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From my experience, I need about 4 to 5 miles for the shoes to flex better (less heel slippage). The fit is excellent for me so I am fortunate in this regard.
Fancy pants (the shoes, not the trousers).
Looks to me like the 348; I wear the same size in both the 341 and 348.
Were the shoes seconds or on sale? The only time I received dark green boxes was on either situations that I mentioned; light green boxes for full retail shoes/boots.
I think I am accepting that although the 8K is a sharp last, it just does not have enough height in the heel for shoes to work for me; the 7K still is great though. This construction difference is enough to favor other brands for me (e.g., EG, G&G). Too bad... I worked hard getting my hands on my Woodcotes.
No more shoes... I really need to take a SF break.
Long time no see Harry. Unfortunately, not small enough (no 6F). Take advantage of this great sale!
I have not ordered but it says 'shoe trees' but it did not specify lasted though. I know the AFPoS x AS and hand grade have lasted trees included with the shoes, other lines might just be for standard (non-lasted) trees. Julian is great and I'm sure can clarify.
I typically use leather balm or dark brown cream for conditioning. For wax, dark brown or black.
I thought AS makes SM's DM. I wish BB makes shoes down to size 6.5/7E. If so, those corporate sales would totally be worth it.
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