the heel to be rather shallow.For Vass I'm looking at the SP last (rumor has it that's it has a lower instep) and maybe go with my F size (half size down from U).I'm also considering the Wildsmith Regent (http://www.wildsmith.com/regent-black-oxford#.V0XYvvkrKJA) made by AS. I find...
I think there's seller's reputation is a big thing. The concern is always if something goes south how will the seller handle things. For example, when buying from eBay, even new, if there was damage or something, it's a hassle dealing with eBay/PayPal claims and all that. When there's a store (e.g., skoak, AFPoS, Leffot, etc.) usually there is a direct connection with the manufacturer, who can alleviate the issue. The former does not have that connection. As such, a second...
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