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Yeah, I've ordered a few times from Jermyn St. and shipping is expensive because I believe it includes full insurance. Imagine what it was when I bought 2 Shannons (plus trees)!I believe we're in the same batch so I don't expect them until the end of the year/early next year. I've waited a couple of years for Alden make-ups so I can definitely be patient.Arrived yesterday and getting worn today:
@leaves Thanks for these! They now have a good home (Xpost from EG).
Awesome! How does the size work out for you?
I have a feeling you'll have a nice pair of kicks fairly soon.X-post from EG, but here is my replacement pair:
Be mindful about going down length with EG, I found that the difference is pretty noticeable (translation: unwearable) at least with 82 & 888.My friend, I think it's time for more EG... although C&J will greatly miss you! I question the latter's future though if they continue to make welted "athletic" shoes.No facial hair? Do you play for the Yankees? Are you Jeter?!?Picked up one of my long-awaited shoes. I believe this was the first pair of EGs that I really wanted......
The finish is different as I find EG's to have a "deeper" look; I don't think it would be redundant. Next, an angel should speak some logic about having two dark brown shoes...Anyone? G&G lasts are long but surprisingly well proportioned for me.I also visited my PO. Yesterday, it USPS said my package was "Out for Delivery" and today was "Delivery status not updated" so I figure it hasn't been scanned. This is what I found:
I don't think these recent runs had 6E/6F Good luck with the sale Julian and I hope it frees room for more stuff!
Very intersting new Nick! Are the reps from houses that currently make their shoes? Is this something they disclosed? Sadly I'm no longer in NYC...
Not that I know of...
Nice comparison. I never noticed the heel cup between my Shannons and Galways but I do prefer the more stable fit of the Shannons since the Galways are unlined. I should be getting those dark oak Shannons in the next few months (I was in a latter group). @leaves do you know if it's possible to pick up a couple of extra boot laces from EG? I prefer their newer flat boot laces.
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