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I don't get called doctor... I have a catchier name thanks to a good ol' 'retired' psychologist
Confirmed. The HA x EG made 3 boots. I have 2 of the 3 (I don't own the burgundy one). I do own the current stock model (which is the one pictured by Leffot). The shaft has suede but the facing (or the area with the hooks) with rose. Here it is:With the HA x EG Shannons (2 far right of the top row):
If you talk to Sarah and Julian @ AFPoS, even they don't have your size up on the web, maybe they have ways of obtaining them for you. In the past, this has been possible but you should ask if it is still the same now.
Just to keep up the #8 boot trend: I haven't been able to keep up with this thread but anyone can quickly give me merchants that have NATCXL wingtip or NST boots with a commando sole? I know TSM has the wingtip but with double leather... Thanks and I hope everyone is well (I see many are double dipping in the EG/G&G threads here too)
I've always been TEAM EDWARD! If I didn't have an Acorn CC Galway I'd be interested in the ThorpeSponsors are definitely key. When in NYC, you want a legit place... enough shady places, especially by NYP/Columbia.
All you orthopeds are high rollers... psychologists either have conferences housed in universities or in the outerborough.Thorpe looks GOOD though guys! REALLY tempting... but I'll be on the sidelines for this one.
You can always do a fellowship in NYC! I miss the days when I went for runs down to the Manhattan Bridge during my lunch breaks...There are always tons of conferences and you can coordinate one during G&G's visits.
I am doing my best to be a good boy... so far so good! Arrans look great though!
I have a vintage pine just for you:
I admit I like the style and combination. It's a contemporary bal boot based off the button version; however, I'm curious to see how they sewed the crust and suede together. A frontal/medial view would make or break for me. I like how the uppers/shaft is a single piece. If I didn't have a black Shannon (or on a shopping break) this would be a nice change.
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