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The boot 2nd from the left in the picture has a cloud shaft I believe: How they looked when new: Obviously I darkened them as I thought it added more depth. Hope this helps.
Just recently saw his list of shoes...man I don't feel so bad anymore!
Not directly affiliated but I collaborate with them. I do post-acute and I have some academic affiliation. You at CC?
What's this buying frenzy?
What beach? Funny I was wearing my LWBs at one of my friends' house by the lake. I first thought it was one of those small ones then I was like "oh, you can jet ski all around here..." type of lakes. Definitely not used to the MI lake culture. I still miss my Huntington Beach pad though...
I mentioned this previously but in addition to last, EG's crup is thinned to have a flexible feel while Alden is thicker and more "durable" feeling. The thickness compliments the respective styles.
They'll be backups when mine wear out.I assume you got those in 6F? Yeah, when I was heavier I needed wide width and it was a pain to get shoes; I'm fortunate to fit into E widths now.
Nice 890! Man those Newbury shoes...
Actually they're RL lloafers. Have had Isham before and they fit me better than my Dovers (E82) but for the style, I prefer the Dover as it's more casual.EG's shell is thinner and "dressier" than what Alden gets out. Both are shell but different quality...
Same perspective. EG and G&G are my staples in addition to Alden. I'll pick up random C&J, JL, AS, Vass, etc. and I may try St.C eventually but I know what works now.They are awesome. I have 5 LWB and I find them my most comfortable shoes. I have an upcoming move and I've flirted with the idea of doing a fire sale of all my shoes except my Aldens...and maybe EG and G&G....but then there wouldn't be much to sell...Dude, don't you have 18 shoes en route? Still? I'll start a...
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