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He is, even if I have to go through all the wiring hassle. I'm looking forward to this new last. My next worry is how will this new last fit! Another fitting run of questions!It's a personal quirk. I really refrain from using tongue pads or insoles and prefer shoes to fit with much alterations. Should Vass offer a last that fits better, then I would definitely look more into them since they're half of what I EG/G&G (whose lasts shape fits me best).Relative to my feet, the...
If you get shoes for 250 GBP that seems really good. Shoes around 450 GBP are pretty close to what Nick offers though when he has sales (if you incorporate the price of trees obviously).Shoes during the sale might vary though to Nick has in his stock so that's a plus. I have a feeling that lowly 6.5E's weren't running around a lot.
Congrats on the find! That Arran should look pretty sharp!
Thanks! The facing should age well and get darker. Now my vintage rioja Wigmores have some competition. @ironist Shannon twinsies!!!
A new Vass last with a lower instep? Thight might make me try them out again. I was about to accept Vass' Italian lasts incompatible for me but Mr. Kuti's customer service makes me open to trying another last.
I'll be placing my third EG order this month next week... could I get at least a beer? @seagull speaking of balmoral boots...@stevent and about a Shannon in burgundy antique... not a Shannon XIV but I'm sure you'll appreciate:And my dark oak Shannon from SkoAB has been confirmed! I think I may actually have more Shannons than Andrew... (okay, maybe not)
I own a number of both brands and my preference towards EG are due to 1, last fit, and 2, preference for crust leather. JL has "sleeker" and cleaner lines and excellent designs; however, the fit for EG is excellent and I like the patina that develops with crust leather. Both are great and I do agree that EG does make better boots. Also, with JL's MSRP prestige price is comparable to EG MTO with trees, the decision isn't too hard.
Good to also see you on this side of the SF divide. Haven't been in the Alden thread too much recently since it goes way too damn fast to keep up. I do the same with my Aldens and use them as weekend footwear. During the week, EG and G&G dominate. Wholecut looks great by the way!
Truth hurts my friend...
Shannon > Galway Give me a few days and if I'm lucky, I'll be able to show a sample burgundy Shannon (II though, not the XIV).
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