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Anyone going to the factory anytime soon? I'm interested in a specific shoe style.
So with this recent sale on larger sizes... when are smaller sizes... say 6.5E... on sale?
Thanks for the clarification. What is the "dip" or sideways } technically called? @bengal-stripe, any insight?
It's vintage cherry. Yes, these were the time when G&G didn't burnish shoes too much (they used to be lighter than EG's work). Now, they can custom the amount of burnishing.These are how they look now with a decent amount of wear and polish:
My St. James (original design) newI'm still kicking myself for missing the black wholecut Sinatra when Skoak had them on sale... I NEED a black wholecut
I think it was XII, right? It was a special order from Skoak when they used to carry EG. Nice make-up.For a bal boot, I'm actually considering the EG St. James... although I'm curious how well I'd pull off the side-tie. Anyone have the St. James?
I know, right? You should just move them... I think I have space in my shoe rack...
I have to say Carlos Santos EXPLODED into the scene. Curious how this brand will hold up in time. Carmina did well on SF got on the wagon.
I have a pair of flannels with full lining. Oh yeah, they're toasty. Brisk walking in heavy fabrics also help.
I echo the sentiment of the ESB. I went once when I visited NYC and now that I live here, haven't been back inside. I agree the Statue/Ellis Island is worth the trip, especially if you have interests in history or various cultures. Been to Japan once and it also amazed me how clean it was when I was there. At the hotel, staff with white gloves were using tongs to pick up dirt off the floor. Unfortunately I was with family on a tour so I couldn't really check out the...
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