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Actually they're RL lloafers. Have had Isham before and they fit me better than my Dovers (E82) but for the style, I prefer the Dover as it's more casual.EG's shell is thinner and "dressier" than what Alden gets out. Both are shell but different quality...
Same perspective. EG and G&G are my staples in addition to Alden. I'll pick up random C&J, JL, AS, Vass, etc. and I may try St.C eventually but I know what works now.They are awesome. I have 5 LWB and I find them my most comfortable shoes. I have an upcoming move and I've flirted with the idea of doing a fire sale of all my shoes except my Aldens...and maybe EG and G&G....but then there wouldn't be much to sell...Dude, don't you have 18 shoes en route? Still? I'll start a...
Winner-winner! I should put all my shoes out someday and play this again. I have to say everything I have is pretty banal with no real curve balls.
I'm in Mid MI; I think the first time I saw it was when I lived in NYC but they are in abundance here! The ice cream from the Dairy Shop here at MSU is still the best I've ever tasted anywhere! Can't beat making ice cream from milk obtained from cows the next block down. Where in MI are you? There are a couple of guys towards the Eastern part of the state like MP.It was surprisingly good! Not too sweet and very creamy! It will definitely produce distinctive Alden "rolls"...
How about Canadians calling a couch a Chesterfield and a hat a took?Procrastination day:Only 2 of the pairs are EG... we can play a game of "name the EG" and also "guess the other 2 pairs;" from the non-EG, one pair is a close relation to EG and the last is a European cousin. This should be easy.
New Alden on sale for $399!!! [[SPOILER]]
Yeah man, not as much walking so shoes/boots last longer and don't get as beaten up by the elements. I've also settled down to my staples and haven't ventured out more recently. Thought about EB but from what I hear the instep is higher so I might pass. Maybe I'll take a stab on Vass' new S last.
Thanks for taking the time. Can you tell me which one is the S last? The square looked aggressive in pics but it's hard to tell without some adjacent contrast. S vs. U with the toes next to each other would be great. Even PM would be awesome so as not to clutter the thread if others are bothered (as I think we've asked this before).
Has anyone posted a direct top-down toe-to-toe comparison of the S vs. U, or even compared to EG's 888 or G&G's TG73? The S just looks pretty squared off to me, more so than the other aforementioned lasts. The only reason I'm considering is the lower instep.
Oakham in pine:
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