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I believe so. The other dark oak Galway that Skoab sold was in suede; however, they can confirm.
Finally got a comparison pic of my dark oak Galways! Here they are with a couple of dark oaks and an acorn CC Galway. It's actually closer to what I expected. I think the lighter ones look more like burnt pine to me. Thanks Patrik & Gabriel!
I really want to see more S last shoes! I have a wholecut ready for order!
Board shorts.
Thorpe in vintage pine?
Nope! Although I'd REALLY like a pair of Arrans. I'm at that bitter-sweet stage where I passed on the Thorpes. I really like the boots although my numerous boots (not to mention the upcoming tax time) halted my desire to pick it up.Was hoping @Ironist will pick it up, wear them a couple of times, then decide to pass them on to me.
Must... not... join... Thorpe... must... hold... off... for... one... day...
Yeah, but it's a fair opportunity to try the new last. It's just I also hesitate buying black with EG since their burnishing is what I like.
Running out of room already! Trying to make sure they don't have a fresh pair of shoes to be used on so I'm trying to stay away from the Thorpe and Newbury. I do have my Galways en route and my Shannon and Falkirk likely in the next few months.
Yeah, I saw your B&S... maybe because it's a blucher? I want the Thorpe but it's too similar to my Acorn CC Galway... rationalization baby! Now the EG Wholecut in the other hand...
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