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Thought the smart people in this thread would be the place to get my answer: What is the most effective way of killing possible mildew/mold from a light down vest? It has a slight musty smell and I'm worried that it could be mold. I washed it in hot water and dried it under the sun for a couple of hours. I'm in NYC so the weather is unfortunately too cold to effectively dry outdoors. Will dry cleaning kill the mold/mildew? Is sunlight the answer? If the latter, how...
Yeah, it would end up costing me more. Thanks for the response though!For a while I was on the fence between the sage (thornproof) vs. olive (Sylkoil). Eventually I went with the sage. I was ambivalent at first but as I wear it more the color has warmed up to me!I also think there are more selections in olive so maybe another jacket will be in the pipeline!
Anyone have a new or minimally used sage thornproof hood they're willing to sell?
I think the Carmina vis a vis Alfred Sargent will feel and look for European. I prefer AS as its sturdier (Northampton heft) than the Carminas I owned. Both are good but as walk about 5 miles a day (NYC), AS tend to be more comfortable.
As I said in the AS thread... these are so awesome looking!
I think it depends on the last. I find AS to fit as well as C&J in the same size (albeit AS' F is C&J E), and comparable to EG and G&G with the latter two a half size larger. I find brands like Cheaney, Barker (Black), and Tricker's to fit quite generously. Subjectively, I find the 724 last to be roomier. If you consider the 99 last of AS, I'd recommend a half size larger.
Very generous offer for Dean as they charge quite a bit for flushed taps. Hope no more issues arise.
Yes, I think Herring has many shoes from Cheaney, which are more generous IME, than the AS 1966 last. Sorry to hear they haven't worked out.
I am SOOOO bummed I missed out on these. I picked up the sweeping monk to try on the fit, but by the time I received it and tried it out, the Fiennes were sold! I hope Herring makes another run of these... These are the ones on the 1966 last, right?@Afinepairofshoes: Those look HOT!!! Just in time for the fall!
I picked up the hooded Bedale from Macy's. Really practical although I'm on the fence as the shell is poly/cotton (72%/28% or something like that). It has a very similar feel to their cotton shells, minus the subtle waxy feel. Interestingly it's price way more than the Bedale and the lining is synthetic. It does fit slimmer and has the drawstring so it's nice (I have an 8" drop). As this would be my first Barbour jacket, I kind of wanted the wax cotton shell. The Ashby...
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