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Dark oak/walnut CC? Nice!Now can someone jump on the Shannon boot?
Confirmed my package arrived with my maybe last attempt to work out Vass. I remember discussion that they so changes from their stock lasts, correct? Anyone had Vass lower the instep on the U? Thanks!
Oh, got at least 3 together for the Galway.Still waiting for ONE more for the Shannon though!
Skoak's stock style of 82 dark oak/walnut CC on Dainite.
Argh! That's what I initially wanted (E82, mink, dark oak) but no one answered my plea! Skoak has the same style except with single Dainite sole... too bad I just signed up for the dark oak/walnut CC.
NAMOR is an anagram for SHELL (joke if you missed it). I own both the JL William and Westminster. The latter definitely has a finer look. My William is Buffalo calf so it's more casual. To me, it's like comparing the Shannon with the Galway. Both are great boots but one just has sharper lines (okay, I know the former is also a balmoral). I own a number of DM and I prefer them over single monkstraps actually. YMMV.
It's a good opportunity to grab a pair of Shannons, unless you of course go the MTO route. Let me know if you want recommendations regarding sizing.
Yeah, I'm actually surprised not to have any interest with these boots! Shannon's are not typically RTW for EG and dark oak is a great color... I guess everyone was on the bandwagon on the first run!
Curious if anyone has had success getting shoe sizes outside the typical range that BB carries. I want to get some EG shoes from them but the smallest size they carry I think is a UK 7E, and I need a UK 6.5E. Any experiences? I called customer service and they said they cannot get anything outside of that stock.
alcohol is vasodilator so after that pitcher NAMOR, your feel will swell and the P2 boots will fit better.
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