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So is the new S closer in sizing to the F or U last?
I agree with G, here on SF, there is an expectation to be able to attain steals since discounted prices can be had on many other sources. There is also some pride on getting something at a crazy price. The difficulty is we compare prices from MSRP; however, many times items are picked up during sales so I believe buyers compare their identified 'sale' price to how much that compares to the B&S listed price.I think this rationale fits more with pre-owned items. When items...
Got the Inverness, G? It's a great shoe. The faux wingtip is a nice subtle difference. From pictures, it looks just like any other wingtip but in person, I really notice the difference. With my new Beaulieu though, it already cramps up an already tight rotation.
Urban jungle Galways: Don't need zug?
Thanks uncle, let's hope for a milder fall/winter this time around.
Did you pick them up?!?I actually already own a pair of black Westminsters in 888... but mine are nickel buckes... not brass... different enough to peak my interest...
Those black Westminsters went quickly!
MP, still haven't ran into you yet; however, I'm farther West from you.Fridays are also the days I typically wear bluchers:
For some reason I'm still not fully sold on suede (at least I finally own shoes made from suede). It's not the durability (I know they handle rain well and not fragile as some think) or maintaining the nap... Maybe my wardrobe is just a little more dressy for them...
I was going to say SV... is there a Sak's over there?
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