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As said earlier, the Shannons have a flat welt, GYW, and real toe cap. Here are pictures of a couple of my Shannons:Note the side detailing is different on mine (and obviously the color); the Shannon VIII also has blind eyelets/speedhook comboHeh, that would take away from my Galway funds. hoodog is a shrewed negotiator!End of the month is fine for me.Personally, I'm more motivated to get the Shannon VIII going because they are a rarer style; Galways are more common and...
Come on ShannonVIII... 2 more! ANY SIZE ANY WIDTH, that's to you JS!!!
Come on! 2 more people for the Dark Oak Shannons! I know everyone is start going to want one after the first shipment comes in though...
Hallak & Madame Paulette
I use EG trees... just because I have them. My Woodlore Epic does an acceptable job too.
From my short history with EG, they only stock specific styles in certain widths, primarily E. There are certain runs each season where they'll expand to other widths (e.g., F). I am fortunate that I can fit well into 6.5E and even 6.5D on certain lasts/styles.
HA! Thanks for the catch NAMOR... I was wondering what kind of name 'Dallas' was... now if they named a pair 49ers!
Sad face for no dark oak Galways = Thanks! I hope 2 other people are interested!
Leaves, can you give the details again for the Shannon VIII? I posted it on the EG thread to see if 2 more people are interested. I believe the only variability is the length and all other details (including width) has to be constant?
Argh! Lucky!
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