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Now those will give Wigmores a run for their money!
I've always had difficulty with suede balmorals. For whatever my preferences are I can mix other dressy/casual combinations but I've always had a hard time with suede balmorals... Suede bluchers though...
Now those are rugged balmoral boots! So no one is interested in hopping on a EG Shannon in dark oak?
@Ironist... I have a feeling he'll be sporting a pretty hot new pair of footwear soon enough.
The leather of the Hannover is softer; the Islay is a higher boot; the Hannover has a slightly chiseled toe; the Islay has a rounder fuller toe.Hannover is on a commando while Islay is on Dainite.Owned both and they have the same function for me. I kept my Hannover because of the commando sole and since I have numerous shoes/boots with Dainite.For the Hannover, I take 1 full size down my US size (e.g., US 7 = Hannover UK 6F).Hope this helps! Get them from AFPoS!
I would not say "defect" but if you're talking about the stitching, it's not the neatest.
Oh EG, such a love-hate relationship!
Could be worse... if they were Alden in whiskey, ravello, or cigar shell!Don't get me started... I hate it when sale seasons come up... I think I'm doing fine until all these "SALE" stuff come up.
Thanks for the update!Wow, it must have been an impressive offer since the revival was a big step for Chay... Big gain for C&J but definitely a speedbump for Wildsmith (and previously AS).Thanks for the code! Ironically, it's the spacing that makes it interesting for me. there are a few things you can do with a wholecut to set it apart and I thought it was an interesting style. If the leather uppers are similar to that of AS, then it would be worth the risk!
I'm still in the market for a wholecut. I missed picking a pair up before when they had a sale. My preference is EG since their lasts fit me best but it's hard to justify their price for a pair of black shoes (I personally think the upcharge is worth it due to burnishing work, which does not readily show in black). If they have a winter discount, I will probably try a pair to see how their lasts fit me. I have always likd AS' work, especially when Chay was with them, so I...
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