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You got your Falkirks already? I haven't received mine yet! Jealous!
The bad part is we have practically the same pairs...SJII CherryRothschild yours is espresso while mine is chestnutGalway dark oakShannon dark oakInverness? Beaulieu? I forget what else we have in common...
@laufer not sure about the suede but the soels are definitely far from needing recraft, and actually are BARELY used as you can still still the original finish of the heel. Also, factory seconds have a "B" near the imprint. Also, they would have changed the sock liner to a standard "EG" liner an not sold a second with a collaborator's name on it. When I get buyers like this I just thank them for their interest and offer them good luck on their buying search.
That the new SJII or the old SJII? Let me know if if those Rothschilds don't work... or any of the other ones. 6.5E is a good size to have!
I typically go for a matted finish save for the toes but I think I'll try to have more of a gloss.
I think I use mahogany (Saphir) for my cream and I use black wax polish. Works well for me.
Can't wait! Wore my pine Oakhams and another tan pair of wingtips would look awesome!
Nice! Burgundy is great. Add black polish and it looks awesome and just use cream and it turns out like Bauxite.
Argh... this just hurts... I want! And I KNOW there's a 6.5E floating in there!
Prices are competitive... sadly they start half a size up from what I wear...
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