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Did you just speak badly about the Galway?Galway can't be the Shannon. I'm probably the only one here who prefers Shannons over Galways (if there was ever a choice between the 2).I think I'm going to rock some Shannons tomorrow.
May have misunderstood if everyone else didn't think there are seconds; maybe Justin can confirm.
Their online communications are still open.But no 6.5E. For me, my toe probably goes up tp the brogue that starts to turn so maybe an inch? The 888 works well for me.
Brown and black conservative (e.g., cap toe) balmorals are a great first start. Half and full brogues, then maybe burgundy balmorals if you work in suit-attire environments.
Do it. Black polish is fine; there's not enough dye there really darken the shoe. The polish comes off easily anyway with cleaner.I've done it many-a-times and my results aren't too bad: [[SPOILER]] Note the midnight Shannons were even polished with black paste all over. You can see that it a light coat doesn't hurt the original color.
Since it covers their seconds, I'm sure there should be a handful of G widths.
Back from commercial:Wife: So how much are these shoes again?Me: [quotes JS prices]Wife: So a pair would costs MORE than BOTH our ROUNDTRIP tickets? I think you better make that call to Northampton... after you're done with your student loans... in 2036.I think he goes to a cordwainer down St. James called John Lobb
Inerestingly, my conversations turn out a little differently:Wife: I know you love your shoes; we should go to Northampton.Me: YES! I can book an appointment with the EG factory to see their rejects!Wife: Why do you want the rejects? Why don't you get the good ones? Where do they sell those?Me: Jermyn St.Wife: We should go there instead.Me: Commercial break:
I wear the same size AS 109 as C&J; half down my G&G and Carmina (Alcudia) size. Vass is tricky since it's in EU sizes (and there is a lot of varying opinions) so I'll leave that off so not to add confusion.
@laufer I just noticed you put up the Inverness... too bad with the 888, it's a great looking shoe.
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