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Some appear older stock while others are newer (at least from the imprint on the sock liner). So tempting but I need to be good...
I used Woodlore Epic before but the EG trees (granted they are lasted on 202) fit much better. To me they were worth the purchase.
Ship to the US?
St. James (not ideal lighting though): Curious how things will progress in the next few months... market today has taken a sad hit...
Usually about 6-8 weeks or something.
Haven't had the time to install toe taps but once I do, I'll going to get some wear out of them. I'm impressed with the finish. I was concerned with the burnish "cracking" on the counter and although these have some slight ones, they are negligible compared to others I've seen. Overall the finish is what you expect with EG. I actually like the style more in person. The only thing I wish they were able to do was avoid the front vertical seam. Personally I think it would...
Yeah, it's definitely sad that AS has changed much of their business model. Before they were very big on MTO and hand grade production. Now, they sell their stuff to J. Crew and Bloomingdale's, which both, from what I've seen haven't been very successful. I assume their collaboration has been profitable as this is the direction they want to go. AS still makes stuff for Herring but even then, their models seem to move towards a lower quality (uppers aren't as good, sole...
It's been a while but got a new addition: In comparison to my other DOaks:
You're brave... I've gone to twill suits and suede in the weather (similar in NYC).
Looking closely at the picture it's also a D width, so narrow. It appears as a sale although I'd be concerned about the longevity... but I guess if it's
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