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I'm so glad to be EG'ed out... at least until the new year. Some styles are very nice.
Has to be. very nicely done.Thanks!@JubeiSpiegel I'm such a rebel! If I was in charge, the evil Empire would have been done quickly and Star Wars would only have been 1 movie.
The juxtoposition is very distinct, which I think is what has peaked everyone's attention (besides your model). Your firm has been associated with "trad" and this is an unexpected step in a different direction. Personally I understand the competitiveness of business and the need to create waves to target specific buyers. The marketing intervention is fine with me as I know you're still rooted in your work.I just won't mention to my wife these adds.
Personally I wouldn't have noticed that and figured that's just part of it... unless it started unravelling. OP has a better eye (I still am not sure what is wrong... maybe I just have no reference group as the the appropriate stitch pattern) or I may just have a higher threshold for these things.I hope you get it resolved.
You so would have hooked me in if you had those Falkirks in my size! I assume the Shannon VIII are from the first group? I assume my group would not arrive until beginning of next year.
Balmoral and jeans seem to be my Friday trend now:
@leavesHmmm, pocket squares, now that's a cheaper hobby; more expensive than socks but much less than shoes. I really like that color! Now it's got me thinking of an Edwardian Shannon... argh.
Speaking of roumd toe...
So not even opening the Bonafe (Pandora) Box... Nope, not going to do it! I still have 2 EG's on the way from SkoAB...
Just more traditional, which the Lopez is. I have a pair of Ashley that are on a sharper last. I would wear the pictured loafers more comfortably and I am far from my 80's.I actually prefer the rounder toe (similar to Alden's Van last) since it's more casual. I can't get away with my Ashley (or my G&G's Antibes) with casual shorts.@dijor: I think both would look fine. I personally prefer the standard cap instead of half brogue on monks.
New Posts  All Forums: