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Just realized Dynasty Tailors closed down. Joseph was always a pleasure to work with. Anyone know by chance if he closed for good or moved to a different location?
I will try to upload more pics when they were unworn but these are my SP lasted wholecuts: Definitely chiseled and elongated but the instep is lower (maybe because I took a half size smaller vs. the U) and actually fits best. The standard S will be the next purchase.
Been a while since I've posted but here are some new puppies: Unfortunately, this pair developed the dreaded "below the cap crease." I've learned to accept it and the bull toe does minimize it.
Sorry for the delayed response. Total inseam, if undone, would be just over 36". Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Need some thoughts. I sold a parka to a buyer and because I mailed it out late and it did not get to him in time, I agreed to a return. It was return shipped on the 18th, arrived at the NYC sorting facility (10199) on 07/21, then "forwarded" and "arrived" at the same post office (10199). I had been communicating with the buyer this whole time and things seemed reasonable. Yesterday, I received a "Return Requested" e-mail from eBay and stated I have to issue a refund. As I...
Ah, I've missed this thread...
Oh, my mistake, Cleverley was the one that had it. Sorry for those with the Horween finishing concerns...
I assume this is the Russian Reindeer leather? Sorry to hear about this... maybe this is just the leather's quality?I believe the hatch grain by Horween is a different leather that is stamped to look like Russian Reindeer?
Both are great shoes! It is bad that I actually had 2 similar pairs myself?
Some appear older stock while others are newer (at least from the imprint on the sock liner). So tempting but I need to be good...
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