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If it's a sports jacket, RLP were made by Corneliani... not 100% sure if it's still the same.
Where was it made? Romania? Italy?
So I have a "Breathable and Waterproof" Linton jacket and I believe instructions are just to wash with warm water and NOT dry? Any thoughts on possible harm with the dryer? I assume it will just wear out the DWR, which I can re-proof later anyway. The jacket has a little insulation and it just takes a long time for it to dry and I worry about mold on more humid days.
@SvelteDave, I really don't think the "bumps" you noticed on the toe are an issue. You must really inspect your shoes to even notice that! In regards to the welt, aren't Snowdon's veldt construction? I mean I've seen cleaner work done (i.e., EG's Galway) but I think that construction should be kept in mind that it's not going to have a clean delineation from the welt. Granted, your boot wasn't made as tight in certain areas so I do believe you have a valid position. The...
RALPH LAUREN POLO Green Quilted Jacket SmallChest: 20"Lengh: 27"Sleeves 23.5" [[SPOILER]]
BARBOUR Dry Fly Small DuraLinen (100% linen with PU coating).Chest: 22"Length: 31"Sleeves 24" [[SPOILER]]
SAMUELSOHN 40 Short Navy Pinstripe 2 Button SuitDetails:Size: 40SFULL CANVASChest: 21.5"Soulders: 18"Waist: 20.5"Sleeve length: 24"Length (bottom of collar to tail): 28.5"LORO PIANA Extreme Super 120 WoolPant tag size: 34"UnhemmedFlat frontSuspender buttons [[SPOILER]]
JOHN VARVATOS Star USA Brown Super 110 Trousers 28 x 30 These are a great pair of trousers made with super soft Super 110 material. Although JV is known as a fashion brand these pair of trousers are cut in a nice straight fit and the detailing is great! Definitely worth it!
RALPH LAUREN Black Label Brown/Black Trousers 28 x 29.5" These are a beautiful pair of trousers by RLBL. they are made in Italy in a classic color.
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