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@Leaves/@Skoaktiebolaget: I believe we have the minimum 3:Myself (DpprDr)@Flimsychicken@justinkapurPlease advise the timeline and order process. Thanks again!
Hello everyone: I am coordinating a group purchase of SkoAB's previously stocked model of the shoe below Details: Sandringham Last: 202 Chestnut antique Double leather sole I believe we have the minimum 3 so everyone else would jus be icing I believe for SkoAB.
I'm the exact opposite. I wear my LWBs weekly (well, the style at least since I have different colors) and I don't think I've worn my Dovers in a couple of months. Maybe it's because I have numerous NST that they get lost in the mix. I find Aldens to be comfortable bordering sneaker-like.It sounds like we have at least a couple of interested parties (myself and @Flimsychicken).@justinkapur, I don't own the 202 but I wear the same size on the 82/888, balmoral or derby. I...
I'll send you over some burgundy paste. It'll darken it right up.
I sent you a PM about the "spoiled" portions as I don't want to take up space from AFPoS' merchant thread. My recommendation is always contact the seller directly. I do this with Julian and Sarah, Patrik at SkoAB, and other merchants I purchase from. I typically get the best response from that direction than via posts on the tread, especially with these types of details.I do want to mention that G&G and EG probably surpass the "small manufacturer" department. I do hope...
I hope the gentlemen at SkoAB don't mind I used your photo. Anyone interested in a pair of EDWARD GREEN SANDRINGHAM in chestnut antique? @dddrees, @justinkapur? Can you give details on the sole and last? I believe it's on the 202, correct?
Any comment on how far up the toe puff goes for the S (basically I'm asking if they notice creasing closer to the toe due to the elongated toe box)?
I pay about 50 GBP for G&G and slightly more when I order from EG. If you can afford them, then buy them. If the shipping cost is getting in the way, don't. You can request Herring or Carmina for a 25% discount and maybe you'll get a favorable response. If not, realize you have to pay a gross amount and make your decision from there. It's like eBay seller A gives free shipping and eBay seller B doesn't. The difference is still less with eBay seller B but the "free...
I'm 1... any other takers?
This will be interesting! Lots of confounds but it would be interesting to see what we can think of. I'll PM you in the next couple of days.@Leaves: There has been numerous changes in EG's restrictions. If the chestnut Sandringhams were stock for you, is there still an option for 3 individuals to order it? I know this was done last time but it might be allowed in their current policy. Can you clarify?
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