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I hope things will be business as usual, even after the changes.
Just lowering the instep a bit. I tried on a trial pair while I was in Toronto and although the fit was good, the instep could be a hair lower. Oh, I'm finally leaving MI! It's been an interesting 2 years back I'll be back in NYC by the end of Sept!
That's pretty much my experience, with both G&G and EG trees. They fit quite well and I'm on the camp that has a tree for each shoe.I need to unload some shoes though...moving has definitely put things into perspective.
I wonder if DG70 would fit the TG73 as they're both considered the "longer" lasts...
Glad these sold...tempted but I really need to make changes to StC's fit to really work. Enjoy to whoever picked them up!
All this MD talk So why aren't there many psychiatrists now? Is it not a glamorous area of medicine anymore?I always thought it was a good specialty especially if you like to dress well as you don't have to get too "hands on" with patients.
The tricky part is that, from what I understand, much of the burnishing/dyeing happens after the shoe has been finished (basically the color is one of the last steps), which makes the finishing of EG and G&G great when they come out as intended.
Unfortunately no help as they were from eBay
Thought to try this thread in addition to the RL one. Ralph Lauren Polo Suede shoes with crepe soles. Any idea of the maker?
Thanks everyone. Loake, Sanders, or Cheaney. I'll try to reach out to them to see if these are theirs.
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