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X post from G&G: Just saw those RR. @razl, Which last did you end up sizing up on?
I think what you're thinking of were my AS Moores. The 724 was nice but I like it better with boots.The SJII is just right in every way. the TG73 also fits me much better than AS' 724.
I do.Package from St. Nick (Bespoke England)! St. James II in TG73 in Cherry... a classic:For those keeping tabs these were ordered before 2015 so I'm still at ZERO new purchases
Too bad EG doesn't have GMTO anymore... Nevis... Wait, Thorpe... argh, a few more days!
Depends on your AS last, but maybe 9.5E? I wear 6F on almost all of AS' lasts (except the 99 which I size up to 6.5F); I wear 6.5/7E on all my EG.
Cousins across the pond will be like "this isn't what futbols are made out of? Them crazy Yanks!"49ers stamp on the ankle @NAMOR? Where are my Niner fans? This might be the closest thing to a trophy piece we'll get for another 5-10 years!
Pigskin is the new ZUG? WHAAAT? Horween pigskin Veldt Galways! Who's with me!
Yup, same pigskin from Horween used by the NFL.Grain boots work well enough for me. If I get any more I would wear the boots which would be a shame.
Too late, AE already tried that.
I'm going to Shannon-blast this thread when I get my dark oak Shannons
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