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Thanks man! I have a small head... might work for me!Quick question: You mentioned the driving being made in olive; is the picture of posted the one in brown (cotton) or the brown was only made in a poly blend?
I thought about the Ashby but I didn't like how the cuffs were turn-ups and prefer the Bedale's cuffs. I fit into an Ashby S so a M should work well with you. My Bedale is 34 and although it works fine, I hope to move up to a 36 just to get some more room underneath. I'm a 38S (similar drop to you) to help with your reference. @otacon, might have opportunity to get the To Ki To jacket. The Commander B jacket seems like a copy for the Bond movie and I definitely want the...
I think the 36 might fit better. The 34 looks short and fitted. With a sweater, the sleeves of the 34 might appear much shorter. My two cents...
Man all these nice shoes... I've been such a good boy lately and haven't picked anything up!
Lately I've been thinking about the variety of clothes/footwear that I own and wondering about narrowing things down. Sort of like "the one shoe" except in a general scale. My work environment has flexibility as I can wear a suit to even just a shirt/tie with slacks and no one would blink. Footwear range from G&G to Alden (not a sneaker head/SW&D though). I'm in my mid/late 30's so there is sufficient opportunity to wear anything, especially here in NYC. Been thinking of...
If everything was good. It the toes in 5.5F, I would have tried 6F. A though for next time.
Thanks. Will continue to look for a tokito as I personally like the hood. Ah, the unicorn hunt!
Thanks for the info. Sadly person I thought had one up is not responding. Probably sold.From the information you gave, may try to find an old To Ki To sports jacket. There should be lots of small floating around barely used!
Iguana? Who would have thought to shave that? Colorway is great! Wow!
Really appreciate this. I might have to re-thinking sizing as I typically wear S in the jackets... maybe for these I need to go up to M as I'm a 38S.The Driving Jacket in S might work as I plan to use it as a fall jacket.Totally appreciate the feedback. I should just avoid either one and stick with my Bedale.
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