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I figure there are enough markets that don't have access to EG and he is an option. Bought from him before when I started wearing nicer shoes.I think he frequents Northampton though instead of these sales in the city. I wish these sales have more notice. The best chance I have is to time a visit with a sale at Jermyn St.
No problem.Now get on that Shannon MTO so we can get it submitted to EG!!!7FTG inquired about this previously but I thought I'd post a pic comparing my Vass dark brown museum with my EG's dark oak. I put my lightest dark oak next to to the darkest I have.
Unfortunately I don't have either lasts. From what I know of the 202 and the 64, they are more traditional and generous compared to the 82. The 82 is known to be more "fitted."
I wear the same size in EG lasts 82, 888, & 33 (an older last). Any specific comparison to the 82 last (even with other makers)?
Ouch... We've all been there lol
Darn, missed that Galway by 0.5!
From my experience, yes.
My Woodlore Epic trees actually do a good job filling my EG's; however, almost all my EG's have their trees.
For me, not enough to size up/down respectively.
As we've discussed, the 40 has the best fit; heel is snug, width is at the right spot, and length works well. The problem has always been the instep which is still too high on the standard U.On my end of the size spectrum it works well. Did you alter the fit while you were in the store?I decided on an ankle boot hoping that the higher closure around the ankle will work better. Here is what I got: Dark brown museum
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