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I'm from SoCal and although most days/early evenings you don't need it, it does get cold. Also, if you're near the beach and mountains (e.g., Malibu) then there are times you'd be comfortable wearing a waxed jacket, and maybe even a liner. I'm in NYC now so there's definitely opportunity. In regards to the number of jackets, they significantly expanded with my last couple of purchases! -Waxed Bedale (need to sell to size up though) -Sylkoil ToKiTo Sports -ToKiTo...
One of my jackets is made of polyester and laminated with polyurethane; I assume the latter provides the waterproof qualities. I assume this laminate eventually wears off from wear and time, right?
I have a polarquilt and it works well. Can be tricky to put on the jacket sometimes but it's no big deal for me.
BARBOUR Bedale Sage size 34. Worn for a handful of times but picked up a couple of versions that I prefer over this. No re-waxing needed anytime soon. Sage tends to age better than olive and it has a smoother finish.
@otacon, got lucky and was able to get both the sports and driving jacket. Overall very impressed with them and I'm hard pressed to even keep my Bedale! The only thing I like on the Bedale are the handwarmer pockets. Interesting there seems to be two versions of the Driving jacket as I saw a version with a removable liner. The one I have is fixed although they have three buttons at the bottom attached to the powder skirt.
EDWARD GREEN Dover in 6.5/7 E82 in Dark Oak. Rare combination as this model is typically not made on this sleek last. Factory FIRST. Note this was from the wooden 82 lasts. Shoe trees not included but I can for additional cost. Note the welt is not as flush and has some separation. Should not be an issue as the stitching is what keeps things intact but I know some are particular on the pristine look.
EDWARD GREEN Derwent Brown Crup (Shell Cordovan). Pre-Owned. Purchased at Jermyn St. with original green box and bags; however, has "B" but maybe it was just because it was on sale? Dainite soles. FYI feels roomier, which are the cases with shell shoes or maybe made with the new resin last. Shoe trees not included in price but I can include for additional cost.
CHATHAM Escape Navy Blue Driving Shoes. Size 40 but will fit 7.5 or probably 8 (note 8 may be quite fitted). I wear 7 and these are significantly too big for me. Brand new.
Great casual lightweight blazer for this summer. Retails $750. BB1. Red dot on tag to prevent returns [[SPOILER]]
I'm curious how many Barbour jackets do all of you have? Lately I've been wanting to go with the waxed cotton jackets. My thoughts are spurred by having a great glen plaid wool Beaufort but haven't warn it all winter...
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